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Signs and Effects of Chronic Constipation & How to Treat

It is said that stomach is the reason behind each disease. You should keep your stomach clean to stay healthy. One of such stomach disorder is known as Chronic Constipation. In chronic constipation, it becomes difficult to pass on stool. Constipation is the result of indigestion. When a person is facing disturbance in delivering a stool for longer time, is called Chronic Constipation.

Signs and Effects of Chronic Constipation & How to Treat

It has become common in public to have constipation problem. When people eat solid foods for long time, it results into constipation. In youngsters, it has become a trend to have junk foods and dairy products which cause constipation.

What is the Symptoms and Causes of Chronic Constipation & How to Treat Naturally?

What is the Causes of Chronic Constipation:

The main cause behind chronic constipation is when a person takes diet without fiber. Fiber helps in having smooth passage of stool. One should drink water a lot to avoid constipation. Other causes behind chronic constipation are:

  • Slow movement of stool
  • Medicines for any other disease
  • Hormonal disorder
  • When a colon becomes weak
  • Changes in your daily diet
  • Pregnancy
  • Stress
  • When you are inactive.

All these are the causes of chronic constipation. A person should have proper diet, sound sleep, relaxed mind, whole time active, daily walk and excess drink of water to have a steady health.


The Symptoms of Chronic Constipation are:

  • When a stool becomes hard or dry to eliminate
  • You feel strain in eliminating stool
  • Having less than 3 bowel movement in a week
  • When you catch up headache and acidity problem

If you have these symptoms from last few months, it is considered to be a Chronic Constipation.

Home Remedies for Chronic Constipation:

Chronic Constipation is a topic which every people feel shy to talk about, though everyone may be facing it. In today’s modern world, diet has become such that people will get constipated. In order to avoid it, you can try such home remedies:

Home Remedies for Chronic Constipation

  • To drink warm water before going to sleep at night,
  • To squeeze 1 lemon in warm water and drink every morning,
  • Intake of foods having full fiber,
  • Do daily physical exercise,
  • Have to drink normal water at least 3 liters a day,
  • Avoided freeze cold water,
  • Include liquid food in your diet.

All these you can try at home which is innocent. And it is better than eating medicines which can cause other side effects too.

A little change in your daily diet helps a lot in getting relief from Chronic Constipation. Make yogurt a part of your breakfast. Always have 1 cup of Yogurt in your breakfast. Yogurt has capacity to bring back your digestive system on track. Yogurt possesses beneficial bacteria which is necessary for human body. Before buying a cup of Yogurt, one should check whether it has “live bacteria”.

Avoid Maida flour. Processed foods and fast foods can cause chronic constipation because it is high in fat and low in fiber. It should not be a habit of eating white bread, pastries, some pastas, sausage, and potato chips in daily life. It does not have much nutrition. Junk Foods with high level of sugar which slowdown digestion and cause constipation.

You may even opt for physical exercise which helps your body to stay regular. Do regular walking, swimming and yoga which keeps your body functions active. Only devote 30 minute of time in a day for exercise which keeps your intestine active and help in easy passage of stool.
Do not become depend on medicines. Consult your physician and try other alternatives. Rushing for medicines can affect other organs of body and you may become dependent on medicines if you face the same later on. Instead try home remedies only.

You can also take liquid mineral oil which will moisture your stool and give a smooth way out. Take mineral oil with water, milk or juice. Liquid mineral oil is available at most pharmaceutical stores. But do not take mineral oil without consulting your Doctor. Some may have allergies of it.Eat foods having more fiber such as apples, grapes, green leafy vegetables. Other vegetables also help in relieving chronic constipation like Broccoli, Spinach, Cauliflower, Sprouts and green beans. Do not eat dairy products.

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Chronic Constipation in Children:

Constipation is not a serious thing for children. When, your child is not getting proper bowel movement and it lasts for more than 3 weeks, you need to consult a Doctor. A child may face fever, vomiting, weight loss, and blood in the stool with constipation than it becomes necessary to see a doctor. A child may even feel scare to share with parents about what he is suffering through. When you see traces of liquid or stool in your child’s underwear is a sign that your child is suffering through chronic constipation.

Common Factors Which Can Cause Chronic Constipation in Children Can Be:

  • When children are in a mood of playing and do not want to take a break from it, at that time they avoid going to bathroom. Some children are also not comfortable of using bathroom when they are out of home. Children have habit of withholding their stool and toilet which can lead to chronic constipation.
  • When children switch their foods from liquid to solid.
  • Not eating nutrition and protein rich vegetables.
  • When routine of children get some change like change in atmosphere or travelling.
  • Some children may have allergy of cow’s milk.
  • Some have in genes too.

Children may be afraid of complaining about pain children going through constipation. Parents need to observe the change comes in behavior of children having chronic constipation. Some children like to go toilet on their own will which can lead to chronic constipation. Whenever you get a nature’s call, you should not stop it. It is good if you get to feel it. Children may feel pain in pelvic area and while eliminating waste during chronic constipation. Children need pamper at that time.

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Chronic Constipation During Pregnancy:

There are cases of chronic constipation in pregnant women too. During pregnancy, women go through physiologic changes. In pregnancy, water gets more absorbed from an intestine which dries out the stool and women face infrequent bowel movement. Women also get mood swings many a times in pregnancy. It is necessary for pregnant women to drink excessive amount of water and increase intake of fiber rich foods and fruits. Pregnant women can also opt for yoga and minor physical exercise which helps in development of her child and make her fit. Women should not take any medicines during pregnancy without consulting doctor. Some should be avoided. Pregnant women can also not go for aloevera juice which is best for normal person because it contains utmost fiber. She can walk daily as per doctor and take healthy vegetables and fruits. She needs to take utmost care of herself.

Causes of Constipation During Pregnancy:

Generally, fear, worry and anxiety may be the reason behind constipation during pregnancy. Lack of minimal exercise and low-fiber diet is also the one reason. During pregnancy, uterus gets expand which give pressure on the intestine and cause constipation. There become hormonal change which gives relaxation to the intestinal muscles which slows down the movement of food and waste to remove from your body.

Some pregnant women also take supplement of iron, i.e. iron tablets. It can be a cause of constipation too. It becomes compulsory to drink plenty of water if you are taking iron tablets and under the observation of your doctor. Therefore, women need to take much care of her during pregnancy.

Chronic Constipation Diet:

Chronic Constipation Diet

  • To have 30 grams of fiber per day
  • To have Salad in your lunch
  • 1 glass full of milk in morning
  • Whole Wheat bread
  • Brown rice
  • Fruit juice
  • Green vegetables

Constipation when lasts long it makes your skin dull. Blood does not get purified properly. You may even face sudden weight loss. Sometimes, even dark circle under eyes can be due to constipation. The easiest and innocent step you can take to relieve chronic constipation is to have dietary change. Switch to bran cereal and prune juice that relieves chronic constipation. Even if you do not have constipation problem, then too one should have healthy diet only so that you never face constipation.

Chronic constipation lasts for a long period, usually for months and in some cases years too. Chronic constipation can disturb your social and professional life. First of all, treatment begins with lifestyle and dietary change. Even after that it does not get cure, you should not wait to go to doctor. It is utmost necessary to have empty intestines. Because, disease begins with waste left in stomach.

Every morning, a person should spend at least an hour for their own self. Daily perform physical exercise, drinking warm water and walking and jogging helps to stay healthy. To have regular jogging can help a lot. Drinking plenty of fluids, eating fresh fruits, vegetables and products made up of whole grain helps to relieve chronic constipation.

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