Top 9 Wedding Hairstyles with Bangs

Wedding hairstyles with bangs are the best there could be. They are simple and sophisticated and look good on almost all kinds of hair. Bridal hairstyles with bangs look amazing with curls, waves, accessories, etc. Recently they have gained a massive recognition and are presently being worn by some of the top class celebrities of the world.

1. Braided Sun:

Wedding Hairstyles with Bangs1

Braided Sun is one of the most beautiful wedding hairstyles ever. Here the front part of hair acts like a fringe and the rest of it remain braided upwards. This sassy hairstyle can be done medium length as well as long hairs. Women with long and oval faces will rock this look.

2. Ponytail:

Wedding Hairstyles with Bangs2

This isn’t an ordinary ponytail. Here the hair has a fringe on front and the rest of remains tied like a ponytail. It looks bold and is suitable for all face shapes. The longer the hair the more beautiful will be the ponytail.

3. Bouffants:

Wedding Hairstyles with Bangs3

This vintage hairstyle comes with magnificent bangs in the front and allows the rest of the hair to remain braided. Long to medium length hair can be styled in this manner. It will depict you playful nature and gather attention.

4. Floral Crown:

Wedding Hairstyles with Bangs4

This royal wedding hairstyle is a show stopper. In this hairstyle, the hair establishes a fringe in front and rest of it is tied properly and attached with a flower crown (artificial flower or attachments can also be used). Medium size hair is recommended by stylists as the hair should look simple and not too long.

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5. Headbands:

Wedding Hairstyles with Bangs5

This classic wedding hairstyle is one in a million. It comes with a fashionable updo and a front fringe. It will define you and your hair. The hair is very well textured and looks natural. Modern brides love this hairstyle and use implement their own designs to make it a little more appealing.

6. Banging Beehive:

Wedding Hairstyles with Bangs6

It is an old-fashioned hairstyle and look like a beehive. Women in the 60’s used to style their hair in this way. Stylists with their modern touch have brought forward one of the most amazing wedding hairstyles. The hair has a beautiful and delicate fringe in the front laying over the forehead, which is the main attraction of this hairstyle.

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7. Fishtail Plait:

Wedding Hairstyles with Bangs7

The fishtail plait is a cool hairstyle which looks even better if done on a long hair. A sophisticated fringe is established which swings over the forehead. The end of the hair is tied to form the perfect fishtail. Smooth hair is recommended for this look, there will be a lot of troubles with thick hair.

8. Low Bun with Updo’s And Ponytail:

Wedding Hairstyles with Bangs8

This hairstyle has more than one updo’s and a unique ponytail. Most of the hair takes the shape of a bun but remains low. Here the hair is tailored to look like headbands. If the hair is attached with matching accessories it will look great.

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9. Backcomb Ponytail:

Wedding Hairstyles with Bangs9

The backcomb ponytail is a sweet and adorable haircut. The front of the hair swings to the eyebrow level. On the back, the hair is blown dry and brushed efficiently to form the perfect ponytail without any unnecessary twists and turns.