25 Reliable Home Remedies For Irregular Periods Treatment

What Is Irregular Periods:

The unhealthy lifestyles, the lack of activity and the increasing external factors are causing a lot of changes in the body and in the hormonal secretion. One of the very common problems that have been seen in women and girls lately is the hormonal imbalance that leads to various issues with the menstrual cycle. One of them is the irregularity of the cycle that should usually be within the 28 days time period. However, more than medications, it is important for a woman to adhere to an active lifestyle and healthy eating for getting a solution to this crisis.

irregular periods

Causes of Irregular Periods:

There can be many underlying issues that cause irregular periods, however most common are given below,

1. Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS): PCOS is one of the most common causes irregular periods. It gets worse when overweight. It also results in excessive hair-loss and facial hair.
2. Thyroid: Almost 44 percent of women with irregular periods are spotted with thyroid problems. Hypothyroidism where thyroid levels are low, can cause longer and heavy periods; and is also responsible for sudden weight gain and hair loss. Hyperthyroidism, where thyroid levels are high causes shorter and lighter periods and is also responsible for sudden weight loss.
3. Stress: Stress affects the menstrual cycle as it obstructs the pituitary gland, which controls the hormones that regulate the cycle. It is very important to manage stress in order to lead a healthy life.
4. Breastfeeding: during lactation, a hormone called Prolactin is produced. This hormone restricts the productions of reproductive hormones and hence women experience irregular periods.
5. Endometriosis: In this case the uterine walls becomes thicker which causes irregular periods.

Symptoms of Irregular Periods:

Below are the main symptoms that cause irregular periods,

1. Very light Period: Sometimes due to thyroid or other issues, women experience very light flow of a period. This is not normal. A woman sheds around 10-35 ml of blood per period.
2. Heavy Bleeding: Heavy blood flow during a period also is not considered normal. Anything above 35 mls of blood per period should not be neglected.
3. Missed Period: Pregnancy is one of the main reasons why women experience a missed period. Other causes need to be treated soon.
4. Menstrual cycle of less than 20 days:  A very short interval between 2 period is also considered irregular period
5. Inconsistent menstrual cycle: If there are discrepancies in the period date with a difference of more than a week, then it is considered irregular.

Prevention of Irregular Periods:

There are many simple remedies to treat irregular periods,

1. Consider exercising: Maintaining a healthy lifestyle definitely has its pros and helps deal with causes like PCOS and other symptoms that cause irregular periods. Being over weight can be once of the main causes of irregular menstrual cycle. Working out a good exercise regime is definitely very helpful for a good weight loss program.
2. Healthy diet: A healthy diet is very necessary for the hormones to function normally. Oily foods and foods rich in hormones impact our body hormones and hence can cause irregular periods.
3. Stay Stress free: Leading a stress-free life is of utmost importance for the hormones to function customarily. This helps the pituitary gland to function well and hence regulate the menstrual cycle.

Best Natural Home Remedies Treatment For Irregular Periods:

There are even some home remedies that you can follow for regularizing the cycles in a perfect way. Check the best natural home remedies for irregular periods below and make the right pick that suits your needs and condition:

1. Green Papaya Irregular Periods:

Green Papaya

Having the unripe version of papaya is one of the perfect ways in regularizing the cycles and is also one of the top home remedies for those who want to treat menopause. Eating green papaya is beneficial for all causes of irregular periods. Green papaya is also known to effectively prepone periods too. It consists of Carotene which invigorates estrogen hormone. This in turn induces a period hence regulating the period flow. This is one of the most effective home-remedy.

Preparation Instructions:

  • You need to have unripe papaya at home.
  • You may peel the skin and make juice of the inside.

Usage Guideline:

  • Consume it on regular basis, but avoid it when you have periods.

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2. Fennel Seeds:

Home Remedies For Irregular Periods Fennel seed

Chewing on some fennel seeds each day is one of the simple and easy ways to treat irregular periods. Have a handful of them each day especially from 2 weeks prior to the date to get the outcomes. The emmenagogue substance present in the fennel seeds helps regulate menstruation. It also helps sooth period cramps as it has antispasmodic properties which are good to ease spasms. Fennel has many health benefits and is one of the best home remedies for irregular periods.

