Headache Causes And Symptoms

People from all over the world suffer with headaches at some point in their lives. Some people suffer from headaches three or four times a week when their lives are a bit on the strenuous edge. Headaches normally occur due to the over exertion of the brain. Normally headaches are mild in nature and stops after a certain point in time. A few hours of rest or mild meds are all the person suffering with headaches needs to get rid of the irritation, but in extremely rare cases headaches can be excruciating causing blackouts. These severe headaches are normally caused due to pre existing medical conditions such migraine and sinus.

Headache Causes

If a headache persists for more than two then it is necessary to get some medical advice as there are several reasons that cause headaches. A bad cold may also give you a recurring headache this is due to the buildup of mucus in your skull. A cold is one of the main reasons why a person suffers with a headache and can be sorted out with maybe a warm compress or vapor inhalation. In all these cases a good rest most importantly sleep is what is required so that the headache problem can be resolved.

Headache Causes And Symptoms:

In this article we have given the main causes and symptoms of headache problem that some times lead to severe. so you have to get some knowledge about the headache to cure this before getting serious.

Causes Of Headache:

Given below are a few causes of headache that will help you for further understanding this problem.

1. Cough And Cold:

A cough a cold is a primary issue that causes a headache. A cold causes a buildup in mucus in the brain causing severe pressure on the skull, thought the pressure is severe the effects are mild and can be sorted out with mild medication and vapor inhalation. Vapors allow thinning the mucus in the membrane so that there is reduced pressure.

2. Over Exertion:

Exerting yourself beyond tipping point is one of the worst factors to get a headache. It is quite annoying when after a hard day of work you return home with a headache to add to your fatigue. Fatigue will cause headaches because at this time your body especially your brain has used up most of its energy and is now signaling the body to rest. If you do not rest at this time it is highly likely you will face a headache due to a lack of rest.

3. Infection:

Normally an infection doesn’t cause headaches but when an infection affects your sinuses then it is highly likely it will cause headaches. Infections disrupt the functioning of the brain causing pressure that in turn causes headaches. Infections causing headaches may last for more than two to three days therefore medical treatment is necessary.

4. Migraine:

Migraine is a problem that one out of five people suffer with. It is caused by inflammation of the sinus glands in your nose. Migraine is mostly a more advanced version of sinus and people suffering with migraine are generally on medication but most importantly people suffering with migraines are prone to headaches. The medication reduces this symptom but not always completely.

5. Trauma:

Trauma in layman’s language refers to pain caused by a recent collision where the skull was compromised. A mild concussion caused maybe an accident or collision is another well known way of getting headaches. It is common knowledge that if you are suffering with concussion a doctors diagnosis says prone to constant headaches for the next few days. These headaches are normal and pose no dire threat to the patient.

6. Sleeping Disorder:

One of the common headaches causes is the problem of sleeping disorder. One can experience headaches if they don’t sleep properly. Sleep is a necessary element and can result in a mental breakdown if one doesn’t get enough sleep. Sleeping disorder is one of those things can trigger headaches in the most effective way. Lack of sleep is also accompanied by eye swelling, stomach disorder, etc.

For curing this, avoid taking excessive stress and reading horror stories or watching horror films before sleep. One can easily cure sleeping disorder by doing yoga in the morning. There are, however, some asanas which provide better sleep if performed before going to bed.

7. Red Wine:

Alcohol-addicts know what is being discussed here. Alcohol is one of the most natural headache causes. Everyone knows about it. But red wine is more dangerous than any other type of alcohol. Red wine can cause excessive headaches though it is good for the heart. Try substituting it with natural grape juice, that is minus the alcohol. Besides the alcohol, the other contents of red wine can also prove to be harmful to the head and cause random suppression on the thinking ability of the humans which causes the headaches. This is the same reason why most of the alcoholics have a common problem that is headaches.

8. Less Physical Activity:

Headaches might be caused due the improper circulation of blood to the heads. This may due to not working out properly.Physical activities such as working out help to force the blood throughout the body. If one doesn’t work out properly or not at all, he or she will not be able to provide the head with the proper supply of blood which will further trigger the headaches. Almost all educated persons are expected at this point since it is one of the most known headache causes.

