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26 Weeks Pregnant : Everything You Need To Know About Is Here!

Are you nervous about what to expect at 26 weeks of pregnancy? We get your emotion. If you are 26 weeks pregnant lady, then here’s a complete guide for your pregnancy this week!! The greatest revolution of humanity is the chain of life that goes on, from one generation to another. And once the process of pregnancy begins, various changes are happening to the body and even the body of the mother to be. Multiple changes are occurring during the 26th week of pregnancy. Knowing about these changes makes the whole process a lot easier as there will be nothing to worry about.

A common question posed by many women at this stage is ‘I am 26 weeks pregnant, and what do I need to care about the most?’ There are several things one needs to pay attention to at this period as this is halfway through the pregnancy period. These changes are new to the body of the mother if it’s her first child and even for the people around her taking care of her. Pregnancy will not only ignite the hormonal changes but will also aid in other physical as well as psychological changes that a woman can witness during this stage!! This 26th-week pregnancy guide will help to understand and study the changes your body and know the tips and precaution, which will help you deal with your concerns in ease.

26 weeks pregnancy

Table Of Content:

  1. Months & Trimester Indicating For 26 Weeks Pregnant
  2. Physical And Psychological Changes In A 26 Week Pregnant Lady (Symptoms)
  3. 26 Weeks Pregnant Baby Size & Weight
  4. Baby & Belly Looks Like In 26 Weeks Pregnancy
  5. Baby Positioning During 26 Weeks Of Pregnancy (Fetal & Physical Development)
  6. Pregnancy Diet & Exercises During 26 Weeks Pregnant
  7. Medical Tests & Scan while 26 Weeks Pregnancy
  8. What Are The Tips & Precautions To Take During 26 Weeks Of Pregnancy?
  9. What Are The Risks To Face During 26 Weeks Pregnancy?
  10. Checklists During 26 Weeks Pregnant

Months & Trimester Indicating For 26 Weeks Pregnant:

26 weeks pregnant how many months? Calculating the exact month of pregnancy might be problematic. Similar is the case for the 26th week pregnant women. But it’s just not too complicated. This week 26 of pregnancy refers to the sixth month of your journey. And, you are on the verge of completing your second trimester. So good luck for the rest of the journey!!


Physical And Psychological Changes In A 26 Week Pregnant Lady (Symptoms):

Since you are very close to completion of two-thirds of your pregnancy journey, your body will witness numerous changes. 26 weeks pregnant baby position keeps changing, and there will also be 26 weeks pregnant baby movements. Some of the changes and 26 weeks pregnant symptoms account to the below-listed things:

26 Weeks of Pregnancy

1. Blood Pressure:

Blood pressure is a regular problem faced by pregnant ladies. It may be high or maybe low; it entirely depends on the body state of the mother, along with the production of female hormones. However, a 26th week’s pregnant women are also liable to be suffering from preeclampsia, a high blood pressure condition. Additionally, the consumption of lower salt limit may even worsen your situation.

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2. Tiredness:

Due to the increasing weight of the baby, the mother’s body will also be observing fatigue. Also, exhaustion is very common during this stage of pregnancy. The best way of dealing with this issue is by having a routine checkup and taking good care of your health.

3. Subsidiary Worries:

During this phase of pregnancy, the lady is also likely to face some side problems like heartburns and breathlessness. As the growing baby makes his room by pushing your organs sideways. This pressure can also cause lung or uterus damage. To cope up with this situation, the mother should consume a healthy diet along with lots of water intake.

4. False Contractions:

From this week onwards, the pregnant lady is also likely to face false contractions. Don’t be surprised as these contractions are very common and are responsible for preparing your body with the delivery process. However, if the 26thweeks pregnant feel a lot of pain, then it is suggested to consult a doctor immediately.

5. Snoring:

Snoring is another common yet pregnancy-related issue, which is witnessed by mostly women. Your body’s changing hormones are to be solely blamed for this condition. However, if your snoring is a matter of problem for your partner, then it is suggested to use a nasal strip to control or avoid the snoring.

6. Leg cramps:

Pregnant ladies are also prone to leg cramps;, especially during the night hours. It may be due to the increasing pressure of the baby on your body. Thus, it is advised to massage the ankle gently and the calf to relieve the pain. However, you can also use place the hot water bag or hot silicon bag on the affected area to ease the pain!!

7. Sleeping issues:

The 26-week pregnant symptoms also account for sleeping disorders. It is another very standard factor witnessed during pregnancy. This condition can be treated with gentle exercises and the use of extra pillows to bring back your sound sleep.

