Top 50 Homemade Beauty Tips For Hair

Different climates, different hair types, many hair problems and here are pretty good tricks. We’ve found many hair care and styling tips and tricks for you which proved to work best from round the globe. These were given by hair stylists.

beauty tips for hair

General And Homemade Beauty Tips For Hair With Images :

Here are the top 50 Homemade Beauty Tips for Hair to follow based on your hair problem, you can have healthy, long, nourished and gorgeous hair.

1. Cold Water Rinse :

Homemade Beauty Tips For Hair 1

If you are used to hot water bath then try to make a small change. After taking bath, turn off the hot water tap and rinse your hair well with cold water. This will close the shaft and thus reflects more light resulting and shiny hair.

2. Towel-Dry Hair :

Hair with Towel after bath

If you use blow drying method to dry your hair, then it’s probably the time to change. Use a terry towel to wrap your wet hair and leave it till the hair dries. This helps in giving healthy hair.

3. Avoid Blow-Dryer For Good Hair :

Homemade Beauty Tips For Hair 3

Blow drying isn’t healthy for hair especially in the summers. Set your hair in Velcro rollers to dry hair and enjoy the bouncy waves.

4. Air-Dried Style :

Beautiful Woman with Luxury Makeup

Do not style too much. Go for the natural ways. Air-dry your hair instead of using blow dryers. Use your fingers to style it. This is mostly seen among French women and girls.

5. Chamomile Rinse For Hair Loss Control :

fragment of a camomile field with flowers

Take few chamomile flowers and boil it in water for few minutes. Let it cool for some time and then strain the water. Rinse your hair with this water. This prevents fading of blond hair.

6. Onion Rinse For Hair Care :

Golden onions on rustic wooden background

Planning neutral blond highlights? Then boil yellow onion skin in water and rinse your hair with this water. For blond color rinse, you have to boil 6 onions in 4 cups of water and rinse with it.

7. The Beer Rinse For Healthy Hair For Shiny Hair :

Beer dilemma

Beer is obviously good for hair, isn’t it? Mix some beer with some lukewarm water and rinse your dry hair with it. Leave it for 20-30 min and then rinse with water properly. Do this every week to get strong ad shiny hair.

8. The Olive Oil Hair Diet For Hair Growth :

olive oil fr hr

Olive oil can be one of the best diets of your hair. Once a week massage your scalp with this oil to get nourished, conditioned and healthy hair.

9. Neem Oil For Hair Fall :

Homemade Beauty Tips For Hair 9

Neem oil is very famous in India. Apply it to your hair and leave it for 1 hour followed by shampooing. This oil prevents friction and breakage.

10. Avocado Hair Mask For Soft Hair :

avocado fr hr

Take two egg whites and mix it with a half mashed avocado. Apply this mixture to your hair and leave it for 10-15 min and then rinse well. This gives soft hair.

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11. Gelatin Hair Mask To Get Rid Frizziness :

Gelatin Wonders

Take 1 tbsp. of unflavored gelatin, a cup of water, and a tsp. of apple cider vinegar. Mix them well and apply it to hair after shampooing. Leave it for at least 5 min and then rinse well. This helps your hair to fight against frizz.

12. Coconut And Cocoa Butter For Soft Hair  :

Coconut and Cocoa Butter

Apply cocoa butter to your hair as a mask and leave it for 15 min. Rinse it well with some coconut water. This gives soft and moisturized hair.

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13. Castor Oil And Garlic For Hair Loss :

castor and garlic

Crush few garlic cloves and mix with castor oil. Add few drops of lavender oil to it and apply to your hair and leave overnight. Rinse your hair the next morning to have healthy and beautiful hair.

14. Aloe Vera For Long Hair:

Aloevera for hair

Apply aloe vera directly to your scalp well. You can also add aloe vera to your regular shampoo. This helps in maintaining long hair in healthy condition.

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15. Hydrate Hair While You Sleep :

hydrate hair

Do you know how popular overnight treatment hair masks are popular in Paris? Women massage Shea butter cream products to their scalp in the evening and shampoo the next day. They also take herbal supplements which nourish hair from inside.

16. Start With Your Scalp :

clean scalp

Cleanse and exfoliate scalp every week and before every blow dry. This is religiously followed by Japanese girls and women. They believe beautiful hair starts at scalp itself.

17. Coconut Milk :

coconut milk for hair

Grate the coconut and squeeze out the milk. Boil it on stove and let the oil separate from it. Take the milk and apply to your hair. This provides soft, moisturized and shiny hair.

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18. Honey And Your Conditioner :

Homemade honey in a glass jar on white

To boost your highlights and make them shimmer, add a tbsp. of honey to your favorite conditioner and use it. This is a Romanian trick.

