10 Pictures of Alicia Keys Without Makeup

Alicia Augello Cook, known more commonly as Alicia Keys to her fans is a singer active since 1996. Billboard has named her as one of the most influential musicians of recent times. She is just as beautiful as her voice. Married to Swizz Beats since 2020, she shares two children with him. She also is a versatile actor and has been a part of the TV show Empire actively. Currently, as of 2020, she announced that with Miley Cyrus, she will be the judge appearing on the music show The Voice.

1. With Sunglasses:

Alicia Keys Without Makeup

As you can see, this is a classic Alicia Keys picture has her sporting a sunglasses, and we can assume it had something to do with trying to divert the breakouts on her skin. Perhaps the reason for her not wearing makeup here is to prevent more zits.

2. Cap and Curls:

Alicia Keys Without Makeup 2

Her almost concealed ear ring beneath her curls, her cap and her vague expression passes her Au natural look even better. In the picture, she isn’t aware it was being clicked, but even so, she looks gorgeous. Of course her fair share of pimples show with the low coverage of makeup, as she manages to confidently make her way in public anyway.

3. Headband On:

Alicia Keys Without Makeup 3

With earrings and a headband, Alicia Keys no makeup look is being accentuated to perfection. Her glow is pretty prominent and she looks pretty and rosy. It is a selfie, and her brows look well done up. Her skin looks perfect and her hair looks its usual self as well.

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4. Engagement Blues:

Alicia Keys Without Makeup 4

Alicia keys makeup look is perfect, but without that too, she is still a star. Spotted here with her wedding ring back in 2020, she looks happy and is posing away for the cameras flawlessly.

5. Sunglass and Earrings:

Alicia Keys Without Makeup 5

Alicia Keys without make up is spotted here holding her usual poise. Her hair is open and the curls are making their own urbane statement. This is when she was tired from her music recording and took out for a break.

6. Tied Up Pony:

Alicia Keys Without Makeup 6

In her black dress, she is looking just perfect even with the little makeup she has on. Her smile is giving off a positive vibe and her hair is tied up neatly. Needless to say, this is one of the rare occasions where her hair is looking straight.

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7. Just The Ideal Smile:

Just The Ideal Smile

Alicia Keys with no makeup is just as beautiful as her face with all the cosmetics. Besides, her hair looks very different here and is tied short instead of the usual long curls that she sports when making public appearances.

8. Beautiful Self:

Alicia Keys Without Makeup 8

With her usual smile that is making her look decked up, her dress suiting her appearance all the way more, this picture is one of her finest without makeup.

9. Lip Gloss Days:

Alicia Keys Without Makeup 9

With a hint of lip gloss and no other makeup, Alicia Keys is looking gorgeous as always. Her eyebrows are done up well too, giving her look just the finishing touch she needed.

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10. Event Appearances:

Alicia Keys Without Makeup 10

The hairstyle is vintage Keys, with curly strands and a messy look. Her hair is suiting her face and half tied up, it draws more attention to her eyebrows and her perfect jawline. The picture is her own self and she looks chilled through her half smile.

This Manhattan beauty is the true talent and beauty of the music industry. She might have a few acnes to deal with, but that is just what makes her as common a person as us.