2020 Fall Color Trends

2020 Fall Color Trends

The respected Pantone Color Institute, responsible for the color trends of the fall, released the list with the color system of this year’s fall. These shades are more then simply trends, these reflect issues of the world. These professionals choose the colors that suggest certain states of mind.

The fall brings several changes and new hips when it comes of fashion. People slip into thicker clothes adopting the statement colors of the season. As you see the palette is made up of pastel shades rather than glittering ones.

It indeed suggests the melancholy of the fall. According to Pantone it says a lot about the unfortunate economic situation that will haunt us for a while. There’s no sense in wearing neon and bright colors that would make us fake reality.

Holiday colors are overshadowed by their gentle fellows, inspired rather by the elements of nature: soil, sea and harvest, grass and fruits. Don’t panic it will provide you with enough shades to create a unique and original look. The shades of these basic colors are all included in the trend, the only restriction being the selecting of right combos.

2020 Fall Color Trends

‘Neutral’ is the keyword all throughout the season. Keep your look close to nature and life, with a flamboyant tint. Designers will become real painters to illustrate the social problems and crises on the catwalk. The colors each of them stands for an ideal American Beauty is a feel-good shade, Purple Heart speaks for sensuality and refinement whereas Burnt Sienna for romance.

The shades of every season including Fall 2020 are inspired by moments from our life as: urban glamor, mood of our society, landscapes and architecture, as well as the freshness of roses. Designers get the chance to live out their fashion fantasies by combining the different hues with extravagant collections.

2020 Fall Color Trends2020 Fall Color Trends

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