Clarins Mosaique Summer 2020 Makeup Collection

Clarins Mosaique Summer 2020 Makeup Collection

Clarins wants you to love your skin, so they have come up with a gorgeous makeup collection for the summer with all the basic products to boost your natural beauty. Clarins has drawn inspiration for their summer 2020 makeup collection from the beauty ancient mosaics brought in ancient times, when they were associated to the high class society of the Western civilizations.

The mosaic details are emphasized not only through the design, but the color palette also, this is why the collection radiates a certain refinement from first glimpse. The fresh hues make a perfect match for the season and are suitable for any skin tone, so make the best out of your skin using the following must haves from Clarins:

Clarins Mosaique Summer 2020 Makeup Collection Clarins Mosaique Summer 2020 Makeup Collection

Clarins Quench Lip Balm Coat your lips with a sophisticated sheen and a touch of seductiveness with Clarins’ new long lasting lip balms. The formula contains a 100% natural polymer, as makeup products which are plant based are much more beneficial for the skin, ensuring you’ll not only look great, but feel great as well. The non-sticky formula ensures the color glides softly on the lips making them look irresistible, while the hydrating ingredients ensure the lips remain soft and hydrated. Select one of the following 8 dazzling hues:

01- pink marshmallow

02 – peach nectar

03 – candy pink

04 – raspberry smoothie

05 – delicious plum

06 – sweet papaya

07 – strawberry sorbet

08 – sweet fig

Clarins Mosaique Summer 2020 Makeup Collection

Instant Smooth Crystal Lip Balm These crystal lip balms look amazing and could literally be the most stylish balms in your makeup bag. These balms offer you the benefits of a lipstick, the transparency of a gloss and the feel of a lip balm. The products have a sheer consistency given by the color of plants which ensure your lips do not get in contact with chemical colorants adding to your lips a natural glossy tint. In addition, they come with irresistible flavoring courtesy of vanilla flavored red fruits and liquorice. To look great go for one of the 3 fab lip balm hues:

01 – crystal coral

02 – crystal

03 – crystal red

Clarins Mosaique Summer 2020 Makeup Collection

Clarins Summer Bronzing Compact Powder SPF 10 and Waterproof Mascara The elegance of subtle bronzed skin cannot be topped, so give your skin that healthy summer glow with the help of this mosaic detail compact bronzing powder which offers your skin SPF protection at the same time. Enriched with vitamin E, the powder will benefit your skin leaving it feeling soft and supple. The ingredients featured in the product favor light refection for a radiant glow that states perfection.

An obvious ‘must’ during the summer is waterproof mascara, which ensures your eyelashes look alluring under the scorching heat. The intense black coloration of the mascara will ensure your lashes stand out perfectly for an intensive foolproof look.