5 Secret Signs He Won’t Commit

5 Secret Signs He Won’t Commit

Guys often need more time to give up their life as a single and commit to a relationship. They often analyze the pros and cons of various situations.

Then they make a decision or start playing a shrewd game by keeping up the appearance of a loyal and devoted partner. In order to save yourself from embarrassing and painful experiences it’s highly recommended to skim through the following review of 6 secret signs he won’t commit.

No.1 He’s A Solo Player

The lifestyle of your cutie can reveal a lot about his personality. Solo players both at work and in relationship won’t be able to promise you a long-term relation. Their hunger for independence will definitely influence their decision of committing to a relationship. Be careful with men who won’t feel the need to promise you anything when it comes to romantic activities, future or any other subject.

5 Secret Signs He Won’t Commit

No.2 He Talks About His Past Relationships

Guys often tell their date partner that they’re in a quest for the perfect girl who has loads of qualities and after they find her, they’ll definitely be prepared to settle down.

At first you might think that the problem was actually with his ex-girlfriends, however this is only a trick to make you feel compassion and believe him when he says that he’ll treat you kind.

No.3 He’s an Escape Artist

Men who are creative enough to find an excuse for every obligation are not ready to have a long-term relationship.

Some of the warning signs you should pay special attention to are: when he complains about how busy he actually is at work, he’s tired or he has too many family duties. The worst thing to do is to ask him a myriad of questions. Instead, solve your problems by ignoring him.

No.4 He Skips Texting and Calling You After a While

The first dates can set the perfect basis for a blooming relationship. Guys know that they have to behave like a real gentleman and a reliable partner to win the heart of their sweetie. However, after a short period of time, they may skip calling or texting you. Actually, then is the moment when you have to realize that your cutie is not ready to commit to a serious relationship.

No.5 He Avoids Suggesting Fun Couple-Activities

Guys love to spend time with their girlfriend if they have a serious intention to strengthen a special bond. However, if you’re not the one for them, they’ll definitely find a way to hang out with their friends. Notice whether he avoids suggesting any couple-activities.

5 Secret Signs He Won’t Commit

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