Travel Make-up Kit Checklist

Travel Make-up Kit Checklist

Everyone likes to travel and when it comes to choosing what you need to pack everyone encounters difficulties. It is always important to pack only what you need so you can travel as light as possible and to make sure you are not carrying with you things that you don’t need, things that will make your luggage too heavy and over packed. Plus you always need some extra room in you luggage for your new purchases.

After you packed your essential clothing you need to know what make-up you need for your trip. Here is what your make-up kit essentials should contain:

first you will need a small make-up bag to put all your make-up in, in case anything spills it won’t ruin your clothes

Travel Make-up Kit Checklist

moisturizer face cream and body lotion

sunscreen during the summer

foundation and applicator (sponge or brush)


powder and powder brush



make-up remover

eyeshadow color pallet

lip gloss

Your make-up bag will be equipped with all the essential things you need in order to look your best even when you travel.

Travel Make-up Kit Checklist