YSL Cage Sandals SS 2020

YSL Cage Sandals SS 2020

Each Yves Saint Laurent collection is a show itself, with many meanings and substrates. Yves Saint Laurent has a rather hot proposal for this season – a collection of sandals very much and totally unique – the metallic sandals.

These metallic sandals translate into a hi-tech trend in clothing. YSL has always been a visionary and a great suverain over his collections.

The YSL house always comes with something new, always remodeled, reinterpreted, and very inspired.

Shoes are clearly made for walking, but that’s just not the case when it comes to fashion. On the runway, a shoe becomes a statement and it signifies a vision translated into a certain design and fabric. This season the YSL vision shoes of natural leather, 4.5 inch heels that make any woman look like she’s a goddess from the future. The sandals feature metallic cage leather, leather lining and sole, and cage metal heel.

YSL Cage Sandals SS 2020YSL Cage Sandals SS 2020

The collection for this season includes navy leather strappy sandals with cage heels, black suede ‘Naked Kiss’ platform sandals, cage ankle boots, gladiator sandals.