19. Natural Waves With Braids :

haircare double braid

Wash your hair in the night and let it dry as much as possible. Make two braids on both sides and sleep. Next morning when you wake up and take out the braids, you’ll see natural wavy hair.

20. Cactus Rinse For Beautiful Hair :


Peel a cactus and take the oil. Rinse your hair well with it. This hydrates hair well.

21. Sardines For Hair Growth Faster :


Sardines are sad to be the best source of omega-3 fatty acids. Eat them to have healthy and lengthy hair. Your hair will grow faster than before.

22. Side Cut Your Hair:

side Hair cut

For naturally coarse and kinky textured hair, slide cutting tips for hair is preferred. Put the scissors in some angle and cut your hair about an inch from the root ends to the middle of the hair shaft. This helps in creating softness and movement.

23. Frequent Salon Visits :

Washing hair mask

Italian women prefer washing their hair less often to maintain youthful look and visit salon once a week. It sounds high maintenance but to achieve that fresh look, Italians prefer this.

24. Wheat Protein For Hair Volume Increase :

Wheat Protein

Wheat protein is very good for hair. It’s a secret ingredient in German products. Women there love using this protein to increase volume of their hair.

25. Dry Air And Thickening Serums :

thickening serums

If you are living in a dry aired climate or if you are facing limp hair problems, then try thickening serums and blow dry your hair for good lift and bouncy hair.

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26. Walnut Leaves Extract :

If you are blessed with dark and thick hair, then know the trick to maintain it as well. Walnut leaves can do this job for you. Choose a shampoo with its extract in it.

27. Naturally Straight Hair:

natural Straight hair look

You blow dry your hair regularly and you want to have straight hair naturally without using flat iron. Then try this African technique. Wrap your hair around the scalp tightly. Put a stocking on the head. This will help I holding it on place. Blow dry and remove 80% of the moisture from the hair. Now remove the stocking and wrap in the opposite direction. Blow dry again and completely dry your hair. Brush your hair now and you’ll find straight hair.

28. Mehandi :

Mehandi powder

Make a paste of some mehandi powder, coffee or tea leaves and apply it to your hair. Leave it till this dries. The more time you leave it the more color it provides to your hair. This is one of the most popular hair tricks for beautiful hair followed by Indian girls and women.

29. Protect From Sun And Sand :

Homemade Beauty Tips For Hair in beach

Gong to beach and spending some time there? Then protect your hair from dehydration, sand and salt applying olive oil and make a ponytail and you can wear cap or scarf to protect hair.

30. Bring Back The Shine :

serums for hr

Okay now we land on to Ireland and let us also take some beauty tips for hair from here. People over here believe in giving shine to your hair to make it look more beautiful and this comes now with the use of various hair potions and serums. Just take some in your hand and then apply it from the shaft to the mid- length of the hair.

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31. Remain Fizz Free :

Homemade Beauty Tips For Hair - Remain fizz free

Now this one comes from the lovely ladies from the UK. The climate of London and the whole of UK are almost always wet and cloudy and thus there are always chances of bad hair. An anti-humidity hair spray is one of the main hair beauty tips coming down for you thus.

32. Use Natural Volume Additions For Lustrous Hair:

natural ingredients

When we are talking about beauty tips for hair from the German ladies you will know the actual secret for their beautiful locks. They are strong believers of natural remedies and of course volume adding remedies especially the solutions which are made with natural ingredients.

33. Be Chemical Free For Safe Hair :

Homemade Beauty Tips For Hair - Be chemical free

Chemicals are like enemies of your hair and one of the best hair care beauty tips is to get free from the use of all sorts of chemicals. While choosing a shampoo make sure that you are checking on the sulphate content and only choosing the one which has very less sulphate in it.

34. Make Your Highlights Shine :

Plate of honey with honeycombs

Women from Romania suggest beauty tips for hair homemade and among all of these awesome tips one and, one of the best is to sweeten your hair conditioner which you can easily do at home. They say adding honey to the hair conditioner you like can make your highlights become more glossy and beautiful.

35. Beaches Provide More :

Homemade Beauty Tips For Hair 35

This one comes from the ultimate beach lovers or the Australians. While we are people who think beach water can make our hair brittle, the Australians adore the sea and call sea waters to be one of the best beauty tips for hair. They believe that salty sea water actually foliate the hair and thus betters their tousles.

36. Keep Your Hair Clean :

Wash hair clean

Thailand, as we all know is a land of beautiful beaches and some of the most extra ordinary sceneries. Not just that, it is also a land of beauty and this is also a reason why beauty treatments are so popular out there. The hot and humid climate out there teaches hair beauty tips to the ladies out there who believe shampooing the hair twice or thrice a week helps in retaining lost moisture.

