5 Years Girl Dress – 25 Best and Beautiful Designs

As much as we adults and women love dressing up, kids do too. They love bright colours, cute prints, and exciting trends. While the world is up with several trends and styles all across, the baby girl dresses have also entered limelight for their latest patterns and designs. So today, we have decided to treat you with the latest 5-year-old baby girl dresses designs, which are trending in the fashion market right now. Given the several looks and styles which keep entering and leaving the market, few looks are here to stay. They are the ones who have got the utmost recognition and popularity. So here we go!

Which Type of Dresses Does 5 Year Old Girl Wears?

Most often, we notice the kids wearing cute frocks and dresses till knee length. But well, this has been the most common trend for ages. Today, with the revolution in fashion trends, even the outfits for toddlers and girls have gone through a change. The latest dress for 5 years old girl has a lot of patterns, designs as well as varieties.

  • There are the most popular knee-length frocks and dresses in various colours and patterns.
  • The shoulder design and pattern, or hemline cuts do have a lot of varieties.
  • There are also maxi dresses with stylish looks.
  • Further, kids these days also wear lehengas and skirts, which enhances their overall look for good.
  • The bubbly and cute dresses worn by them also include the frocks and dresses with a lot of flares, ruffles and patterns.

Latest and Pretty 5 Years Girl Dress Patterns for Birthdays and Parties:

Well, we do understand that age 5-year girls dresses and designs are a lot. That is why we have decided to help you out and compile the most favourite and trending picks this season, which we assure you that your kids will love! Here they are!

1. Velvet A-line Dress with Lace Sleeves:

Velvet A Line Dress With Lace Sleeves


Let us accept, we haven’t thought about the possibility of velvet dresses for kids. But they are as gorgeous as other dresses, and instantly lifts up the entire look effortlessly. Here is one such example. Despite being plain greyish coloured frock with short sleeves, this velvet A-line dress is no less than a beauty. It delivers supreme style statement in ease.

  • Design: A-Line Velvet frock with short sleeves and off-shoulder cut
  • Fabric: Velvet
  • Occasion: Family outings and picnics with school
  • Style Tip: Simple loose hair can do the trick here.

2. Sleeveless Princess Dress for 5 Year Girl:

Sleeveless Princess Dress For 5 Year Girl


As much as girls love the fairy tale and princess stories/cartoons, they as well imagine them to come true in real life. The least we can do as parents make them happy with similar outfits during special days. This princess teal-coloured fit and flare dress is no less than a dream. The gorgeous flares, look and style statement is very popular with the young kids and we are sure your girl loves it too!

  • Design: Teal and black coloured sleeveless princess dress with flares
  • Fabric: Satin and cotton
  • Occasion: Special parties
  • Style Tip: Fancy rolled over hairstyle with colourful pins, and black shoes can match the outfit.

3. Christmas Dress for 5-Year-Old Girl:

Christmas Dress For 5 Year Old Girl


Besides the fairy tale look, another popular style they love is the angle or pari makeover. Here is one such possible style option for events such as Christmas or other festivals. The similar maxi dress outfit can be best for girls to a makeover during celebrations and they would love the overcome. It looks no less than an angel in real-life too!

  • Design: Deep V neck fit and flare pink maxi dress
  • Fabric: Cotton blend
  • Occasion: Christmas and festivals
  • Style Tip: With white angel shoes and loose hair, the kids will surely look like an angel.

4. Layered Tutu Dress for 5 Year Old:

Layered Tutu Dress For 5 Year Old


The tutu styled dress has gained trend and popularity in recent years. Their cute and bubbly look, with charming patterns and cuts, is what made them stand apart from other outfits. The tutu dress with layers is popular even with kids, and here is one such style. This dark beige coloured dress is quite lovely and beautiful and it is among the most sought option too

  • Design: Printed tutu dress with pink and black colour
  • Fabric: Georgette
  • Occasion: Casual day out
  • Style Tip: Simple hair and look can ease in this dress well.

