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24 Simple Home Remedies to Stop and Control Vomiting

Vomiting is more of a symptom to many health conditions rather than a problem on its own. There are various problems that accompany vomiting as a symptom. However, it is not a serious threat to the body but regular vomiting might lead to dehydration. One way is to take medications that might not be safe and very effective. On the other hand, there are home remedies that can be used in a perfect way to get visible and instant outcomes. It is also 100 percent safe on the body.

Home Remedies For Vomiting

This health guide below is an ideal way to get the best home treatments in hand. Check them out and pick a combination of 2-3 home remedies to get faster and effective outcomes for controlling vomiting as soon as possible.

Best Natural Home Remedies For Vomiting:

1. Ginger:

This is one natural product that helps in enhancing the digestion in a person and also controls the secretion of acid in the stomach that leads to vomiting in most situations. A piece of ginger can be chewed with honey or else ginger juice can be mixed with lemon juice for best results. Ginger tea can also be prepared at home and consumed for treatment of vomiting.

2. Mint Tea For Stop Vomiting:

MInt tea

Mint tea can be prepared at home by steeping mint leaves in warm water or else mint leaves can be chewed for relief from vomiting and proper cure. One can also mix some mint juice with lemon juice and consume for the same outcomes on the treatment of vomiting.

3. Cardamom And Honey:

Remedies for Vomiting - cardamom and honey

Roast 1-2 cardamoms and powder it. Now mix it with a little honey and consume this everyday till the problem of vomiting subsides properly. Make sure the honey is of good quality and preferably organic to get far better outcomes.

4. Rice Water:

Rice water is an excellent remedy at home for vomiting that is usually caused by gastric issues. White rice should be used to prepare rice water. Boil a cup of rice in 1 ½ cup of water and strain the liquid when the rice is soft. This water should be consumed for treatment of vomiting.

5. Have Lemonade:

Lemon is really helpful in controlling vomiting. A delicious way is to prepare lemonade with lemon juice, water, sugar and a pinch of baking soda. This should be stirred and then consumed for controlling the problem.

6. Cinnamon Tea:

cinnamon tea

A magical ingredient and a multipurpose one too, cinnamon is like a magical remedy to so many problems. Prepare cinnamon tea by boiling some cinnamon powder in water. This should be strained and then a little honey should be added to it. Now when the colour has changed you can drink it. This should be sipped slowly at least 2-3 times in a day for curing vomiting.

7. Aniseeds:

anise seeds

A simple home remedy for the treatment of vomiting is to chew on some aniseeds. This will surely give you instant results on the problem. It is one of the most effective remedies according to professionals as well as the users.

8. Onion Juice:

Along with vomiting, onion juice is known to treat nausea as well. A teaspoon of this liquid should be taken with a teaspoon of grated ginger for double benefits. This should be taken at regular intervals or when the problem becomes intolerable. It is the best way to curb the crisis in a safe way.

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9. Cloves For Control Vomiting:


Along with helping in digestion and curing issues of vomiting, the antiseptic properties of cloves are also why this natural product is so known for. A few drops of clove oil can be taken with warm water or a piece of clove can be chewed for treatment of vomiting. Clove can also be powdered well and taken with a hint of honey for the same advantage.

10. Acupressure:

Back pain Acupressure

This is an age old technique along with acupuncture which is said to be some of the oldest home remedies for vomiting. You have to apply right amount of pressure at the right areas of the body to get rid of the nauseatic and pukish feeling. This someone else has to do on you and you also need to make sure that the pressure does not fall on the wrong areas as this could result in adverse effects.

11. Clear The Nausea:

The best home remedy for vomiting is to first vomit and then try out on some solution which makes the taste of your mouth better. Just make sure that you really want to vomit because half an hour in the washroom without anything will make your health feel worse. If you feel an uncontrollable urge to vomit you should go and actually get rid of the load.

12. No Anxiety:

How to Control Anxiety

It is a very common issue with most of us that whenever we feel nauseatic we start to panic even more. One of the simplest natural home remedies for vomiting is not to worry more about it and make matters worse. It is proven that the more anxious you are about your health at such a sensitive moment, the worse you will feel.