8. Swelling:

Water retention in the body may result in the face, hand, or feet swelling. It should not be avoided; instead, it can be an early stage of preeclampsia. Better to consult your physician immediately to reduce complications.

9. Headaches:

It is another condition witnessed by the ladies, owing to the hormonal changes in the body. This condition is curable with meditation and yoga. Additionally, you can also opt for acupuncture therapy or other biofeedback therapies to relieve this condition.

10. Memory loss:

The hormonal changes in your body can also result in memory loss factor. Thus, it is considered a good habit if you start developing a writing habit. It will remind you of the things you have to perform during your day!!


26 Weeks Pregnant Baby Size & Weight:

By this time of pregnancy, your unborn baby will observers many changes, accounting to its increasing length from crown to heel, his elevating weight coupled with the development of his organs. 26 weeks pregnant belly will also increase in size and develop as it happens with every progress. On average, your 26 weeks baby height will be about 14 inches or 35.6 cm long in height; whereas, the 26 weeks baby weight will be around 760 grams. Till date, your baby will be capable of opening his eyes and will respond more to the sound. Besides, this time, you can also notice an increase in movements. Till the end of this week, your baby will be equivalent to the size of zucchini.


Baby & Belly Looks Like In 26 Weeks Pregnancy:

By the end of 26 weeks of pregnancy, it is expected that the pregnant lady will gain weight of around 16 to 22 pounds in case of a single child. Whereas, in the case of twins, your weight is likely to be increased by 27 to 42 pounds. The baby growth at 26 weeks will also be predictable with the increasing size of the baby bump. However, in case of the belly, your 26-week pregnancy will result in increasing your uterus by about 2.5 inches above the belly button. However, your belly will keep on growing about a half-inch every week. All these changes are entirely normal with the present period of your pregnancy. Do not forget and worry as things will fall back to normal, soon after the delivery!!


Baby Positioning During 26 Weeks Of Pregnancy (Fetal & Physical Development):

Your pregnancy journey can be classified into three trimesters. The first trimester is where the baby simply in a blast cyst form attaches itself and is still in an alien shape. Through the weeks he turns into an embryo and then a fetus. The second and third trimester marks the advancements of the baby. The 26th week is the last week of the ‘golden era’ which is another name for the second trimester. Some of the changes seen in your baby this week will include:

In her 26th week, the baby is now rounding up to a good two pounds in weight and a 23 cm long measurement. As it develops, the senses are spines strengthen giving a free chance of movement at will. These movements are now with passing weeks becoming more and more prominent. With her grip tightening, he or she can now play with herself- roll around or tumble in the belly or play with the cord attached. Hence you may feel 26 weeks pregnant pain sometimes. The following are developments in a 26-week fetus.

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A). Skin:

The lanugos in her body is now slowly becoming softer and trying to edge away. With this, a thin layer of fat also starts depositing in the body, giving her a perfect baby shape.

B). Eyes:

The highlight of this week is that the baby now can finally adjust her eyes to the gift of sight as she finally opens her eyes to see the surroundings around her. She blinks and clears her eyes and now can see what or where she has been growing all this time. The baby in her early stages has her eyes shut but slowly experiences light sensitivity because of the developing iris. Here is the 26th week, the ultrasound can catch her blinking inside nestling cosily as her eyes look around. The eyes, however, are lighter in colour due to lack of pigmentation in the iris which changes after birth.

C). Sex Determination:

By now, the baby’s gender is prominent and distinct. Before this, the gender was somewhat clear by which the doctors could tell the difference, but now they have grown prominent. For a boy this week his testicles will finally drop down to his now fully formed scrotum, and for the girls, their tunnels to the ovaries have now been established that houses a good six to seven million primitive eggs already. However, the count comes down to two once the baby is born.

D). Heart:

By now, one of your relatives or friends can put an ear to your belly and hear the child’s heartbeat since it has grown stronger with every waking moment. Now the heart pumps blood into her body and also can create red blood cells.

E). Respiration:

During this week, lungs and nostrils of the baby have been started to develop, at the end of the week, it will be complete their growth. Noses are essential, and so it will be completed soon, but the lungs are not so fast because of the alveoli, it starts to coat on the lungs. Lungs will help your baby for breathing well and healthy.

F). Weight:

Your baby has still not grown into the full-fledged human that they will come out as and is still in the growth process. He will weigh wherever below a kilo, but most often, it is 900 grams or so. He will move around and play, and hence, it is normal to feel 26 weeks pregnant, fetal movement. There is still a long way for him in the scene, but most of your worry will come to an end by the end line of this week.