5. Peter Pan Collar One-Piece Dress:

Peter Pan Collar One Piece Dress


The peter pan dresses are super popular and famous in several parts. While adults too replicate this style statement in recent years, the original idea for kids remains evergreen. This cute pink printed A-line peter pan collar dress is one among our favourite. It is very comfortable, lightweight and gives an attractive look to anyone who wears it.

  • Design: Printed pink dress with short sleeves
  • Fabric: Rayon
  • Occasion: Daily wear
  • Style Tip: Simple hair and shoes can do the job here effortlessly.

6. Sparkly Party Wear Dresses for 5-Year-Old Girl:

Sparkly Party Wear Dresses For 5 Year Old Girl


The partywear ideas and outfits aren’t just for grown-up girls and adults. Even kids love sizzling sparkling dresses with bright colours and elegance. Here is one such dress for the toddler and 5-year girls. With flares and fancy look, this outfit undoubtedly steals the heart of everyone who sees it, given the lovely look as well as beautiful appearance.

  • Design: Silver, black and grey fit and flare sleeveless dress
  • Fabric: Cotton
  • Occasion: Partywear
  • Style Tip: Black cute shoes and similar bow hairband can match the look well.

7. Birthday Gown Dress for 5 Year Girl:

Birthday Gown Dress For 5 Year Girl

Kids love birthdays. It is one day in the entire year they catch a lot of attention, and of course, we girls love it. Here is one such gorgeous gown dress for the kiddo birthday girls. With its stunning look, the dress gives no less than a princess feels. It makes the kids feel like a fairy tale and offers the most beautiful look ever.

  • Design: Fancy sleeveless green shade birthday gown
  • Fabric: Cotton, silk, and net
  • Occasion: Birthdays and parties
  • Style Tip: Cute high pony with bracelets and bow sandals can fit this dress well.

8. Floral-Print Fit and Flare Dress:

Floral Print Fit And Flare Dress

Floral dresses are loved by all of us. Be it for adults or girls, they give a unique and trendy regal look which cannot be competed with. Here is one such cute floral fit and flare dress. With its plush vibes and bright hues, we are sure your girl will love the appearance. It is simple, comfortable and yet has the charmful look

  • Design: Floral fit and flare blue dress with a belt
  • Fabric: Polyester
  • Occasion: Casual daily outing wear
  • Style Tip: A cute blue or red shoe can be matched well with this dress.

9. Readymade Lehenga for 5-Year-Old Girl:

Readymade Lehenga For 5 Year Old Girl


The lehenga designs and patterns have got quite popular all across the girls. While young women love wearing it, these days we even see replications reach girls dresses. Here is one such cute variety, with the pink fancy flared look. If your girl loves getting a makeover and getting fancy ready, then we are sure she will love this trendy style too!

  • Design: Pink and yellow lehenga choli with short sleeves
  • Fabric: Cotton and organza silk
  • Occasion: Evening parties, wedding parties, and festivals
  • Style Tip: Loose hairstyle with simple bangles can enrich the entire look

10. Fancy Rainbow Dress for 5-Year-Old Girl:

Fancy Rainbow Dress For 5 Year Old Girl


We have already mentioned how kids love bright and colourful outfits. Their eyes often search for such looks and here is one such rainbow-coloured dress for them. With roses and flares, the girls love such girly and fancy style statements and will love this outfit equally, too.

  • Design: Rainbow and white-coloured fit and flare dress with rose attachments
  • Fabric: Nylon
  • Occasion: Parties and outings
  • Style Tip: Rose hairband and cute shoes can fit in well here.

11. Mesh and Tulle Dress:

5 years girl dress

Here are a wonderful 5 years girl dress that you can wear for any function. The bodice of the dress is made from mesh and is tight-fitting. The skirt part is made of tulle material and is orange in colour. The dress is given a great look by adding orange flowers on the bodice and a lovely big orange sash bow at the waist.