3. Fresh Juices For Irregular Periods:

fresh juices

A healthy diet is important for all the hormones to function effectively and efficiently. A glass of fresh fruit juice is refreshing and is very good to promote hormonal balance.

Preparation Instructions:

  • Two of the best examples of fresh juices that helps treat irregular periods are carrot juice and grape juice.

Usage Guideline:

  • Have a glass of any one of them daily to treat irregular periods.

4. Seeds And Honey:

Seeds and Honey

All the products are easily available at home. This is one of the best natural home remedies for irregular periods. Cumin seeds help contracting the uterus which helps the flow of blocked blood. This method is very effective and can also be consumed on a daily basis to get the best results.

  • Mix in some cumin seeds and sesame seeds with honey and have a teaspoon daily.
  • This should be able to regularize the periods effectively and without much effort.

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5. Parsley Benefits:

Parsley Leaves

What to do for irregular periods with parsley? Parsley is known to be quite beneficial for the body especially if you are looking towards treatment of irregular periods. Parsley can only induce period only when it is due or delayed. People with Kidney ailments should avoid parsley. It has a mild effect on inducing menstruation hence works only when due.

Preparation Instructions:

  • Take a glass of parsley juice each day to get maximum benefits in hand.
  • The fresh leaves can also be included in the dishes.

6. Figs Benefits:

Fig Fruit

About 3-4 of figs are all you need each day for regularizing the period cycle. According to reviewers, it is one of the top-notch ideas to be followed. Figs are delicious and are very good to promote and regulate a healthy menstrual cycle. They are packed with plenty of nutrients that the body requires to remain healthy. This way all the hormones are also balanced.

Preparation Instructions:

  • These should be boiled in a cup of water each day and then strained to consume to get a regular cycle.

7. Eat Carrots For Irregular Periods:


Include carrots in the daily meals if you want a simple and effective way to regularize the periods. It is known to give the desired outcomes. Carrot is the most effective food home remedy for irregular periods. Carrot is a good source of iron which helps regulate menstrual cycle. This is one of the best and healthiest home remedies to promote hormonal balance, which helps regulate menses.

  • Consume carrot juice for at least three months regularly for best results.
  • Carrot also maintains good oral and eye health.
  • You can include carrot in your daily routine as salad or soup also.

8. Coriander Leaves:

coriander leaves

Take some fresh coriander leaves and prepare a decoction from it. This should be consumed each day. In fact, women who take this home remedy 3 times in a day is known to get far faster and better outcomes on the issues of irregular periods. Try it out! Fresh coriander or cilantro has emmenagogue properties which also help stimulate a regular menstrual flow. It has many nutritional qualities which are good for the hormones. Even coriander seeds can be used.

  • You can also use coriander seeds as a flavor to some of your curries.
  • You may have it as a juice mixed with spinach and few drops of lemon.

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9. Sugarcane Juice:

Sugarcane Juice

This is not a remedy that you have to follow every day. It is one idea that needs to be put into action only 2 weeks before the date of the cycle. Fresh sugarcane juice is one of the delicious ways to achieve the goals of regular periods. Try having a glass of this as mentioned and see how well it helps you in reaching the goals of regularized menstrual cycle. These are some of the top ways in which the aims can be met in a safe, efficient and affordable manner. Make sure you follow the remedy as mentioned and in the right dose to get ideal results.

10. Ginger:


Ginger is one of the most common home remedies for irregular periods and it is also very easy to prepare a solution out of this. Just take a few pieces of ginger and make a half paste of it and then make a simple ginger tea out of this. Now to this ginger tea you can a little honey or sugar and drink this about thrice a day to enhance flow of menstruation. Ginger also helps soothe menstrual pains.

  • Ginger also has healing properties and it also helps in menstruation cramps.

11. Turmeric:


This has a lot of anti- inflammatory and anti- bacterial properties and it is also a very good warming agent and thus can be a very good irregular period’s treatment. Turmeric helps regulating menstruation and also helps stabilize hormones. This is very essential and healthy for a good and regular menstrual cycle. This is a spice that can also be added to everyday dishes.

  • Just mix some amount of turmeric in lukewarm milk and then drink it every night for the best results till you find improvement.
  • You can also add honey to turmeric and have it, it is also good for cough.