Pregnancy Diet & Exercises During 26 Weeks Pregnant:

There always maybe 26 weeks of pregnancy complications. Hence maintaining a proper diet during pregnancy is another essential factor that should be taken care of during the period. Henceforth, it is necessary to maintain good health as it is the only possible way to feed your fetus. Thus, it is mandatory that your good and 26-week pregnancy diet should comprise of these following things:


1. Fruits and Vegetables:

Fruits and veggies are considered to be an essential part of your diet. As they are rich in vitamins and minerals. The fruit platter should comprise of apples, oranges, bananas, watermelon and other fruits that pleases you. On the contrary, the veggie part should be filled with green leafy vegetables, like spinach, beans, carrots, cauliflowers, etc.

2. Raw foodstuff:

26-week pregnant lady should avoid eating raw food. All the fruits or vegetables should be blanched in warm water before its consumption. Even fresh chicken should be treated and cooked well before eating!!

3. Fluid intake:

Water or fluids should be appropriate to combat the dehydration factor. It will also hydrate your skin and will regulate body temperature. The fluid consumption will also assure the proper nutrient intake by the fetus!!

4. Role of supplements:

It is essential to supplement your body with essential nutrients. However, the doctors will prescribe you with the essential ones, during the early stage of pregnancy. But, still, it is recommended to rely on the natural sources of these supplements, as it will benefit your body in a better way!!

5. Chicken consumption:

If you are a chicken consumer or a chicken lover, your diet should comprise of the lean meat. As it is healthier than compared to others. The consumption of chicken in your diet will entertain your body with an ample amount of proteins and thus will reduce the need for such protein-related supplements. However, instead of buying cheap meat products, it is recommended to but these meat products from an authentic source, as meat products are listed in the category of highly perishable foods.


Besides, it is essential for a 26 weeks pregnant lady exercise daily, to be stress-free and free from muscle tightening issues. If you are unable to exercise regularly or if you feel lazy, then it is advised to enrol yourself to the nearest gym or yoga centres. As they will make sure that you follow the exercising routine regularly. The 26-week pregnant exercise can comprise of the following for healthy growth of the baby.

A. Belly Expansion:

Sit with your legs overlapped and lower back supported, and hands-on the stomach. Keep your back and shoulders gradually inhale over your nose as you enlarge your belly. Do it for 5-10 minutes in a day.

B. Squat:

The squat is the best exercise, as this help to better your posture and make more space to the lumbar area for expansion. There are several variations of squats, and the great squat will be assumed your condition.

C. Stretching:

On this stage, sleeping in your normal position will be challenging, you have to do some stretching during the pregnancy, and it will give you the flexibility, and also it strengthens your legs and muscles.

D. Walking:

Walking during pregnancy will help you to reduce the breathing problems and all stress, walking will maintain your body and mind freshness. It will keep you and your baby as well as healthy if you walk regularly.

E. Stomach Adjustment:

Try to maintain your centre of gravity, so it will make it more comfortable to work on your position and try some exercises.

It is expected that these regular work out will relieve your stress and will freshen you up for the next day’s task!!


Medical Tests & Scan while 26 Weeks Pregnancy:

The role of the doctor is essential during the entire phase of pregnancy. 26th week of pregnancy may result in a change of medicines. Besides, medication can be consumed after the consultation of a registered physician, to treat some of the medical conditions like asthma and high blood pressure conditions. Some medicines recommended for you to avoid the cough, allergy, gastric, ache problems may include the following:

  • Aches- Acetaminophen. Don’t indulge in Ibuprofen and Naproxen.
  • Allergy- if any allergy during the pregnancy you should take, Antihistamines or a hint of loratadine. Avoid the use of Pseudoephedrine and Decongestants, for instance, Phenylephrine.
  • Cough- for heavy cold, Try Dextromethorphan.
  • Gastric issues-Avoid laxatives and mineral oil.
  • Heart burning and ulcers – avoid the heart burning, try Antacids syrups and tablets.

Make sure whatever you take should be rechecked with your doctor.


What Are The Tips & Precautions To Take During 26 Weeks Of Pregnancy?

It is essential for the pregnant woman to keep good care of your health. However, during the 26th week of pregnancy, women should take care of the following tips and precautions:

1. Say bye to heels:

The focus of a pregnant lady should be on gravity with the growing 26 weeks pregnant belly. Thus, it is advised to wear flat footwear during pregnancy, and the lady should be away from heels during this phase of time!!

2. Monitoring the diet:

It is essential to follow the intake of 26th week’s pregnant lady as she can complain about the symptoms like acidity, heartburns or gas-related issues. Also, avoid junk food or fast food for the time being!