9. Skipped Meals:

Skipped meals might be the reason for headaches. If doesn’t supply his or her body with the proper food the headaches are just the start. The brain is an organ of the nervous tissue and it needs some energy and food as well to function properly. Food includes some fruit juices as well which stimulates the blood circulation to the head. If a person doesn’t provide his or her organs with proper supply of food then headaches are pretty common. The head will feel like exploding if you don’t feed it with the right foods required.

10. Processed Meals:

Processed food is not good for you. For example, ready meals contain harmful elements and very less amount of the actual protein contents. These are really harmful to you and can make you feel really sick. It will ruin your physical condition and might prove to the reason behind headaches. It has been previously discussed that providing the body with the right and good amounts of food are crucial. So based on that concept, if you provide your tissues, muscles, and organs with bad and processed food it will turn out to be bad for you only.

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Symptoms Of Headache:

Given below are a few signs and symptoms of headache:

1. Nagging Pain:

Usually headaches begin with a nagging pain in one or more o the temples on the sides of your head. The nagging pain says that your brain is slowly depleting all its energy and now is in need of rest. Usually you can prevent a headache by resting when you have a nagging pain. When you wake up refreshed the pain will be gone and so will any trace of a headache.

2. Cold:

When you suffer with a cold then you need to know that having a headache will be natural at some point in time. Cold and headaches walk hand in hand. Cold causes mucus build up in the brain which in turn causes headaches because of the pressure the mucus causes for the brain.

3. Disturbed Concentration:

When you find it unable to use your concentration on one particular thing or concentration is not possible as the brain is too fatigued then be ready for a build up in a headache if you try too hard to concentrate on something when you can’t completely concentrate.

4. Nausea:

Nausea is usually a basic sign of headaches. When you are facing moderate levels of nausea due to over exertion or after spending too much time in the sun then it is extremely likely that in sometime there will be an increase in pain in your temporal lobe that is the main area of pressure the brain faces. At this point in time only rest and mild medication can help in reducing this pain.

5. Mild Sensitivity To Light And Noise:

When you wake up from sleep and notice that light it hurting your eyes or if extreme light like looking at the sun causes a pain in your temples then migraine is a high possibility. Migraine is a base point to headaches. Sensitivity is only caused when the sensory areas of the brain are weak and prone to pain.

6. Painful Numbness:

Painful numbness refers to a build up of a mild constant pain that increases overtime if not treated. This usually occurs due to a lack of sleep and is easily treatable. There is no dire problem when a person faces this form of headaches as it is treatable with rest. A quick sleep of minimum one hour is all a person needs to treat this problem.

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7. Neck Pain:

Apart from pains on the side of the head, neck pains are also a common symptom of headache. The head will feel even worse and the forehead might also be compromised. The pain will start from the lower portion of the neck and stretch throughout the neck. It is one of the most probable headache symptoms. Women experience this pain more than the men and it is again one of those times when you have to take a painkiller or any other kind of prescribed medicine to reduce the pain.

8. Difficulty In Speaking:

If you’re having a difficulty in speaking without any throat or mouth issue, then don’t take this condition for granted. You might be going into a stage of excessive headaches. This symptom is visible in both men and women and even in the kids as well. If you have a headache, then you won’t be able to speak properly or the way like you do. One will find this condition extremely bad for them. These will be persons who generally spend a lot of time talking on the phone as their vocation.

One can cure this physical condition by doing asanas and talking to other individuals about their problem. People might think that you have a speaking disorder. The good thing about this symptom is that it is temporary and will stay for a few days only until the problem of a headache has been removed.

9. Confusion And Excessive Sleepiness:

This is yet another symptoms of a headache. One will experience a confused state of mind if they have a headache. If this is the symptom, then the pain will start the back of the ‘head. One won’t be able to think properly and will also deal with a number of other associated health issues such as sleepiness.

Sleepiness means the lack of sleep which is also caused by a headache. A person won’t be able to sleep properly if he or she has a headache. This point proves that headaches can make your life really worse. Due to lack of sleep and a confused and aching head, you won’t be able to focus on your job o studies. If not fixed, the condition will get worse. Proper medication is advised. One can also treat this physical condition by doing proper yoga.

10. Sensitivity To Light And Noise (Increased):

One who has experienced headaches in their life will be aware of this condition. It means that that your sense of feeling light or sound will increase which will not benefit you in anyway. It will make your head ache a lot more and your condition will grow worse each and every day. This is one of the worst symptoms of headaches and almost everyone will experience it. There is no savior in this case.

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