12. Sesame And Jiggery:

Sesame and Jiggery

Take a good amount of sesame seeds and then dry roast them. Now in a blender or grinder mix some jiggery and these roasted sesame seeds and then make nice powder of this. Just before your period starts or just after your periods end for a month, consume a spoon of this powder every morning. Make sure you do not consume this during your periods. This is a very good home remedy for irregular periods. Jiggery is one of the most effective indian natural home remedies for irregular periods.

13. Cinnamon:


This is a magical one among all the remedies for irregular treatment and you can use cinnamon powder with all that you can. The warming factor of cinnamon helps in reducing cramps and regulating insulin level. You can mix cinnamon powder in milk and drink or simply make some cinnamon tea or add on your toast and the like. Cinnamon contains hydroxychalcone which regulates insulin which in turn regularizes a healthy menstrual cycle. This also promotes hormonal balance.

  • Still if it’s not helping you may add cinnamon to apple and have it as a pudding.

14. Grapes:


This is the best fruit among the home remedies for irregular periods and you can make raw grapes a part of your regular diet. Grapes help in regulating the period flow and level for anyone. The grapes can solve your irregular periods in women and teenage girls. The grapes are delicious and are very good for a healthy reproductive system. It is also excellent remedy to cure premenstrual syndrome.

  • Make sure you do not over consume grapes since these can also give rise to loose motion.

15. Saffron Treatment For Irregular Periods:


A little expensive but a very good one for irregular period’s treatment saffron is a real good way to treat anything related to periods. The nutritional qualities in saffron induce menses and a regular consumption can be an excellent home remedy for irregular periods.

  • Mix about a teaspoon of saffron with half a cup of water and start boiling it. Now let it boil till the mixture reduces to about a tablespoon. Now divide this into three portions and consume every day.

16. Bitter Gourd:

Bitter Gourd

People who suffer from diabetes have high chance of also suffering from irregular periods because the level of insulin and the balance of this with the blood are very much needed. Bitter gourd juice should be consumed 1- 2 times every day to make sure that your periods become regular and it also keeps down insulin levels. Bitter guards also help contracting the uterus which helps shed the blocked blood. This way a regular consumption is helpful for a healthy menstrual cycle.

  • You may make curry out of bitter guard and add some more spices to it.
  • You may eat it wit your regular food.

17. Buttermilk And Radish Seeds:


A very good remedy for irregular periods, for this you need to take quite an amount of radish seeds and grind them to a fine powder. Now take two full spoons of this radish powder and then mix with a glass of buttermilk and consume it every day for at least three months. You are sure to get some improvement from this. Radish seeds help regulate menstrual cycle and also are very good to reduce menstrual cramps

18. Apple Cider Vinegar:

Apple Cider vinegar

The magical ingredient is very useful as it helps a lot in regulating the insulin levels of a woman’s body and in turn also regulates the periods. You have to take about 1-2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water every day before a meal and then have it once a day. It tastes really bad but you will have to get used to this. Disturbed insulin and unstable blood sugar levels are one of the main causes of irregular periods. Apple cider vinegar effectively takes care of this and hence one of the best home remedies for irregular periods.

If you have it as 1st thing in the morning it will be more useful in many other ways too:-

  • Reduces blood pressure
  • Weight loss
  • Healthy skin
  • Sunburns reduction,etc.

19. Vitamin C Helps To Irregular Periods:

Vitamin C

Any fruit including lemons, oranges, kiwis, apples and guavas which contain high levels of Vitamin C should be consumed in good amounts if you are facing a problem of late periods. These enhance the level of estrogen in the body and also build a uterine lining which in turn helps periods to take place on time. A balanced diet plays an important role in hormonal health. Lack of vitamin C can be as critical and can cause delayed periods.

20. Asafoetida Solve Irregular Periods Problem:


This is a very strong ingredient which helps a lot in regulating irregular periods. You have to take some powder of asafoetida and then fry it in ghee. Now add this to goat’s milk and then add some honey to this mixture. Now have this a least twice a day for complete cure of the problem. Asafoetida effectively treats hormonal imbalances and regulates steady menstrual cycle. This is majorly helpful for teenagers. It is packed with nutrition that is very good for health.

  • You may use asafetida as flavor to many items.

