15 Nice Looking Net Curtains With Pictures

Curtains are a part of the home décor collection. They make a home looked classy and stylish. There are several types of curtains that you can put up in the hall room or a bedroom. These serve many purposes, one being to shield your home from the sun and another to give your home a well maintained look.

The curtains can be made from materials ranging from cotton, silk, synthetic or even net. The net curtains that we have listed here are light weight curtains that will give the room an airier look. It is great for houses that need a light feeling.

Beautiful & Best Net Curtains in Different Designs:

Take a look at these lovely net curtains and then you can take a pick for your home.

1. Plain Leaded Net Curtains:

These lovely white plain leaded net curtains will give your house a fresh look. The curtains are gathered at the top to give a nice style. Choose these kinds of net curtains in various shades. Most of the colors will be light so that the brightness of the house is maintained.

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2. Jardinières Net Curtains:

Take a look at these stunning window net curtains in the garden print. The curtains have a nice floral design and are scalloped at the ends. These can be put on a rod, pole or even wire to give your home a trendy look. Choose these curtains in white itself for a majestic feel.

3. Envelope Base Door Net Curtains:

The door net curtains usually have a nice envelope base that gives it stability. The curtains can be plain without any design on it. The base makes the curtains look full and can be used to screen your rooms at the doors.

4. Square Design Net Curtain:

Here is a modern take on the net curtain. The modern abstract design of simple squares on the curtain makes this set a pretty impressive one. The net curtain designs can be many and this is pleasing to people who love abstract and geometric designs.

5. Lace Border Window Net Curtains:

Another great option that you can choose for your rooms are the plain net curtains with a lace border. These gorgeous net curtains look stunning in a room, even a kitchen window. The curtain nets are perfect for a small window that overlooks a garden. The lace at the end of the curtain is pretty and broad.

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6. Voile Net Curtain Designs:

Choose this pink pastel shade voile net curtain for your home to give it a girly look. The floral print on the curtain is perfect for the hall room or bedroom. Pink with white base is also a good choice for most girls. These modern net curtains go perfectly well with bedroom décor.

7. Café Net Curtains:

If you own a little café or you have a kitchen window that overlooks something nice, then this café net curtain is your choice. These lovely short net curtains are enhanced with ribbon layers. So the white net curtains with the white ribbon layer in the Centre make it look really nice.

8. Heavy Lace Curtain Nets:

These are some luxurious lace net curtains that are expensive and great for a rich taste. The full lace net curtains have a floral look. They are scalloped at the edges too. These are ready made net curtains that you can put in your rooms.

9. Frilled Border Net Curtains:

Use these net curtains for your home to give it a country feel. These are curtains that have a border of lace that is frilled and added as a separate piece. This gives the curtains a full look and makes it more appealing. You can choose the curtains with plain look or full lace look. The border can be of the same or contrasting design.

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10. Appliqué Net Curtains:

Choose this for your kitchen as the perfect styling idea. These net curtains have a border of checked cloth. The curtain is enhanced with appliqué work in the form of fruits. This is the reason why these curtains are great for your kitchen or even a café.

11. Net Curtain Panel:

Choose these savvy black net curtains for a tastefully done home. These curtains are in the panel form and give length to your room. The black of these curtains is great for large home where there is bright light coming in. It makes the room look classier.

12. Crinkled Net Curtain Designs:

Here is another choice of net curtains for the small windows. These are crinkled net curtains that are stitched up to give a gathered look. You can choose these pretty curtains for your kitchen window or any of the room windows in the house.

13. Macramé Net Curtain:

Choose these lovely macramé net curtains for a small window area or kitchen. They are made in the macramé fashion with net material. The curtains have a floral edge that makes it look very special. There is a lot of open look to this curtain so it can be airy and cool.

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14. Kids Printed Net Curtains:

Having a kids room decorated with curtains is always a good idea. These awesome net curtains, printed with designs suitable for kids, are a good choice for the kid’s room. The prints are largely on the bottom edge of the curtains and in color. The white base of the net curtain gives you a good choice as well.

15. Heart Net Curtains:

Red is also a nice color to choose in net curtains. These heart shaped printed net curtains are good for the bedrooms. They look very nice in a large room and make the mood very romantic. You can choose the net curtains to be long or short depending on the size of your room.

Net curtains give the room a nice and airy feeling. They make the room feel larger and this is always an advantage in a home. These net curtains can be plain or designed with lace or appliqué. The styles can be short or long.