9 Stylish & Best Grey Vests for Men and Women in Trend

Vests are, basically, sleeveless garments that are worn over the upper body. These are worn over shirts and T-shirts, somewhat like jackets, to add panache to them. The trend of wearing vests is fast catching up in the fashion industry of our country, and it is a popular and very stylish choice of clothing nowadays.

Latest and Fashionable Designs of Grey Vests for Gents and Ladies:

let we have to look at the top 9 grey vests designs.

1. Suit Style Grey Vest:

Suit style grey vest

This is a classic men’s formal suit vest. It is generally worn over the suit shirt or button-down shirt, with buttons running down the middle front, while a belt holds it and can be adjusted at the back. Although nowadays worn without a blazer and tie, the classic grey suit vest generally has a similar coloured blazer over it, while a tie can be tucked inside it.

2. Grey Long Vest:

grey long vest

This is a classic oversize garment for women, who want to look stylishly comfortable. Sleeveless, and generally longer than the top you are wearing, this is a flowy grey vest top, which can either be kept buttoned or unbuttoned. The overflowing look of this simple yet gorgeous vest gives you a charmingly comfy look.

3. Casual Grey Vest:

Casual Grey Vest

These are generally like the suit vest, yet have a more comfortable and worn-in look than the starchy and formal feeling that the suit vest gives off. These can be worn over t-shirts, V-necks or even jerseys. Just throw a light grey vests with men’s shirts and keep it unbuttoned for the adorable boy look.

4. Formal Wear Grey Vest:

grey vests

Another classic vest that has been trending since quite a long time, the formal grey vest in women’s formal wear can be worn over skirts as well as trousers and it looks just as smart and sexy.

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5. Puffer Style Grey Vest:

Puffer style grey Vest

The Grey Puffer vest is a popular bike jacket replacement that is up and coming in the Men’s wear fashion in recent times. The lightweight feel of the vest makes it easy to wear and gives you both, the protection of a bike jacket, as well as a style statement of the vests.

6. Grey Tweed Vest:

Grey Tweed vest

The tweed lining of the vest gives it character, lending its style statement to the rest of your clothes. This one is for the ladies, and it is one of the most popular choices, where ladies vests and jackets are concerned.

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7. Asymmetric Slim Grey Vest:

Asymmetric Slim grey vest

This one is a rebel’s suit vest. One side of the vest is asymmetrically patterned so that it overreaches the other side and is buttoned to the side rather than down the middle like a classic suit vest. An asymmetrical light grey vest looks superbly formal as well as dashing on a suit, and the best part is, you do not have to wear a tie.

8. Women’s Regular Wear Grey Vest:

Women’s Regular wear grey Vest

The women’s puffer vest is more like a jacket worn over regular clothes. The parachute-like the texture of the cloth gives it the appearance of puffiness, hence, the name of the type of vests. These look smart when worn to casual drink and dinner parties on the beach or at some outdoor place.

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9. Unisex Leather Grey Vest:

Unisex Leather grey Vest

These are the best types of vests. Made out of leather, shiny and with an entirely new level of style and statement, these can be either men’s or women’s. Although generally, leather vests are more popular in the black colour, grey men’s vests or even green men’s’ vests would look just as good, if paired with a contrasting and light-textured shirt.

Vests are sleeveless over-shirts worn over a variety of clothes, Earlier, wearing a vest was considered a formal clothing statement, as in it was only worn by men over their suit shirts. However, vests have become a new fashion statement, and are worn by men and women.