Tips on How to Stretch Shoes

Tips on How to Stretch Shoes

So you got a new pair of shoes and they’re gorgeous, but they’re a bit too tight. There’s no reason to panic, you’ll only have to learn some basic but extremely useful tricks on how to stretch your shoes.

Leather shoes can be easily stretched with alcohol. First of all rub it into the critical spots, then put on your boots, sandals or high heels. Alcohol usually dries faster than water, that’s why it won’t wet your feet.

Leave them on for a couple of minutes, until the fabric will stretch a bit. This solution won’t damage your shoes, contrary to water, alcohol doesn’t dry out the leather.

A classic trick to enlarge your footwear are plastic food bags. Fill these with water and place them into your shoes.

Tips on How to Stretch Shoes

Then leave your shoes overnight in the freezer with the water bags in them – believe it or not as the water solidifies the shoe will be stretched. If it doesn’t work for the first, repeat it several times until you’ll stretch them more. Use this rather on rougher shoes, since soft, sophisticated leather pumps might get deteriorated.

Potato is used not only in skin care but also shoe care. Stretch your pair of shoes with stuffing peeled potatoes into them.

As the fabric gets in contact with the potato it will eventually soften, making the stretching process easier. Apply this trick repeatedly, but banana peel work just as well.

Stuffing slightly wet socks or newspaper into your shoes, can be another trick for enlarging them. Be careful to put enough to stretch the shoes, not deform them. Leave it overnight, these will gradually dry, little by little stretching the fabric. It is a useful advice to keep an eye on your footwear, since you might overstretch it.

You can also put on a thick pair of socks, then your tight shoes and walk in them at home. Don’t torture your feet if the shoes are very tight, rather make fewer, still sudden moves. Keep them on for a couple of minutes until you feel that your footwear became a little larger and more comfortable.

Don’t be afraid to apply these trick whenever you buy a brand new pair of shoes. It might help you in avoiding some painful accidents.