9 Best Design Ideas to Make Your Own Locket

The fashion and trendy design of lockets have been ruling the minds of many people whether they are the small kids or the youngsters or the old aged people. The beautiful ideas of storing memories along with the locket folds have been ruling the minds of many. The craze locket pendants make people bound to buy themselves or their loved ones ready-made lockets and even make them eager to find ways to make handmade locket pendants.

Best and Stylish Designs to Make Your Own Locket:

Let’s find here with shown top 9 types of lockets help you make your own lockets in your style.

  • Bottle Cap Lockets
  • Sea Shell Locket
  • Silver Photo Locket
  • Moana’s Locket Pendant
  • Filigree Lockets
  • Quilter Seamstress Locket
  • Crochet Pouch Locket
  • Painted Locket
  • Wooden Illusion Locket

1. Bottle Cap Lockets:

Bottle Cap Lockets

The most low cost and the most beautiful handmade locket design can be made with bottle caps of finished bottles. The curves on the caps make a designer look and the top can be made beautiful with pearls and diamonds and other material. The locket can be fixed with a simple magnet fixed inside one part of the locket.

2. Sea Shell Locket:

Sea Shell Locket

The Sea shell lockets also look the adorable designs of pendants. Simply get two sea shells which are flat in shape and bring hooks and pins to turn it into a pendant. Colour the shells of your desired colour in golden, silver or naturally keep it in pearl colour.

3. Silver Photo Locket:

Silver Photo Locket

Make your own locket with charms with simple silver metal flip coin shape parts available from jewellery shops attached the desired photo on the sides of the pendant locket. The beautiful design will win the hearts of many.

4. Moana’s Locket Pendant:

Moana’s Locket Pendant

Moana’s lockets are most famous these days the beauty of the design of the locket is mind blowing and is attracting most of the public in the majority. The natural turquoise shade and the abstract design made on half of the locket are stunning and incredible. Made out of polymer clay, the Moana’s locket is a beautiful craft to make your own locket.

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5. Filigree Lockets:

Filigree Lockets

Filigree is a wonderful art to decorate the most eye catching and fantastic designs. Using clay art or another medium one can make a locket and design them with their own specific ways with a different look like the one with small filigree roses.

6. Quilter Seamstress Locket:

Quilter Seamstress Locket

Quilter seamstress lockets are the funky style lockets that can be made even by small kids or teenagers. The cartoon y creations on the top and bottom of the both parts of the locket make a funny yet creative impact on the look of the locket wearer. People can also make abstract patterns on them.

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7. Crochet Pouch Locket:

Crochet Pouch Locket

The crochet pouch locket is a wonderfully simple in indifferent style of locket pendant one can make. The crochet stitch made like a pouch holds memorable things one loves to wear them all around with them. The crochet pouch locket is a simple style to make a locket for oneself.

8. Painted Locket:

Painted Locket

The painted lockets are the most common and favourite kinds of lockets people love to wear and also to gift their loved ones. People love to make durable paintings with permanent colours and make memorable time paintings. They fix the mini paintings in the folds of the pendant locket to keep them safe on the neck.

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9. Wooden Illusion Locket:

Wooden Illusion Locket

Wooden illusionist lockets are made by keen workers of art and can be made especially for love. The locket seems like a wooden piece while it can open with a secretive style to show the love message passes to your loved one through the locket.

Fashions of locket pendant have definitely brought the enormous number of designer lockets. Handmade ideas of making lockets can be made with the easiest ways and even difficult yet incredible lockets. This article will help most of the locket pendant lovers to make beautiful lovable lockets for one self and also for your loved ones.