15 Best & Fashionable Blazer Jackets for Men and Women

Blazer jackets are kind of jackets that look decent with pockets and collars and a designer ouch of buttons for style. Women and men wear the blazer jackets for a slight cool look with the decency and professional attire. The blazer jackets are one such designer outfit that every man and woman should have one in their wardrobe. The incredible versatile look of the blazer jackets give you a decent look with a pinch of glamorous shot style to your attire. The same old blazer suits and the riches of tuxedos give you a traditional all time same go look, while the blazer jackets give you a turnaround shot glare in public. Some designer and incredibly outstanding designs of blazer jackets listed here can give you a brief glance on variety of them for men and women.

Latest and Stylish Designs of Jacket Blazers for Gents and Ladies in Fashion:

Let we have to look at the top 15 jacket blazer designs.

1. Patch Pocket Blazer Jacket:

blazer jackets

A blazer jacket looking so cool and yet decent enough to give full importance to your personality is one perfect match for a casual look. The long length and the button less collar and the off white tint look fabulous on any dress.

2. Dark Tan Woolen Blazer Jacket:

Dark Tan Woolen Blazer Jacket

A dark tan tone of color on a dynamic personality is made for each other. Wool in men’s blazer jacket with double button for a tie looks fantastic. The brown color suits every combination inner, that may be a shirt or a t-shirt combined with jeans or odd color pants.

3. Rolled Sleeve Blazer Jacket:

Rolled Sleeve Blazer Jacket

Women jackets and blazers have much more designer patterns than the men do. After all women have lots of ways to look amazing. A rolled sleeve irregular hem blazer jacket is a king of coat over any top you prefer to wear for a dynamic look. A khaki color complements its awesome design.

4. Two Buttoned Designer Blazer Jacket:

Two Buttoned Designer Blazer Jacket

Two buttoned blazer jacket for men is most common pattern yet a designer material and stylish sleeves gives a unique look to the appearance. Great match with jeans and casual tees the blazer jacket will definitely give a cool look.

5. 20 inch Collar Cutaway Blazer Jacket:

20 inch Collar Cutaway Blazer Jacket

A 20 inch collar cutaway women’s jacket blazer is a stunning designer outfit. A similar pair of straight pants looks incredible. A ruffled shirt under it gives the ultimate look to the personality. Over and above the navy blue color is a perfect party style.

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6. Velvet Slim Fit Corduroy Blazer Jacket:

Velvet Slim Fit Corduroy Blazer Jacket

Corduroy and velvets is the rich garment that enriches the personality with its unique look. The rich velvety touch of the blazer jacket for men with a double color patch work on it looks fabulous party style blazer than can be worn over whites.

7. 24 inch One Buttoned Blazer Jacket:

24 inch one Buttoned Blazer Jacket

A 24 inch one buttoned women jackets and blazer style is a unique yet very much loved choice of many women. A brownish khahi color looks incredible for a professional party look. The high upright collar and buttoned sleeves and pockets give a designer look to the blazer jacket.

8. Cotton Military Blazer Jacket:

Cotton Military Blazer Jacket

Military blazer jackets for men are unique with its different features. The rich shade of grayish tint and fully buttoned high pocket design of the blazer looks different than the rest. A strong image can be created with such a pattern of blazer jackets.

9. Women Ruffled Border Blazer Jacket Suit:

Women Ruffled Border Blazer Jacket Suit

Women’s jackets and blazer designs can be made incredibly eye popping with dynamic simple yet outstanding ideas. A ruffled border blazer on the collars looks so beautiful and cute looking personality on women. A similar stitched pant with same color gives a professional look yet with a feminine touch to the dressing.

10. Soft Leather khaki Coat Blazer:

Soft Leather Lhakhi Coat Blazer

A soft leather brown shade jacket blazer for men looks so stunning and cool with which one can create a dashing style. The large pockets and curled on sleeves look incredible and stylish. Men can wear such a blazer over jeans and a bright white t-shirt.

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11. Soft Tailored Cute Long Blazer Jacket:

Soft Tailored Cute Long Blazer Jacket

A soft material cute colored bright pink tailored blazer type over coat for women looks so pretty for a stylish look. Women jackets and blazers can be made so dynamic stunning with such designs. The bright pink long blazer jacket can be worn over light feminine featured t-shirts to bring a bubbly look.

12. Festive Wedding Tuxedo Blazer Jacket:

Festive Wedding Tuxedo Blazer Jacket

Festive and celebrations invite the ravishing designs that are not worn regularly. A designer tuxedo blazer jacket for men can be the best option to rock the floor. A silverfish shaded grey-black shining blazer looks fabulous for a party style. Worn above a mix and match shirt and trousers the dressing beats the stage.

13. Ladies High Pocket Blazer Jacket:

Ladies High Pocket Blazer Jacket

Women with pleasant appearance and body features can definitely shine high with a white black bordered blazer jacket. For a professional yet stylish look women can wear such a blazer jacket over designer one piece dress tops. The tailor stitched slim fit jacket with high pockets will look dynamic for sure.

14. Slim Fit Sport Coat Blazer:

Slim Fit Sport Coat Blazer

Sporty events bring the fashion of blazers and jackets that fabulously match the situation. A men’s blazer jacket sports coat blazer with designer printed base and plain collars look stylish on a sporty day.

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15. Flower Stretch Bomber Jacket/Blazer:

Flower Stretch Bomber Jacket Blazer

The summers look for the floral prints more in all kind of garments women love to put on. For the perfect situation a flower stretch bomber jacket blazer looks incredible match for women to look cool over high waist jeans and t-shirts. A short blazer jacket with floral prints and black borders match any outfit.

Paired blazer jacket with denim jeans is the classic look for men and women for a casual stunning appearance. The blazer jackets are quite different from the sports jackets for instance. The blazer jackets are one or two buttoned made in almost the soft wool or wool flannel, hop sack with either designer buttons that look perfect match with denims. Double breasted blazers look brilliant with the jeans or similar colored pants. The different style of blazer jackets is always blemishing.