M.I.S.S x Minx Nail Wraps 2020

M.I.S.S x Minx Nail Wraps 2020

Those who rushed to dismiss nail wraps a simple fad were definitely mistaken. More and more labels are jumping to the easy nail art wagon. The NCLA nail wraps are already a classic while other retailers like Essie have just made their nail wrap debut.

Minx is certainly not new to the business, however its designs always seem uber fresh. Case in point: the new M.I.S.S x Minx collaboration which brings co-founder of M.I.S.S , Gabriella Davi-Khorasanee into the spotlight. Aside from being an accomplished blogger, she is also the founder and designer of Mama, so she definitely knows what’s hot and what’s not.

The new nail wrap collection brings a multitude of exciting patterns to the mix. The past is always a great source of inspiration for the present. The ’80s have managed to leave a big impact fashion wise and the new collection definitely pays tribute to those glorious past days. Like we know, there was nothing subtle about the ’80s, which means the new options don’t fall in the subdued range.

The new options are suited for those who like being the center of attention and, of course to those who are always on the quest for fab designs. The ’80s airbrush is Paradise is perhaps the nail wrap which best evokes the era.

M.I.S.S x Minx Nail Wraps 2020 M.I.S.S x Minx Nail Wraps 2020

Inspired by “every girl’s favorite French brand” the Coco nail wrap design brings the luxury of the high-end labels with a price one can live with. Love neons, color blocking or metallics? The Color Block, Kisses Neon or Kisses Metallics are just some of the fab options the label brings. Mi Vida Loca and Like, Totally complete the fabulous set of trendy alternatives. These sure sound like a mini party on your nails.

Each self applied nail coating pack includes 20 nail designs to help you get a perfect mani/pedi with little effort every single time. In love with these funky new options from Minx? Well, good news then. These edgy and totally fun new options are already available for purchase for $19.95 each on minxtastingroom.com where there also a few helpful hints are those who are still feeling a little unsure about how to apply the Minx nail wraps and wish to ensure they achieve ideal results every single time.

M.I.S.S x Minx Nail Wraps 2020 M.I.S.S x Minx Nail Wraps 2020 M.I.S.S x Minx Nail Wraps 2020 M.I.S.S x Minx Nail Wraps 2020

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