13. Milk And Toast:

Milk and Rusk

There are health foods and there are comfort foods and there are some called relief foods and this is definitely one of the last types. Milk and toast are two such things which can relief you from excessive nauseatic feeling. Now having just milk to coat your throat and stomach may be a problem so what you can do is toast some bread and apply butter on them and now take a bite and sip the milk and see the magic.

14. Stretching:

There are many times when you will see that pain in the shoulders or the neck can cause nausea and you can feel like vomiting. One of the best home remedies to stop vomiting during such problems is by doing some light stretching which will also relax your joints, bones and muscles and thus relief you from the excessive pain which was causing the nausea.

15. Cool Compress:

Ice Pack

It may sound weird but a cool compress is one of the home remedies for vomiting. This will help in reducing any kind of muscle or tissue tension and thus give you a comfortable feeling. You will have to for this stick a cool compress pouch to the back of your neck or shoulder overnight or for a couple of hours too till the effect is felt.

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16. Cumin Seeds For Vomiting:

Yes the simple cumin seeds which are available easily in all kitchens are a very good home remedy for vomiting. You can make cumin tea r also add a few more spices to make the whole thing even more effective. To a cup of boiling water add some cumin seeds and a little nutmeg and a clove and a bit of cinnamon powder. Let all the spices get infused and now drink the tea.

17. Peppermint:

Peppermint Leaves

This comes next to lemon when we are talking about home remedies for vomiting and is an apt member of this list. When you are feeling extremely nauseatic you can take in peppermint in any way possible. You can either take in peppermint oil or even raw peppermint leaves for instant comfort.

18. Breathing Exercises:

Yoga breathing exercises 3

Try some yoga early in the morning daily and it would be even better if you can do it in the open air. This is a good home remedy for vomiting. You can simply take deep breaths and relax and just empty your mind of every other thought. This way you give a lot of rest to your mind and body and this results in a better health.

19. BRAT Meal:

Home Remedies For Vomiting BRAT meal

The full form of BRAT is simply Bread Rice Applesauce Toast. Now these are the four things which you should consume more than all other foods which act as causes for bad health. Change your diet for the better today and include these stuffs as much as you can. A BRAT meal is not only good to get relief from the problem of vomiting but the less sugar content in these also makes you healthier.

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20. Yeast:

Home Remedies For Vomiting yeast

Did you know that yeast contains a lot of Vitamin B? Yes it does and it is a wine making ingredient too which helps in fermentation. Yeast is very good as a remedy for getting relief from nausea. You can consume this in very little amounts in the forms of dough ingredient and other such foods.

21. Apple Juice:

apple juice gs

It is a common factor to feel nauseatic when you are pregnant and apple juice is just another way to feel more comfortable. Nausea during pregnancy is a symptom usually when your blood pressure is very low. The apple juice perfectly stabilizes this low blood pressure problem and then reduces the nauseaic feeling within very less time.

22. Fennel Seeds:

Fennel seeds for obesity

Chewing fennel seeds after a meal can help in digestion and fennel seeds are also useful when it comes to curing nausea. To get rid of that irritating feeling of nausea what you will need to do is simply take some fennel seeds and grind them to make a powder and now make tea with this. If you like it sweet then add some honey but no sugar.

23. Proteins Foods:

Protein food

Proteins are very useful for the body of any person and taking in foods which are highest sources of proteins can help any person get rid of nausea and things like morning sickness and vomiting sensation feelings. There are a lot of foods which have high protein contents and it is better that you increase the intake of such food items.

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24. Stay Away From Junk Food:

Fast food and junk food like the oily French finger fries and the burger or that fried sandwich is what that we absolutely love but these are like poison for our bodies. The strange fact is that you feel they are so tasty when you try them but the same food products makes you feel foolish when you are already suffering from the nauseatic feeling and all the disorders and aches.

Feeling nauseatic does not necessarily mean that you are suffering from some kind of bad disease. There can be a lot of general reasons and causes for vomiting and each of the above are home remedy for vomiting which you can trust.

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