12. Denim Dress:

Try out this summery denim dress for your little one. The 5 years baby dress is perfect for a picnic or a play date. The denim skirt is flared and the top is made from cotton material. The frilled neck is what gives this dress a wonderful look. Polka dots are always a favourite with people.

13. Flower Party Dress:

Choose this wonderful flower 5-year girl party dress for a special occasion like a birthday. The dress is decorated with flowers strewn all around. The white sash bow at the front adds a charming detail to the dress. Wide flares of the skirt make the dress look fancy too.

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14. Strap Dress:

For summers, this strapped 5 years old girl dress is just the right thing. The cotton material makes the dress breathable and perfect. The straps at the shoulder make it more breezy and cool. Use the colours that are perfect for a hot day and are lovely.

15. Designer Dress:

For that stylish baby, you can always try out a designer dress. This party wear dress for a 5-year girl is made classy with a back cut design. The heart-shaped cut out at the back is something that will stand out in the dress. So choose colours and prints that will be complementary to the design that you intend to incorporate in the dress.

16. Princess-Cut Dress:

For all parties and wedding ceremonies, dress up your kid in something with the princess cut. These dresses are flared at the skirt and are made in satin or tulle. Here the dress has a gorgeous big sash bow at the back that is the focal point. The 5-year baby girl dress is great in all pastel colours too.

17. Printed Dress:

Choose a lovely and bright print for your child. This printed dress with the prints of painted lips is made child-like with tulle on top of it. The net material on top of the printed material subdues the print and makes it look fashionable. You can have these in 5-year girl dress size as well.

18. Evening Gown Traditional:

Here is a traditional dress that can be worn for festivities and ceremonies. The Indian style dress is an evening gown that is long. The birthday dress for a 5-year girl is perfect for celebrating the traditional way. These dresses can be worn again for all types of occasions.

19. Full Sleeves Dress:

Choose this simple yet elegant dress for your kid for formal occasions. The dress for 5-year-olds is simple with buttons in front and a collar that falls back. The long sleeves are perfect for colder days and keep the child warm and cosy. This can be in warm material that is good for winters and slightly colder days.

20. Frilled Dress Country Style:

Classic designs are always in the trend at all times. This country-style dress is one such design that will not fade away. The simple dress is made from printed cotton material. The top is with simple straps and is fitted at the body. The skirt is flared and the bottom is made with frills from contrasting material.

21. High Neck Dress:

Choose this lovely dress with a high neck that is tied with a string. The dress has short sleeves and is decorated with embroidered designs of butterflies and flowers. These girls’ dresses age 5 are just right for simple functions and parties. You can have them in colours that are pastel or bright.

22. A-Line Gown:

A fancy dress is all you need for the most special occasion in your life. This birthday or wedding ceremony dress is best because it has lace and satin as the materials used. The box pleats of the dress make it look grand. The knee-length dress is perfect for a kid as well.

23. Box Sleeves Dress:

This is a lovely lace dress that has an interesting box pleats sleeve. This is what makes the dress stunning and gorgeous. The dress is filled with lace material that has a scalloped edge. The short box pleats of the sleeves are made with same colour cotton material.

24. Wave Shoulder Dress:

Here is a trendy dress for 5-year-olds that have wave shoulders. These dresses have a wavy look at the shoulder and then are straight and tight-fitting towards the wrist. The dress is done with classic polka dots and is simple with a contrasting bow.

25. Peter Pan Collar Dress:

Choose this classic Peter Pan collar dress for your baby. This dress is black and white in combination. The black collar is great against the white base. The printed skirt part is cute and kid-friendly with black and white cat prints. A simple thin belt at the waist accentuates the dress perfectly.

Dresses for 5-year-old kids are wonderful as they make them look stylish and cute. These dresses can be simple or even grand. The simple ones are good for daily play time while the grand ones are good for the birthday and wedding occasions.