Chic Fashion Investments For 2020

Chic Fashion Investments For 2020

Trends change from one season to another therefore it is important to devote more time to upgrading our wardrobe to the newest tendencies. Drawing inspiration from fashion collections can be one of the wise ideas to master the upcoming style waves. However those who would like to make a long-term investment might think of universal pieces that fit for all seasons. This can be best done when spying the chic fashion investments for 2020. This short list will offer you an insight into the realm of most useful and voguish style items that complement all apparels regardless of their style. With a little creativity you’ll have the chance to create real fashion operas combining various tailoring, designs, prints and last but not least colors. Challenge your shopping skills and have all the must have pieces on your list for a fashionable binge at your favorite store.

Chic Fashion Investments For 2020 Chic Fashion Investments For 2020

Boyfriend Sweater

Indeed those who are keen to sport some of the most chic pieces of the year should opt for the cute boyfriend sweaters that would help you rock the transition from various seasons. Moreover these cover-ups are both comfy and stylish, therefore include them in the fashion investments of the year. Pair them with a simple T-shirt and skinny jeans or shorts, the dress and more beachy outfits also look fabulous crowned with a nice sweater. Choose from the neutral tones for a tint of dandyness in your outfit or pick a colorful or printed one for the versatile and more cheerful look.

Trench Coats

Looking for a voguish solution both for the windy summer days as well as the rainy autumn? Then you should not skip the trench coat trend that comes in endless variations and designs. The endless shades as well as the statement shoulders or more feminine tailoring will contribute to your flawless overall appearance. Semi-formal occasions as well as casual outfits should be paired with these must have jacket styles. Take a look at the infinite array of trench coats and match the one you’ve spotted with your body shape.

Chic Fashion Investments For 2020 Chic Fashion Investments For 2020

Skinny Jeans

Looking for an uber-flattering and at the same time all event-appropriate style item? Then make sure you stuff your wardrobe with some of the most stylish skinny jeans. Don’t limit yourself to the neutral or dark colored washes, instead sport both the ones that come in vivid tones as well as their classy version. Skinnies in their plain as well as distressed and patched design would make the perfect style investment for the year. This is indeed the must have pants style for all silhouettes. Use your accessorizing skills and embed skinny jeans into the different outfits.

Floral Print Dress

Summer Dresses as well as the ones that are made of a more thicker fabric might serve as one of the basic wardrobe staples for the year. The breezy texture as well as the youthful print create the best combo to enjoy the sunny weather as well as add a colorful tint to your autumn wardrobe. Make sure you choose the best shades and designs that complement your features. Moreover it is useful to have dresses with smaller and also larger floral prints in order to create a different impression. Skim through the floral print trend for the next season and draw some inspiration from the runway looks.

Chic Fashion Investments For 2020 Chic Fashion Investments For 2020

Ankle Boots

Finding the right shoes to crown your attire might be a real challenge, but what if you would have a modish accessory that would fit almost all outfits regardless of the event you prepare for? Indeed ankle boots are considered some of the uber-popular and at the same time easily-adaptable shoes on the market. Whether you wear them with jeans, dresses or leggings that point is to have at least one pair of them. Purchasing a sole pair of it might be a pity still if you would like to go for the sure alternative pick the neutral colored ones. Black and gray would suit all body shapes as well as the color palette of your other clothing items.

Ballet Pumps

Fans of comfort and practical will be thrilled to find out that ballet pumps are also included in the must have list. As a consequence make sure you sport some of the most refined and also groovy designs. These might not be as hyper-feminine as high heel still would serve as the best accessories to create a high brow apparel. One of the proofs of the popularity and universal quality of these shoes is illustrated also on the runway where designers managed to swap the killer pumps with these cute footwear designs. Wear them with jeans, summer dresses as well as shorts. Offer these fashion items a prominent place in your wardrobe.