China Glaze Magnetix Collection Spring 2020

China Glaze Magnetix Collection Spring 2020

The secret to keep your look versatile is to follow the newest beauty trends. Manicures have the power to secure your place in the spotlight. China Glaze is indeed one of the most prominent companies eager to furnish nail art fans with original and intriguing nail varnish repertoires. For the upcoming warm season we have the chance to spot the China Glaze Magnetix collection for Spring 2020 which popularizes a brand new nail painting craze. Using magnetic force to decorate the nails with fabulous patterns is one of the most fascinating methods used in modern nail art.

Start flirting with the idea of purchasing this chic selection of nail polish shades and try your hand at these slightly futuristic and voguish nail designs. The complete collection will be available at the middle of February and each nail varnish will cost about $10 and the magnet is also sold separately for the same price.

China Glaze Magnetix Collection Spring 2020

Explore the tiny metal pigments poured into the metallic shades which can be easily manipulated and sculpted with the help of this magical magnet. Hold the magnet right above your nails and the small particles will start to move in a way that they’ll be able to form a fabulous pattern like the ones illustrated above.

The fabulous collection includes the following shades:

You Move Me – golden metallic

Cling On – green metallic

Pull Me Close – crystal blue metallic

Instant Chemistry – metallic berry

Drawn To You – subtle metallic lilac

Attraction – metallic chrome

China Glaze Magnetix Collection Spring 2020

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