9 Best Crossfit Workouts for Beginners

Crossfit Workouts are those workouts that give you strength, balance, power, speed and flexibility. It makes you strong and active. Fitness trainers chose this instead of any kind of programme because of its brilliant results. These kinds of workouts have been designed for those who would like to have a fit and toned body, without any room for fat. The 9 Best Crossfit Workouts for Beginners are shared below.

Crossfit Workouts:

7 Minutes of Burpees:


Get fit with the seven minute Burpees. Every Crossfit member is aware of this game. It is very simple and burns a lot of calories. Do as many Burpees as you can for seven minutes. If you can do fifteen minutes, then go ahead and do it. It doesn’t sound that easy and definitely isn’t.

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Tabata requires a lot of determination and focus. It is all about pushing yourself and giving in your hundred percent. Start off with a 20 second burpee and rest for 10 seconds. Then do squats for 20 seconds and rest again. That makes one round. Do about 8 rounds before you call it an end.


To do the Chelsea workout, you will need a pull up bar. You need to do 5 pull ups, followed by 10 push ups and 15 squats. This should continue for about thirty minutes. Spend one minute on each. You will definitely get great results for this one.


Barbara has five rounds of intense workouts. You have to take a rest of three minutes between each. It consists of 20 pull ups, 30 push ups, 40 sit ups and 50 squats. You will definitely need the pull up bar to do the first exercise. This exercise will challenge you and work the core areas of your body. So get ready for this fat blasting high intensity workout!


To do the Murph, start off with running for about one mile. Then do 100 pull ups. After this you should go ahead and do 200 push ups followed by 300 squats. Run for one mile before you can end this workout. You can split between these workouts however you like. You can also make it difficult by wearing a heavy vest. You will need the pull up bar again.

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For Angie, you need to do everything in hundreds. Start with 100 pull ups, then do push ups for another 100. Do 100 sit ups and then end with 100 squats. Keep the pull up bar with you.

GI Jane:

For GI Jane do a normal burpee first. When you jump in the air at the end of the burpee, grab the pull up bar and perform a pull up. That is one rep. Do this for hundred times before you can stop. Be careful throughout this workout as you might hit your head on the bar while jumping.

Invisible Fran:

The invisible Fran is all about squats and push ups. You have to do a 21-15 and 9 reps in total. It takes about three minutes and sixteen seconds and guarantees you brilliant results. You won’t need to go to any gym for this. Do this at home and watch yourself get fit and toned in no time.

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For Time:

To do For Time, start off with 100 jumping jacks and then get into squats. Do 75 of them. Go ahead and do 50 push ups next and finish it off with 25 Burpees. Simple moves, effective and very challenging; these moves are definitely going to give the body you have always wanted.

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