6 Ways to Trim Calories in Your Diet

6 Ways to Trim Calories in Your Diet

6 Ways to Trim Calories in Your Diet

Consider a few expert methods you can use to get rid of extra pounds without sweating. Reduce the calorie intake without having to eliminate your favorite recipes from your meal plan. Get slimmer with the following ways to trim calories in your diet. Prepare delicious salads and main meals to satisfy your hunger and save yourself from cravings.

1. Fruit Pie Over Chocolate Cake

Re-organize your meal plan and make small changes for the sake of quick and efficient weight loss. Opt for fruit pies as your top snack idea instead of loading your organism with the sugar and extra calories from chocolate cake. Do this 3-4 times per month for visible results. Control the consumption of sugary desserts if you want to shed a few stubborn pounds without sweating.

6 Ways to Trim Calories in Your Diet

2. Fish Packed in Water

Pay special attention to the consumption of canned foods. The secret to save hundreds of calories is to purchase fish packed in water rather than oil.

Prepare delicious salads and sandwiches using these simple ingredients. Skip oily fish if you don’t want to feel the guilt of packing your organism with extra fat.

3. Swap Potato Chips for Baby Carrots

In most of the cases do you opt for potato chips instead of other low-calorie veggies? If you want to increase your chances for efficient slimming, swap potato chips for baby carrots.

Top these nutritive veggies with salsa or guacamole depending on your preferences. Save hundreds of calories per serving with this simple diet trick.

4. Choose Steamed Rice over Fried Rice

Are you a rice addict and you pair this delicious side dish with other veggies or meat? This time make a low-calorie diet option and go for steamed rice instead of its fried version. With this simple maneuver you’ll ease the task of your digestive system and you’ll be also able to drop a few pounds without making extra effort.

5. Top Soups with a Lettuce Leaf

This trick is used by numerous experts who want to reduce the calorie-content of different meals. Top your soups with a lettuce leaf which can absorb the grease and fat excess. Enjoy your low-calorie soup without worrying about calories. Re-organize your cooking habits and use this trick to embrace a healthy and slimming nutritional regime.

6. Use Groundnut Oil when Cooking Stir-Fries

You just can’t resist the temptation of stir-fries? In this case replace vegetable oil with groundnut oil in your favorite main meal recipes. Preserve the same taste but reduce the calorie-intake of your servings with this simple time-tested diet secret. Heat the oil to make sure meat is sealed pretty fast and it stops absorbing the fat from the oil. Update your cooking rituals to trim calories with ease.

6 Ways to Trim Calories in Your Diet

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