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Justin Bieber Rushed to Hospital

Justin Bieber Rushed to Hospital

The Hollywood stud Justin Bieber was rushed to the hospital on Wednesday, January 12, 2020 after suffering an allergic reaction which caused him to experience breathing difficulties. Justin Bieber’s fame is on the rise and he seems to take his career up to a whole new level: the movie scene.

The hot pop star was rushed to the hospital while on the set of the the well known TV series “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation”. Justin was wrapping out a scene shoot on the set of CSI, where he was interpreting the role of a troubled teenager named Jason McCann when he started experiencing breathing trouble. A trip to the hospital however solved this problem immediately for the “Baby” hitmaker.

Justin Bieber Rushed to Hospital

Justin Bieber was rushed to the Providence Saint Joseph Medical Center hospital of Burbank, California where he received immediate care. Justin was treated by his doctor and released home after approximately 30 minutes, so it seems that the problem Justin has experienced wasn’t too serious. However himself and his friends, fans and family received quite a scare on the set, but we are just glad everything is OK.

The rumor that Justin was rushed to the hospital was confirmed by Justin’s rep to Life & Style where he also stated that Justin Bieber if fine and back to work on the set of CSI.

“He’s fine now and back on set.”

We are happy that this was just an allergic reaction and that Justin Bieber is fine and healthy. Justin continues his work as he will be presenting the 68 annual Golden Globe Awards on Sunday, January 16, 2020. We can’t wait to see Justin back on stage so GO Justin!

Justin Bieber Rushed to Hospital

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