37. Horse Shampoo Therapy :

Homemade Beauty Tips For Hair - Horse shampoo therapy

Head straight to Russia and needless to say the girls out there are just so beautiful with their height and of course their hair too. For them among all the hair care beauty tips one of the most popular is the vodka and caviar shampoo which they feel makes their hair thicker and stronger.

38. China Tales For Hair Beauty :

Homemade Beauty Tips For Hair - China tales

Who does not envy the shiny locks of the Chinese? What we pray for every day is what they have as a natural blessing from God. Apart from this they also follow some basic hair beauty tips and the most popular among these is the cut of the hair should be sleek and that subtle highlights always make the hair look better.

39. Help Your-Self With Healing Cuisine :

Sushi - Japonese food

The Chinese apart from haircuts and highlights also believe in healthy eating. Now they say that eating Chinese food can actually help in hair growth but this hair care beauty tips does not really include the Indianised Chinese stuffs. Here we are talking about authentic Chinese with lots of useful herbs and spices.

40. Coconut Counts Always :


Beaches are where we find coconuts in abundant amounts and Thailand always is trending all over the list. Now Thailand beauties really know how to style up their hair and one of their secret beauty tips for hair is the coconut milk oil. It is when they grate and squeeze coconuts to get the milk and then boil it over fire to separate the oil which is later applied as a shampoo.

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41. Lotus Therapies :

Homemade Beauty Tips For Hair - Lotus therapies

Coming to Vietnam now, lotus is the secret of their beauty. We are talking about bouquet which are extensively found in this region and, is one of the best hair beauty tips for the Vietnamese. For even better solutions and beauty tips for hair homemade take the leaves, steep the leaves and apply the liquid to your hair and later just grind the stem too into a creamy paste and use as a hair conditioner.

42. The Japan Diaries :

Homemade Beauty Tips For Hair - The Japan Diaries

The secret here lies in the beautiful boxwood combs which you will also find the traditional Japanese women wearing even in movies and photographs. This is one of the hair care beauty tips which the Japanese girls follow and they like to use the box wood combs for hair styling and also to get silky and smooth hair.

43. Eucalyptus Remedy For Hair:

Homemade Beauty Tips For Hair - Eucalyptus Remedy

Coming to the Australian women once again let us know some more of their beauty tips for hair. Most of them are staunch followers of the eucalyptus oil. According to them a few drops of the eucalyptus oil on the scalp overnight solves all hair problems completely.

44. Anti Frizz Products For Hair:

Homemade Beauty Tips For Hair - Anti frizz products

Last but not the least, for the Aussies their climate is extremely bright and sunny almost always and it is very important for them to protect their hair from the heat of the sun. Among all the hair care beauty tips of the Australians one is of course the use of solutions which shall protect your hair from getting affected by the UV rays of the sun.

45. Live The Natural Way :

Homemade Beauty Tips For Hair - Live the natural way

An expert from New Zealand says that over there they love to be all natural and use more and more of local ingredients and even trust them more than any other imported stuffs. Now, the hair beauty tips from there include the use of local manuka honey which is very popular here.

46. Crop Your Hair :

Homemade Beauty Tips For Hair - Crop your hair

New Zealand women also prefer short hair to long hair. This is because of the notion here that cropped hair and a natural and simple lifestyle can bring more beauty than the overuse of man made chemicals which is not good for the hair at all.

47. Gooseberry (Amla) Greatness :


According to Indians, gooseberries also known as amla are very good therapies for the hair. Now for this beauty tips for hair homemade you need to crush amla and then mix them to your hair oil and then boil it nicely. Take down the oil, cool it and then apply to the hair for more nourished hair.

48. Curd Cures :

Curd 456

Curd is something which is not only good for your health but also very good for your hair. For very silky and shiny hair and to use as a natural conditioner, curd is one of the best beauty tips for hair by Indians. Add curd to the hair for better conditioning and good looks.

49. Lemon Lustre For Dandruff :


When your hair has already become dull and is lacking lustre, lemons can bring back the lost beauty to the hair. Lemons are said to be natural serums for shiny and silky hair. Lemons help in the cleaning process and the hair thus looks better, prevents dandruff and beautiful also.

50. Hibiscus Remedies For Hair :


The hibiscus flower is an essential flower and is also very useful for hair care and treatment. According to all Indians if you crush a flower of hibiscus, you will get a gel like substance which you are to apply to only part of your hair and scalp which will make the hair thick and stronger.

If beautiful hair is all that you require, please follow at least a few of these hair beauty tips, you can have healthy, nourished and gorgeous hair.

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