9 Best Home Remedies for Dermatitis

The world now is a harbinger of pollution, pollutants ruling our daily lives, nowhere to hide. In such a condition isn’t it natural for us to be the epitome of many diseases. Along with our inner mechanics, such as the heart and the lungs, our external tissues are also exposed to these harsh conditions.

The largest organ in our body, the skin is a gentle thin perforated vessel in our body which on contact with these harmful pollutants causes reactions, some which we have commonly faced, dermatitis.

home remedies for dermatitis

Ever suffered from the blisters on your skin and wondered how you can reach a stable remedy for it. Dermatitis is a skin condition where the skin flakes or crusts and then breaks and along with these fissures in the skin the affected area becomes red and rash prone occasionally itching. This is basically categorized under skin inflammation where the basic signs are red patchy skin with a burning or tingling feeling and often itchy and peeling.

Some dermatitis reaction may be due to some products that we are allergic to. From a personal case I have realized scented perfumes, creams or deodorants are not suitable for a friend who all this time didn’t know so and discovery now avoids them and is well and good. The same can be your case. Maybe your skin is reacting to any detergent or any fabric material.

You’ll be surprised to know even some jewellery can be the reason for your dermatitis. Also, it may be some food item, something you’re allergic to like nuts or some fruit. Your skin type may also be a key. Oily or sweaty skin attracts more dirt and this leads to yeast formation in the skin. This yeast reacts and forms derma.

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Simple Home Remedies for Dermatitis:

1.Coconut Oil:

coconut oil

Coconut oil is something which is widely known amongst Indian families either for cooking or as a hair skin applicator. Its natural nutrients blend in with the skin and this why this is a good home remedy to cure dermatitis. The antimicrobial properties moisturize and smoothen the skin and daily application proved less reddening and inflammation. Warm up coconut oil and apply it on the affected area before bedtime every night.

2.Lacto Calamine:

Lacto Calamine for dermatitis


Remember that pink calamine bottle? Lacto calamine is a soothing medicinal applicator that also helps in healing the inflammation. Apply it quite a few times in the day and see instant results.

3.Vitamin E:

Vitamin E home remedies for dermatitis

Vitamin E is an effective nutrient that is in immediate requirement when you’re suffering from dermatitis. This vitamin oil not only soothes the itching or burning sensation but at the same time works its way to cure the affected area. Vitamin E can be availed in the form of oils or creams. Search for products rich in vitamin oil such as sunflower oil or wheat germ oil and apply it without failure. You can also use vitamin E in food like using mustard oil while cooking.

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4.Cool Compress:

Ice Pack


Inflammation releases a lot of heat and a quick remedy to this is using cool compresses. Medicinal cool jelly compresses are available in any nearby drug store. If not that you can use a thick cloth and wrap it around ice or dip it in chilled water and apply to the affected area.

5.Aloe Vera:

aloevera for dermatitis

Aloe vera is an all purpose magic healer and thus causes wonders on skin troubles. Collect the clear sap from the inner flesh of the leaves and apply it on the peeling cracked skin. Along with reduced skin itching and burning it also permanently relieves us from this disease. Aloe vera is one of the best home remedies for dermatitis.

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6.Baking Powder:

baking soda

Also at times taking a soothing bath by mixing oatmeal or baking powder along with the water may cool your affected area down and help you in this process.

7.Cod Liver Oil:

Other than this use fermented cod liver oil which is full of vitamin A, D and E.

8.Magnesium Baths:

Magnesium bath is yet another method to get relief from dermatitis. Either add magnesium powder in your bath water or use magnesium oils which benefits as well. this is a great detox bath for your affected skin which cleanses away all the problems.

9.Salt and Magnesium Spray:

When the skin conditions come in contact with magnesium and minerals it can work wonders for the skin.