Top 9 Colorful Plastic Bangles Designs

Top 9 Colorful Plastic Bangles Designs

Bangles are defined as an ornament that hangs loosely on the wrist. Bangles are made of different materials like metals, plastic and even of wood. A plastic bangle looks very elegant as they have sparkles and have a shine of their own. It is found in various shades and colour and you can match them according to your outfit.

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Types of Plastic Bangles:

You can find various shades, pattern and designs of plastic bangles and you choose them according to fashion and taste. Here are some top plastic bangles deigns for you.

1. Unique Handmade Plastic Bangles:


Plastic bangles are found in various shades and pattern and are found in many different colours also. Women’s prefer plastic bangles as they are easy to handle and can be worn on daily basis. You can mix and match the bangles with your outfit and look perfect and fashionable in front of your friends and group.

2. Plastic Bangles with Diamonds Embossed:


You get plastic bangles on which various stones like gemstones, beads and diamonds are embossed to enhance the look of bangles. These diamonds are not real ones they are costume ones but have the look of real ones. The bangle has an elegant and sparkling look and can go on any kind of outfit like jeans or ethnic wear also.

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3. Designer Plastic Crystal Bangles:


Crystals are the ones which enhances the look of the bangle. In between you can use colourful stones and engrave the flower design to have a gracious look. These bangles carry a traditional look and you can create a fashion by wearing these bangles.

4. Gold Plated Plastic Bangles:


These plastic bangles can be plated with gold, thus enhancing the look by many folds. It is difficult to mark whether it’s real one or a costume jewel. This bangle sparkles and is the ones which cannot be ignored. You can have a one for you as it can be worn any time and makes you feel special.

5. Painted Plastic Bangles:


You can paint your own design on the plastic bangles and mark a fashion of your own. They look very pretty and create a great impact on the wearer of hand. You can even emboss some stone of the edges of the design to enhance the look of the bangle. You can use different vibrant shades of colours and increase the look of bangles many folds.

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6. Lion Headed Plastic Bracelets:


As Lion symbolizes power, ferocity and pride. If you hold these types of quality then this lion headed plastic bracelet holds perfect for you. The powerful face of the lion adds depth to this bracelet additionally adding light to your personality and enhancing the look of your wrist.

7. Pretty Plastic Thread Bangles for Toddlers:


You can create your own plastic bangle using any materials and make it appear outstanding. You can use different shades of thread and strings and weave them into colourful bangles and flaunt to it according to your wish and style. It can be team up with a pair of jeans and a funky t-shirt to give you a cool and trendy look.

8. Gemstone Embossed Plastic Bangles:


To make the bangle look more attractive you can emboss gemstone to it. Over here you add also emboss your birth stone on the bangles. You can get it embossed in any pattern and design and look graceful. It would be difficult for others to make it out that all these are created on a plastic bangle.

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9. Plastic Flower Bracelets with Gold Plated:


These fancy gold plated bangles look very elegant and unique and can be worn by both teenage girls as well as middle aged women’s. These bangles can be worn on daily basis and even can be an great office wear making you stand out of the crowd.

A bangle is all time favourite of every woman and girls and is such an ornament that can be worn of every occasion and on daily basis also. Plastic bangles fashion never goes outdated, so once you buy you can wear them as long as you want and mark a style of yours own. Youngsters, middle aged as well as women’s catch the latest trend and designs of the bangles. Plastic bangles are available in various sizes can being an instant hit with your friends and groups, and flaunt the special look.