Ways to Stay Skinny in College

Ways to Stay Skinny in College

You’ve seen for sure many older friends that gained weight in college and are now desperate to find the best ways to get skinny again. Make sure you don’t fall in the same trap! Temptations are everywhere at this age when your parents no longer control the food you eat and the nights you spend resting how you should. Fortunately, there are efficient ways to keep slim during college, despite all the fast food and stress you’re about to embrace!

Ways to Stay Skinny: Exercise

Just don’t be lazy. Before lecturing you about the hamburgers you really shouldn’t eat every day, we must warn you: the best way to stay thin is to be active. You’re probably going to need energy from food to keep up with attending courses and studying, so don’t deprive yourself of nutrients. Even chocolate can be beneficial from now and then, since your brain needs glucose to function properly.

So instead of starving yourself, exercise as much as you can. Forget the elevator and use the stairs, take daily long walks, go rollerskating or biking, dance in the club until morning comes and get off the bus a station earlier, just to get those muscles moving.

Ways to Stay Skinny in College

Ways to Stay Skinny: Eat More, Choose Wiser

The best ways to stay skinny in college don’t imply eating one meal a day and drinking soda (or even smoke!). This a sure way to ruin the balance of your weight for good. Eat more healthy food instead, but choose wisely. Every plate should be filled with 50% vegetables/fruit, 12% lean protein and 25% fiber. In order to keep slim, devour sweet treats only once in a while and in small quantities, just to satisfy your sweet tooth.

If you already need ways to get skinny, then you should make the above menu plan a regular habit. If you don’t, the stressful moments in college and the many fast food options you’ll have will carry you softly, but surely, to a land where you don’t want to be, where people no longer fit in their high school jeans and are desperate to lose weight. Just don’t go there, stay skinny instead!

Ways to Stay Skinny in College

Ways to Stay Skinny: Cherish Breakfast

When you skip the most important meal of the day, you’re already at risk when it comes to putting on weight. A great way to stay skinny in college is to cherish breakfast, even when you get up at noon. Whole grain cereal with yogurt, fruits, omelets made from egg whites and herbs are all very beneficial for your health and figure. Stay fit by eating this kind of food at the first meal of the day and you’ll keep slim until graduation!

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