Fashion Tips for Petite Curvy Women

Fashion Tips for Petite Curvy Women

If you’re a gorgeous petite, flaunt your curves as you should be proud of your body and you should focus on finding fashion items that beautifully complement your silhouette. And if you don’t know exactly where to start, you might want to take a look at these interesting petite curvy fashion style ideas.

Petite Curvy Fashion Choice: Jersey Dresses

You should include jersey dresses among the best fashion choices for petite curvy women. They are both comfortable and flattering for your body shape. Pick a fashion item that has a V-neck line and get ready to flaunt your curves! Furthermore, you can choose to accessorize your dress with a belt. This versatile product can help you underline your waist and show off your beautiful body.

Fashion Tips for Petite Curvy Women

Great choices: Karen Millen Draped Front Jersey Dress and Lord & Taylor Cap-Sleeve Matte Jersey Dress

Style Tips for Petite Curvy Women: Buy an A-Line Skirt

Fashion specialists claim that an A-line skirt is one of the best skirt types petite women with curves can choose. This type of skirt fits anybody and will make your thighs, butt and hips look more streamlined. Plus, if you want to look taller, you should pair your beautiful skirt with a pair of knee-high boots. Make sure they share the same color, as this will make your body look longer than it actually is. Finally, define your look with a V-neck sweater. This will help shift the entire attention from your curves to your complexion.

Fashion Tips for Petite Curvy Women

Good options: Taupe A-line skirt by Raoul and A-line Skirt in black by Ter et Bantine

Clothing for Petite Curvy Women: Monochromatic Outfit

When it comes to choosing clothing for a petite curvy body type, you should opt for a monochromatic outfit. This type of apparel will offer you the chance to look leaner and taller. Besides that, you’ll look both sleek and stylish!

Begin with neutral shades, such as nude or butter, and continue with gray or navy. These are excellent options for a day-to-day working outfit. But if you want to go for a deeper color, for your evening outings, you might want to try out rich purple or royal blue shades. Last but not least, it’s also important to add depth to your apparel. That’s why you should mix and match different textures like knits, silk or lace.

Fashion Tips for Petite Curvy Women

How to Dress If You’re Petite and Curvy: Pencil Skirt

Are you curious to find out how to dress best if you’re petite and curvy? Then what would you say about a gorgeous and elegant pencil skirt? This fashionable item is great at elongating your legs as it’s tapered at the back. In addition to this, it can amazingly dress your curves. Plus, the pencil skirt works incredibly well if you wear it with a beautiful pair of stilettos and a silk blouse. That being said, get ready to make heads turn with your office-inspired look!

Fashion Tips for Petite Curvy Women

Petite Curvy Style Idea: Wrap Dress

The wrap dress is another great fashion choice if you’re curvy and petite. It’s a classic look that you can wear both at the office and at dinner with your best friends. It’s very feminine and flattering for your curves, as it adds definition to your upper torso. Bearing that in mind, you should consider combining it with a stylish black blazer and black boots, platform sandals or high heel pointy-toe shoes. This can be the perfect look for a busy day, when you have a lot of errands to run.

Fashion Tips for Petite Curvy Women

Great Petite Curvy Fashion Tip: Pointed Toe Shoes

Wearing pointed toe shoes can be another great fashion tip for curvy petite women. This style offers you the chance to flaunt longer legs and thus shift the entire attention from your curves to your legs. You can mix this type of shoes with a skirt or a pair of trousers and make sure they share the same color. This trick can also create the impression of elongated legs. Finally, you should know that these pointed toe shoes are usually recommended for those of you with thick ankles and curvy calves.

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