9 Casual Black Vest Jackets for Men and Women in Fashion

Vest is integral part of women’s and men’s clothing. They are either worn under your dress or over dress. Many consider vest as a man’s garment, but it is the trend of every woman follows. It is smart, warm and chic. Just wearing vest takes away your flaws.

Although vest comes in colours and styles, but my favourite is black vest. It is very basic and it can never go wrong. There is simple trick to pair each type of vest carefully.

Black Vests for Men and Women:

Here are few examples of types of black vests with its perfect combination.

1. Fleece Black Vest:

black vest

Fleece vest is light weight Woolen jacket. They are mostly to be worn in winters. Since it is made of synthetic material, it is also made to protect from rain and snow. You can wear any t-shirt and jeans bellow. It is ideal for hikes and treks.

2. Long Black Vest for Women:

Long black vest

Long black vest is knee length vest. It is worn over a knee length dress or sweat shirt. They are very stylish and cool. Sometimes girls wear it over maxi full length dress. They hide waist line, thus making you look lean and tall.

3. Short Black Vest Jacket for Girls:

Short Black Vest

A short black vest is short vest which ends just above the waist. It is something that every rock chic will know. Mostly it is worn on t-shirt, shirts and short dresses. You can wear shorts or skirt below it. It makes you look lean and it is perfect for apple shaped body.

4. Womens Fringe Black Vest:

Fringe Black Vest

A fringe black vest is similar to long vest. It has fringes below the waist. They are mostly made of cotton material. They give you a rock-star, laid back look. There is no doubt it younger generation’s favourite. It is mostly worn under full sleeved top.

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5. Army Black Vest for Boys:

Army Black Vest

Army black vest is similar to vest worn by army personal. It consists of many pockets. It is mostly made to endure all the weather like rain and snow. They are famous with young college going boys. You can wear it with white t-shirt.

6. Mens Denim Black Vest Jacket:

Denim black vest

Denim mens vest in black is made of denim material, hence the name. It is warm and perfect for winters. You can wear it above sweater on chilly cold mornings. They are worn by both men and women.

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7. Asymmetrical Black Vest:

Asymmetrical black vest

Asymmetrical black vest is asymmetrically cut vest. They are normally long from waist to knee. They usually can’t be closed but sometimes it has zippers. It is well known for cool collars. They are worn with day dress and tops.

8. Sweater Black Fleece Vest for Ladies:

Sweater Black Fleece Vest for Ladies8

A sweater black vest is added layer of sweater worn over shirts. It is considered as formal attire. It is unisex. It comes in checks and designs. You can wear it above skirt and trousers. They are sometimes worn inside the shirt also.

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9. Quilted Black Vest:

Quilted vest

Quilted vest is warm vest. It is worn during snow. It is unisex and is most preferred vest. It is worn on short dress and t-shirts. They are smart and very stylish. It worn by most of the hikers and trekkers as it is light and provides enough warmth.

A vest is a very personal item. It can make you look very stylish without much of effort. They are worn with t shirts and sometimes with formal. A nice laid back look is what you achieve with a black vest.