Blumarine at Milan Fashion Week Fall 2020

Blumarine at Milan Fashion Week Fall 2020

Milan Fashion Week 2020 will bring yet another great Blumarine show, or so we hope. Over the course of the years, we have seen plenty of amazing outfits in the label’s hottest collections which is why convinced us to give the label the attention it deserves. With feminine outfits and a fun perspective, Blumarine has brought plenty of stunning options that proved inspirational.

There are plenty of fabulous examples of when it comes to hot creations from the label, however we’ll start by mentioning the spring 2020 collection presented at the Milan Fashion Week since it was one of the most high impact collections from the label from the not so distant past. The desire to stand out was also easily noticed in the fall/winter 2020 RTW collection which proved a fresh approach to the season’s hottest trends. If these example show the funky side of the label, the spring 2020 campaign put a bit more accent on the glam side of things by highlighting femininity in a more classy manner.

Blumarine at Milan Fashion Week Fall 2020

We’ll find out whether the will opt for the elegant side of things, the eclectic allure or a mix between the two on Friday February 22 starting with 3 pm (Milan time).Blumarine at Milan Fashion Week 2020 is scheduled at Palazzo Serbelloni Venice, 16 in front of many curious eyes who are anxious to see how the fall 2020 trends will be defined. Given the label’s previous stunning creations, the expectations are definitely running high.

To see whether the wait is worth it, one can always check out the label’s official website, for a more comprehensive view of the label’s defining style elements and a clearer idea of what this Milan Fashion Week might be centered around for the label. We’ll be keeping an eye on Blumarine’s hottest fall 2020 creations, so be sure to check back for the latest updates.

Update! Check out the new Blumarine fall 2020 collection!

Blumarine at Milan Fashion Week Fall 2020 Blumarine at Milan Fashion Week Fall 2020

Photo courtesy of Blumarine