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The Modesty of Mangalsutra:

Easily distinguished by the sight of the black beaded necklace Mangalsutra in itself holds purity, love and togetherness in its strongest symbolism, this is an emblem of Matrimony donned by women in the Indian culture. One of the simplest of accessories Mangalsutra quite literally translates to an ‘auspicious thread’ which is why it held in pretty high regards and made an integral part of any Indian wedding.

Mangalsutras too, although are set to be a black beaded thread with a gold pendant has made its way into the jewellery fashion industry. Inspirations from different parts of India reflect the many cultures, beliefs and traditions within jewellery and Gold Mangalsutra is the one constant.

Available in an array of designer collections today this modest piece of jewellery has become an elegant accessory overtime and your one-stop shop jewellery destination is not too far behind, at Papilior you can find the best designs in Divine mangalsutra and take your pick before the big day.

Traditional Mangalsutra – Using yellow turmeric on silk thread is how to custom of tying a mangalsutra around the bride’s neck came to be, the association of the colour combined with the custom gave birth to Gold mangalsutra.

In the traditional sense, this is the purest of form in jewellery and signifies love, respect and a sacred bond. Although this piece of jewellery is made and designed in different ways around the country Gold mangalsutra is a classic anywhere and always a part of wedding traditions. Take a peek at the gaurisuta gold mangalsutra and mayuri gold mangalsutra which are among the classic designs of traditional mangalsutra.

Gaurisuta Gold Mangalsutra:

Mayuri Gold Mangalsutra:

Western Mangalsutra – With changing times come ever so changing trends and shifts in fashion bring about waves or styles in form of jewellery, apparels and more. The Mangalsutra has forever been associated with matrimony and the Indian culture, today it is a much more contemporary and flexible piece if jewellery is worn and flaunted by many women who are loving homemakers as well as confident independent working personnel.

The modernization of mangalsutra has brought about a change in designs and patterns with the one constant being love for gold. Today the modern women don Mangalsutra with a Pant-suit just as elegantly as she would with a saree, an ode to that is our collection of chic, sophisticated and minimalistic designs like the shivakari gold mangalsutra and the April Blossom Gold Mangalsutra.

Shivakari Gold Mangalsutra:

April Blossom Gold Mangalsutra:

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When you shop with you can rest assured of receiving the best quality products, our in-house design team works tirelessly to bring to you intricate novelty designs making sure you have something bold, beautiful and elegant to flaunt. All your Bangles and Mangalsutra needs are met with BIS hallmark certificate which will be included in your package. Choose from 14k, 18k or 22kt gold and select your favourite designs custom made for you by Papilior.