9 Latest Citrine Gemstones in Different Designs

Citrine Gemstones are considered to be lucky for November birthdays. It possesses different shades of yellow colour. This is a success stone and therefore is also known as ‘Merchant’s Stone’. It is used to promote success in business. Primarily it has so much bright energy that lights up many aspects of lives. This is for good fortune and good charm that come in an unexpected way. Citrine Stone is connected with Solar Plexus Chakra of human body that increase your personal power and energy. It helps in clearing negative energy from your surroundings and brings back hope.

Citrine Gemstones With Images:

Here look at our top 9 Citrine Gemstones with images in latest designs. Choose your best one and try it.

1. Natural Citrine Stone:


It is natural citrine stone as it is found. It is rough material in various shapes. It is one of the common mineral found in Earth’s crust and is colour less but sometimes pale yellow. It is the iron content which gives it the yellow colour. It should be protected from excessive heat.

2. Multi-Faceted Citrine Stone:

Multi-FacetedCitrine Stone

It is highly expensive citrine gemstone having multi-faceted characteristics. It seems like itself Sun is there spreading its rays to every corner. This citrine stone is rare spreading its bright energy to manifest joy and happiness in environment.

3. Citrine Cross Pendant:

Citrine Cross Pendant

This cross pendant is embossed with horizontal and vertical series of citrine stones. It is highly precious for Christian community. There are round shaped citrine stones attached on cross pendant. It draws off negativity and anger from your body.

4. Citrine Gemstone Pendant:

Citrine Gemstone Pendant

This bracelet is made up of gemstone citrine. It is having a line of citrine gemstone in a thread. This is looking amazing. It is warming and energizing. This will motivate at every level of your life. This is bright yellow colour giving positive attitude and helps in attracting friends.

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5. Citrine Gemstones Money Tree:

Citrine Gemstone Money Tree

It is a fake money tree with citrine crystals. It is believed that it increases your wealth. There are hanging yellow citrine stones in a tree. This will become a centre of attraction in your home. It will receive lot of praises too. This is highly creative.

6. Citrine Crystal Gemstone:

Citrine Crystal Gemstone

This is very useful citrine stone. It is a big round ball like figure. Improve the urinary, kidney and digestive diseases are the citrine stone benefits. This is looking flashy and seems like something it is filled up inside. It helps in increasing your blood circulation.

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7. Citrine Stone Rings:

Citrine Stone Ring

It is tear drop shape citrine stone ring surrounded with many diamonds. Even both sides, there is a line of diamond studded. Wearing this can overcome the depression and fears. It helps in keeping your emotion steady and under control. It is in direct effect of sun.

8. Citrine Gemstones Necklace:

CitrineGemstone Necklace

This necklace is made up of citrine stones. This citrine stone jewelry is having enormous positive effects. This necklace will enhance your personality with attributes of energy and power. It has capacity to turn your enemy into friends. This will deliver your enchanting personality.

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9. Citrine Gemstones Earring:

Citrine Gemstone Earring

Earrings are made using pale yellow citrine stone. It is having abundant citrine gemstone benefits. Citrine is a joy stone hoping for optimistic future. It helps to look forward and discard your family problems. It helps in finding right solution for our problems.

Citrine gemstones carries the power of Sun. Citrine is a fabulous stone making you generous and protects you from all negativity. It is useful for meditation and spiritual development. It enhances your confidence, will power and creativity. It helps you in overcoming mental trauma and beneficial for stomach, digestion and general health problems.