15 Best Loud Alarm Clock Designs With Pictures In India

Alarm clocks are a boon for most people as it wakes them up from deep sleep to get ready for a new day. As some people are deep sleepers, the normal alarm clocks do not wake them up easily. This is where the loud alarm clock designs are the best choice. The loud sound of the alarm clock is perfect to wake up the deep sleepers.

Simple & Latest Loud Alarm Clock Designs:

Here we enlisted 15 modern loud alarm clock designs with images. Let’s have a look into them.

1. Loud Alarm Clock with Bed Shaker:

Loud Alarm Clock Designs

Here is an amazing alarm clock that also has an added feature. Apart from the loud sound that is emitted it also vibrates the bed so as to wake you up from deep sleep. This is a sure shot wake up call for all those people who do not get up easily with normal alarm clocks.

2. Twin Bell Loud Alarm Clock:

Twin Bell Loud Alarm Clock

This very loud alarm clock is perfect for people who sleep well. The classic table clock with the twin bells on either side is a great piece to have at home. The quartz clock is perfect with the timings. When the alarm rings at the right hour, the twin bells create a loud noise and that is why this is the loud alarm clock for heavy sleepers.

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3. Super Loud Alarm Clock:

Super Loud Alarm Clock

Get yourself this super loud alarm clock that has the loudest ring. The two side speakers that are attached to the clock ensure that the alarm is heard by all in a room. This is perfect for all who need to be reminded well of the time. This alarm clock can be kept close to the bed for the best output.

4. Fire Bell Loud Alarm Clock:

Fire Bell Loud Alarm Clock

Try this fire bell alarm clock that enacts the sound of the fire engine bell. This really loud alarm clock will wake up an entire household with the sound. This may also be a loud annoying alarm clock as the sound may not be suited for everyone. But it will wake you up for sure.

5. Extra Loud Alarm Clock:

Extra Loud Alarm Clock

One of the extra loud alarm clocks is the best for people who are deep sleepers. This will wake them up from their slumber and get them ready in no time. The sound that is emitted from this alarm clock will wake you up and startle you at the same time.

6. Siren Loud Alarm Clock:

Siren Loud Alarm Clock

This super loud alarm clock has a siren sound that will wake everyone up. The sound generated from this clock is really great and you can dial up the sound or lower it according to your choice. This loud digital alarm clock may be the best gift for a friend who is always late for work.

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7. Vibrating Pad Loud Alarm Clock:

Vibrating Pad Loud Alarm Clock

Here is another gadget that you can use to wake up from deep sleep. This is the loudest alarm clock ever comes with a vibrating pad that you can keep under your pillow. This will not only have a loud sound when the alarm rings, but also vibrate the pillow and help you to wake up.

8. Pink Loud Alarm Clock:

Pink Loud Alarm Clock

Gift this cute pink alarm clock to your girlfriend who is a deep sleeper. This best loud alarm clock is just right for a girl who loves pink. The shape of the clock is also a fancy one that will be loved by the friend. This can be a loud travel alarm clock as well as it is lightweight and small in size.

9. Glow Loud Alarm Clock:

Glow Loud Alarm Clock

This extremely loud alarm clock has a glow when the alarm rings. The clock is in the shape of a globe and the digital clock in the centre shows the time. The globe will glow in the dark and help you to wake up on time. It has a recordable alarm and a USB charging port as well.

10. Kids Loud Alarm Clock:

Kids Loud Alarm Clock

Here is a cool blue kid’s alarm clock. The alarm clock with loud alarm is perfect for kids as they need to get up early for school. The alarm is cute to look at and the sound will wake them up too. This loud electric alarm clock makes a perfect gift for the kids.

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11. Metallic Loud Alarm Clock:

Metallic Loud Alarm Clock

Try this super chic loud alarm clock for hearing impaired people. This stunning piece not only looks good but also gives out the loudest sound. This will surely wake you up from deep sleep even if you are hard of hearing. The sound that emanates from this alarm clock is very shrill and you will want to get up and put it off.

12. Robot Loud Alarm Clock:

Robot Loud Alarm Clock

This super special loud dual alarm clock is perfect not only for kids but for adults too. The clock is in the shape of a robot with a metal frame. The clock has a flashlight as well. This alarm clock is great to look at and you will enjoy waking up in the morning with the sound of the alarm.

13. Multi-Function Loud Alarm Clock:

Multi Function Loud Alarm Clock

This loud kid’s alarm clock comes with various features that make it special. The alarm clock has a digital display that glows in the dark. The date and time feature of this clock is also of great use. You can carry this clock while travelling as well or use it as a kitchen timer.

14. Travel Loud Alarm Clock:

Travel Loud Alarm Clock

If you are constantly on the move from one place to another, then this travel loud alarm clock is just right for you. This is a lightweight alarm clock that is sleek and thin. It does not take up a lot of space and you can easily fit it in your suitcase. The clock has a loud alarm so that you can easily get up on time for meetings.

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15. Kitchen Loud Alarm Clock:

Kitchen Loud Alarm Clock

When you are in the kitchen doing several tasks simultaneously, it is great to have a clock that tells the time or sets a timer. This clock will ring out when the time comes and remind you of the pot that is boiling or the oven that needs to be checked.

Loud alarm clock designs come in various sound levels. You can choose the fire bell, siren, robot, etc as the options. The digital and analog clocks also come with loud alarms. Try out various clocks from men, women and kids in bright colours.