9 Stylish Blue Belts for Men & Women in Latest Designs

Belts are an accessory for men and women worn around the waist. It is a flexible band with some holes in the front side where you can tie the belt. It supports your cloth around the waist area. Earlier, it was an item for men only. With the graduation of time, it is been used by females also. The belt holds your trouser tightly and for Military persons, it is used to keep their weapons. Belts are available for kids too to give them a cool look. For males, the design of the belt is simple and sober. But for females, belts come in various designs.

Best Blue Belts for Men & Women:

Here look at our 9 top Blue Belts for Men & Women in Different Designs. Choose your best one from the below list.

1. Mens Blue Leather Belt:

Blue Belts

It is mens blue belt with plain leather. This is having big holes with steel engraved. The belt is having the design of two thread lines all over the belt. The strip of leather is not much thick and enhances the colour of your trouser. It is a sober pattern in the belt.

2. Metal Pyramid Blue Belt:

Metal Pyramid Blue Belt

This is a nice navy blue belt for men. It contains a unique design in a belt. There is a metal pyramid studded on a broad belt. There are three layers of the metal pyramid over the belt. This pattern is new and will attract attention. This design will undertake all other belts.

3. Threaded Blue Belt:

Threaded Blue Belt

This men’s blue belt is decorated with thread work. Beautiful line stitching is done with the help of white thread. On up and down, there are two line designs and in the middle, there is a singular line. A pleasant shape has been given at the edge of the belt.

4. Open Work Blue Belt Women’s:

Open Work Blue Belt

This is an amazing women’s blue belt. At once, it seems like it is made up of lace. But actually it is a leather belt. There is openwork flower pattern on the belt. The very attractive pattern has been carved over the belt and each shape looks marvellous.

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5. Blue Belt with Dot Pattern:

Blue Belt with Dot Pattern

This royal blue belt is having dot design. There are six lines of dots on the belt. This pattern looks amazing. Instead of leather, it is a silicone belt. This dot design will leave you mesmerizing for a few days. Apart from plain, men can even try this pattern to have some change.

6. Blue Karate Belt:

Blue Karate Belt

While doing karate, this dark blue belt is used. It is made up of simple cloth material and is flexible. This belt does not have any clip to tie. You have to knot this belt. A bow-like figure will appear out in front when knotted. This is a smooth fabric.

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7. Blue Woven Belt:

Blue Woven Belt

This light blue belt for women is having a gorgeous design. It is woven with light blue thread in a spiral design. This belt is handmade and catches up the heart of ladies. This light colour looks calm and suits the appearance of pretty women.

8. Blue Buckle Belt:

Blue Buckle Belt

In this shiny blue belt, men will glitter out with handsomeness. This belt is having shiny leather with a buckle. The buckle has some creature design over it. This golden buckle with a blue belt is glowing out. This belt is a choice of cool and rocking men.

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9. Blue Fishy Belt:

Blue Fishy Belt

This is a dual shaded blue belt with dark and light blue. In middle light blue shade, there are many designs of fishes. In this women’s belt, the size of fishes varies. This belt will look something different and appears out to be appealing.

Belt of blue colour is a common colour widely available. Navy Blue leather belt mens has many striking appeals to get set into mind. It will match with any colour trouser. There are enormous designs coming in women’s belt. You will get so many designs over the blue colour belt. Some designs are so arresting that it steals away your heart. The wearing belt on trouser gives out a complete formal look.