Get Strong and Healthy Nails

Get Strong and Healthy Nails

How to get strong and healthy nailsNail Problems and Nail NutritionAlong with hair and skin, nails are the first lo lose out in the nutrition stakes when the body is lacking vitamins and minerals. Here’s how to eat and treat your way to better nails!

Problem: SplittingCause: A lack of protein and the mineral silica can lead to nails splitting and flaking.Eat: Cucumbers, brown rice, root vegetables, nuts and eggs.Treat: Get a nail strengthener that toughens up weak nails.

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Problem: White SpotsCause: Whitish marks are often down to a zinc deficiency or bruising of the nail plate.Eat: Zinc-rich foods such as crab, herring and black-eyed peas.Treat: It’s a wait-until-you-can-trim-it scenario, but to speed up nail growth, apply a treatment which contains strengthening keratin.

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Get Strong and Healthy Nails

Problem: RidgesCause: Vertical ridges tend to increase with age, but they can also point to a lack of iron. Horizontal ridges are usually the result of nailbed damage and should grow out.Eat: Red meat, eggs and cherries.Treat: Combat a hard, uneven surface with the softening nail protein formula.

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Problem: DrynessCause: Dry, dehydrated nails tend to break easily as they’re lacking in protein. It can also be partly down to a vitamin B12 deficiency.Eat: Tuna, salmon, chicken, liver and spirulina.Treat: Always use a nourishing base coat for dry nails.

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