Top 9 Roman Curtain Designs With Images

Roman curtains are a kind of window curtain to blank out the sunlight. This curtain is attached with a movable rod which allows you to adjust the length of curtain. You will variety of fabrics in this roman curtain like linen, wood, plastic, or any other cotton fabric. It helps to blind out which means that it helps to create darker room. It does not allow a single sunlight to come through the room. It fully protects the people inside the room.

Best Roman Curtains in Latest Designs:

Here are top 9 roman curtains which are really in good look and which makes your home more beautiful and stylish.

1. Linen Roman Style Curtains:

It is linen based roman style curtain in dark colour which is wrapped in between. The thick linen fabric is having pretty shaded print. The curtain is simply plain but looks so sophisticated with interest. You can try this type of curtain when you will plan interior for your living room or bedroom.

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2. Hobbled Roman Curtain:

This roman shade with curtain is hanged in step wise with roller. When curtain hanged this way looks elegant. It is pleasantly ingenious and simple. Over this hobbled curtain, one plainer white simple curtain is kept overlay.

3. Relaxed Roman Curtain:

This roman drapes curtain is hanging in layers and relaxed manner. A deep boat like bottom is given to this white printed curtain. This large window is garnished with broad size curtain. A light print on curtain is giving classic look.

4. Banded Roman Curtains for Kitchen:

This is roman curtain for kitchen hanged behind the sink. The white curtain is having colourful flower design with broad green colour border. It is banded from the end over small plants and adds fragrance in kitchen.

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5. Pointed Roman Curtain:

This roman blind curtain is having pointed thread bunch attached and hanged at the end. The curtain possesses beautiful line curve pattern. Modish design on thin fabric curtain is delivering smart look with thin border at end.

6. Balloon Roman Window Curtains:

This roman window curtain is in red colour and having balloon pleats. This balloon pleats are looking exaggerated and looks like filled up with air. At once it seems like balloons are flying in air. This red curtain is also covered with outer simple curtain.

7. Rear Tucked Roman Shade Curtains:

It is horizontal striped roman shade curtain with light and dark red shades. The pleats are arranged over one another which seem very delicate. The neat design on curtain will leave impressive effect on guest and it makes your home look charming.

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8. Gathered Roman Curtain:

A stylish layer stitched are carried out in this roman blinds with curtains. The curtain is kept gathered at the end. This looks graceful. The falling of this curtain reminds of any Bollywood Movie event under which the Superstar takes entry.

9. London Roman Shades with Curtains:

It is extremely decorous roman shades and curtains with floral print. The curtain looks like shawl and it is embellished with series of artistic metal attached at end. Each flower print is connected to one another with its leaf string.

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Roman curtains are more decorative and fashionable. Roman curtains are hanged on roller and one more roller is affixed with curtain which helps you to move the curtain. This roller can be simple and decorative also. It may be beaded or with frills. This roman curtain adds glory in the mind of viewer.