21. Banyan Tree:

Banyan Tree

Do not worry as you will not have to get home a full banyan tree but you need quite a number of banyan tree roots for this remedy. You need to take the roots and then boil in some water and now strain it and to this concoction you need to mix some co milk and then drink it at least once every day. This is age old Ayurvedic formula which has been one of the most effective methods that has been used since centuries to cure irregular periods.

22. Mint And Honey:

Mint and Honey

Mint leaves are not just to add flavor but are usually helpful in contracting the uterus and hence help regulate the flow of blocked blood. This is one of the safest home remedies for irregular periods as it has no known side effect. Both the ingredients help a lot in regulating the problem of irregular periods.

  • Take some amount of mint powder which is of course made with dried mint leaves and now mix with a spoon full of honey.
  • Make a nice mixture of this and have this every morning in empty stomach.

23. Bamboo Treatment For Irregular Periods:


Take some bamboo leaves and now make small pieces of a leaf. Now just mix these pieces to some water and start boiling it really well. Now put off the flame and bring down the vessel and let it come down to room temperature. Finally, you need to strain the concoction and drink at least a cup of this every day till you see a good result. Bamboo shoots are not only used for treating irregular periods, but also used to treat heavy post-natal bleeding, also induces puberty in teenagers.

24. Calendula:


These are also known as garden marigold and you can simply use them to treat irregular periods. For this you need to take some dried calendula flower petals and now add them to very hot water and leave them like that to steep in. Now you can drink the tea like any other herbal tea. You will have to continue this every day for best treatment for irregular periods in teenage girls. Calendula is rich in flavonoids and quercetin that helps balance blood circulation in the body.

25. Basil Leaves:

Basil Leaves

Holy Basil is a natural source of Iron and thus mimics natural estrogen which helps regulate a healthy menstrual cycle.

  • Take a handful of holy basil leaves and then extract the juice out of all of them and keep in a small bowl.
  • Now to this juice add some honey and sprinkle some black pepper.
  • This is a warm solution and you should then consume this every day to get rid of period pains and also for irregular periods.

There are many factors that can result in causing irregular periods, it can be as simple as a sudden lifestyle change or could be an underlying condition like thyroid. It is important to treat the problem as soon as it starts to avoid any further complication. Home remedies work best for this issue as a first aid. They are safe and cause no known potential harm or side effects. Sometimes just one remedy could help and in some cases you may need to try out different methods. Choose what works best for you.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. What happens if the problem of irregular periods is left untreated?

Ans. There are major side effects of having irregular periods. Some common ones are,
1. One experiences major mood swings especially because of hormonal imbalances.
2. Sudden weight loss or weight gain is also very common. In many cases due to sudden changes in the hormones, it effects the over all health by disturbing the nutrition balance in the body and hence can potentially show its effects on the overall body weight.
3. Bloating is another common side effect of irregular periods. It usually happens due to water retention in the body. Since the hormones are disturbed, water can be retained in the body causing bloating mostly in the stomach.
4. Breast tenderness.
5. It can increase the risk of PCOS that can potentially lead to diabetes and heart diseases.

Q2. Does Irregular Period effect Ovulation cycle?

Ans. Yes an irregular period definitely effects the ovulation cycle. The entire duration of a menstrual cycle has four main phases and each of them are related.

1. Menstrual Phase: This is the first phase which is the actual menses. Usually lasts between 3-5 days. In this stage the uterus lining sheds in the form of blood.
2. Follicular Phase: This is the second stage of menstrual cycle. This makes the uterus lining thicken to prepare for potential pregnancy.
3. Ovulation Phase: This is the third phase. Within 2 days of follicular phase Ovulation starts. This is the most fertile period during the entire cycle. If the period is irregular even the ovulation date will get disturbed.
4. Luteal Phase: In the final stage if the egg does not mature, or pregnancy does not occur, then the corpus luteum fades and causes the uterus lining to fall away.

Q3. Do birth control pills trigger irregular periods?

Ans. 1. There are different varieties of birth control pills which may or may not have any side effects.
2. In many cases birth control pills are prescribed by the doctor to regulate a normal menstrual flow.
3. Birth control pills are also prescribed for women suffering with PCOS as it helps regulate a normal menstrual cycle.
4. It is common to experience spotting sometimes when on birth control pills.
5. It takes few cycles for the menstrual cycle to regulate during the beginning of the birth control pills’ use.