15 Best Small Living Room Designs in 2020

Now a day, affording a huge property is not possible for all of us, especially if you are living in a metropolitan city. Most of the city apartments do not let you have a gigantic living area in budget. But not having a huge living area does not imply that you cannot have a beautiful living room. You just need to be creative while choosing your small living room designs, furniture and color scheme.

Modern and Stylish Small Living Room Designs:

In the following top 15 small living room ideas are illustrated which you can adapt to transform your small and clumsy living room area into a cozy and amazing place.

1. Furnishing with Sleek Furniture:

small living room designs

How do you furnish a room that is running out of space? Make the most out of the available space that you have. The first and foremost important thing is to use sleek furniture. This is the prime living room design for small spaces. Bulky furniture makes a small living area more congested. Furnish your living room with furniture having thinner stands or legs, giving way to more bottom area.

2. Subtle Color Theme:

Subtle color theme

Light colors always make a shady corner look bright and airy. Try painting your living room with light colors and light furniture. Monochrome of light colors such as white or beige gives a cohesive and organized feeling to your room, apart from making it look more spacious. This is a cunning living room interior design for small spaces.

3. Carefully Place The Curtains:

Carefully place the curtains

Having a smaller living room or small windows does not mean that you need to have small curtains. Try to add curtains to the windows hanging from the rooftop.  This gives the feeling of having larger windows and makes the overall look of your living room more attractive.

4. Break Your Furniture Down:

Break your furniture down

It sounds odd and awkward, but is extremely useful. When each and every square feet count, then do not waste them. Have two center tables rather than having a one piece center table. This gives more liquidity and also is easier for you to move furniture. The space looks sleek and fashionable, great way to symmetrize your small living room layout.

5. More Mirrors:

More Mirrors

Mirrors lately have started to become a fashionable piece of furniture to have in your house. If intelligently placed, mirrors can enhance the flow of lights in the room and at the same time be strikingly stylish. Try having a huge mirror or multiple smaller mirrors and see the wonders it does reflecting all over your dining room with respect to giving the room more space.

6. Making the Most out of  Your Furniture:

Making the most out of your furniture

If you couldn’t fit more furniture, then try having multipurpose furniture. This not only saves you a lot of space, but also makes the overall look of your living area very modern as well. This one is great small living room idea.

7. Utilize the Vertical Places Properly:

When you are dwelling in a small space, you learn to make the most out of your available space. If you do not have great artworks or photographs to be displayed, then try adding shelves to the unutilized wall spaces. Keep in mind the theme of the living room while choosing the shelf design (Victorian, modern, monochromic etc.) will super smart interior design for small living room.

8. Play With Pop Colors:

Play with pop colors

It is true that light colors help you to breathe in and helps to magnify the place that you have. But it should not be stopping you from having fun with your favorite colors. Try experimenting with bright colors and cool graphics. Furnish with appropriate furniture and accessorize with cool articles.

9. Flourish the Floor:

Flourish the floor

Sometimes a wooden floor or other such dark flooring kills a lot of space. You can try covering the floor area with carpets of your choice. Traditional carpets always look good if that is in accord with your room’s essence. Try adding patches of rugs all over the flooring, especially under the center table and side tables.

10. Bold and Beautiful:

Bold and Beautiful

It is true that bold and dark colors sometimes might make your living space seem tinier than it is. But if used intelligently, it can also make the same space extremely cozy and fashionable. Make sure that you keep enough provision of the sunlight to make its way and use glossy furniture.

11. Stripes are in Fashion:

Stripes are in fashion

Is your living area extremely narrow? Try using stripes and using dual colors to make it seem wider. Place your TV and other furniture cunningly with long curtains and gorgeous mirrors mounted on the wall.

12. Furniture with Storage:

Furniture with storage

When you suffer from space crunch, you discover the most innovative ways to store items. Add hidden storage units under your living room sofa or other furniture. It helps you to adjust your useless junkyard.

13. Living Room Gallery:

Living room gallery

Decorate the wall carefully with photographs and pictures, from top to the bottom, organizing in an innovative manner. This gives the room a cozy and rustic feel with enhanced spacing, an awesome small living room decorating idea.

14. Let the Sun-rays Pierce:

Let the sunrays pierce

Do not obstruct the windows in your living room. Having one huge window, covering most part of that wall is preferred over having multiple smaller windows. An essential small living room design idea.

15. Light the Room Smartly

Light the room smartly

Lighting a room is another extremely important aspect of making your small living space seems bigger. Always try to use chic lighting options. Try hanging the table lamps on the walls strategically; this will save your side table top space. Also illuminate the parts of the room that can make the room radiate more glows and extract more space.

Someone might think that they cannot do much with a small living space. It is partially true. A small living area can be extremely comfy as well as appealing. This effect that a small living area which is properly furnished and decorated in enormous.

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