3. Increase fluid intake:

It is suggested to increase the consumption of fluid during this time of pregnancy. The 26-week pregnancy diet must be listed with an adequate amount of water, soups, shakes, juices, coconut water, etc.

4. Sufficient sleep:

Pregnant women are advised to take proper 8-hour sleep. However, she can also be entertained with power naps during the day hours. It will also help her to deal with the morning sickness issues.

5. Medicine consumption:

It is advised to consume only prescribed medicines, as consumption of unnecessary medications may be hazardous to health. Never skip consulting your doctor before taking any such drugs.

6. Start planning things:

Shopping is the best stress-relieving therapy for women. And you feel the same; then you can start shopping for your unborn hero!! This shopping may cover the purchase of cute little soft toys, sweaters, socks, etc. this will give immense pleasure and will boost your eternal power to deal with 26 weeks of pregnancy.

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The latter weeks of pregnancy will keep reminding you about the upcoming responsibilities, which will be a happier time for you with the current 26 weeks pregnant fetal movement. Your baby will keep reminding you about his or her existence. Your happiness, love, sorrow, grieves will also be witnessed by the baby, and hence, it is recommended to be happy and free from stress. It is expected that these tips mentioned above will be beneficial for you and will help you with your existing pregnancy problems. Hope you make it from side to side the next trimester just as smoothly as this one. And wish you luck for the future!!


What Are The Risks To Face During 26 Weeks Pregnancy?

Pregnancy period is one of the essential phases of a woman’s life, and it is necessary to nourish it with good health along with a proper diet. It will ensure the sound health of the mother and the baby. However, there are a few risks that have to be taken care of. Additionally, the women should also be cautious about numerous health conditions, upon which she can rush to the doctor. Such circumstances account to 26 weeks pregnant pain in the abdominal region and if you notice any fluid leakage or vaginal bleeding.

Also, if the pregnant women notice blurred vision or other 26 weeks of pregnancy complications, then it is advised to consult a doctor without any delay for better safety and precautions. Moreover, you are noticing any symptoms of fever or other such conditions; it is suggested to ask a doctor before the consumption of any oral dosage!!


Checklists During 26 Weeks Pregnant:

Your list for this week’s pregnancy includes the tour of your maternity ward, to be safe and on time for unexpected things. It is also advised to preregister with the hospital; this will ease your last-minute rushing. Try to communicate with your baby, as the baby’s hearing senses are developed by this time. Play some religious bhajans or nursery rhymes too!! As later on, this will be beneficial in letting your baby sleep, as he becomes prone to the rhythm you play regularly.

Also, spend time with your partner, share your feelings, and make sure you let know him with the problems you face during this period. Your partner’s care and affection are also beneficial in supporting your pregnancy. It will also ease your pregnancy stress and will reduce your anxiety levels during week 26 of pregnancy.

Furthermore, it is essential to focus on your diet. Try to drink the required amount of water, accounting to 8-10 glasses of fluids, including juices, soups, etc. Also, focus on consuming a healthy diet. And do not forget to involve exercises in your daily routine, starting from mild exercise and ending the day with a 30-minute walk. Start preparing your baby’s room, and it is advised to monitor your maternity health as well!!


Pregnancy period is both essential and vital phase of a woman’s life. The maintenance of proper diet plan along with the monitoring of your health should be a must to do on your list. Also, do take an active interest in knowing more about your 26-week fetus’s health and plan your doctor’s visit accordingly. Not only this, do remember to bring your medicines on time along with other essential fluids to keep your body hydrated and ready for the pregnancy!! Have a happy pregnancy!!

Frequently asked questions and answers:

Q1. My baby position is not to head down. Should I worry at this time?

Ans: Not at all, by 26 weeks it is quite normal in most of the cases for baby to be in ‘transverse lie’ position. Here the baby’s head is near mother’s side, and the bottom is placed towards the abdomen on the other side. The baby can get head down anytime later before 30 weeks, so do not worry.

Q2. I did not have morning sickness issue from the last couple of weeks, and now I see nausea coming back. Is it normal?

Ans: Yes, totally many suffer and complain of morning sickness despite being 26 weeks pregnant. While most of the pregnant ladies recover from nauseatic feeling after the first trimester, still some suffer and it is normal.

Q3. I can see a lot of false alarms and contractions happening at 26 weeks pregnant. How do I differentiate from normal ones and is it normal to have contractions at this time?

Ans: This is called Braxton Hicks contractions which are common from the third trimester but still can start as early as in your second trimester. These are not painful and are not regular, and that’s how you differentiate from cramping and labour pains. In case you feel quite strong and happening continuously, you should consult the doctor.

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