2nd Month Of Pregnancy – Symptoms And Fetal Development

Rolling into the second month, for a first time pregnant mother, right now is a sweet deal mixed with bitter and sour emotions. The first month was hectic and cruel she admits. Whilst taking the decision of whether or not about the arrival of the new life, she felt she was ready and prepared for the oncoming set of events, as does any mother. It is always a exciting journey for the experienced mothers since by then they know the fibers that make up pregnancy. They have been through it all, they have done it all and now they have mustered up enough courage to handle themselves.

2nd month of pregnancy

Now, for the young mothers just stepping into motherhood, this can be quiet a tough journey even though it has its sweet moments. It is almost like a bed of roses right now with its soft petals and thorny stems. You get the best of both. If the first week was all about sleepless nights and nausea, the second week will be about a monster appetite. Realizing these changes will bring a certain amount of change in your everyday life, makes the mother depressed at times. This can quickly be fixed by presenting her with her desired food and at that very moment she will go from depressed to ecstatic. Right in the middle of the night she might feel fear of going further in this process. The psychological logic now warns her to be careful. She now gets more worried.

Know all you can about the second month of pregnancy as you approach it, so you can steer clear of uninvited situations ahead of time and enjoy a happy upcoming motherhood.

2 Month Pregnancy:

To this article will educate you about information of 2nd month of pregnancy fetal development, main 2 months pregnancy symptoms,  precautions, and other relative all the stages.

What Do You Think About In 2 Month Pregnancy:

Luckily enough, the insecurities are done with within the first month and by the second month she has metamorphosis into a different woman, she now accepts the changes that she was going with. She now knows her faults and changes herself accordingly. She now has a wide range of thoughts by experience and hearings that she applies to her everyday routine and thus the second month flows by swiftly.

Fetal Development Of The Baby In 2 Month Pregnancy:

The first month had the baby transform from an alien shape to a human structure even though nothing was yet prominent other than a faint heartbeat the last time you saw him on the ultrasound. The blastocyst formed an embryo and slowly turned into a foetus. However till the first month the baby is still in an awkward situation with no wits and work of its own. It shares a small part of his mothers being and happily grows in to a strong one. Now in the second month the ultrasound reveals some more of the happening developments.

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New Stage:

This is the stage when your little one escalades from an embryo to finally a fetus which is a miniature version of a human being. Even thought the structure is still undergoing construction and development. He now has evolved from his pea size aspects but still is small enough to be considered under an ounce. Her internal organs right now are undergoing development. Small parts and fragments of it has started its formation process and it steadily now grows to give a definite proper shape to the young one.

Eye Lids:

At around this time your baby’s facial feature starts growing and developing. What once seemed like a blob of skin and nothing now has started to take proper shape. The squished in head now starts taking shape. This time you will notice your baby’s head abnormally bigger than the rest of the body part. The eye formation takes place internally. The optic nerves grow and connect. But external features can only be seen in the form of eyelids shut tight without any opening formed as of yet.

Complex Matters:

Once again the baby now has his head formed which is supposedly bigger than the rest of his body. This is solely because the head contains the brain actions which by now is forming and growing at a steady space. The brain is being formed and put to work as the other body parts underneath it follow the sequential impulses and sees themselves to their proper places. With the formation of a soft little spine, the brain now connects itself to the spinal head.

Gender Matters:

Even though it is hard to tell at the moment your little ones genitalia is taking form. Within a few weeks, hopefully by next month you would know who you were harboring all this time. if it’s a baby boy, his testicles start forming in the upper abdomen and if it’s a girl, her vagina is now slowly getting into shape. However it is not easy to determine right at the moment.

Liver Work:

At around this time, the baby’s liver is fully functioning and starts to produce the RBCs or the red blood cells which are needed by the body. it is usually the bone marrow in us adults that take over the responsibility once the baby crosses the third trimester. But till then the liver takes substitute place and continues to produce red blood cells.

Body Parts:

At this stage, the middle of the month sees a lot of growth spurt in your little one. His arms and legs are taking their shape and segments are being formed for the fingers to develop slowly and so will the toes. Now, the heart is slowly getting divided into the interior chambers as well. While all these happen, the nose and face are becoming more prominent as well. The digestive system is the quickest to develop and the abdomen, along with intestines and pancreas are beginning to form, slow and steady, one step at a go.

Symptoms Of 2nd Month OF Pregnancy And How To Overcome:

With the baby, the mother can feel herself going through changes too.

Bodily Changes:

With the baby bump now a little more prominent than before this is probably the time you should start stocking up on those maternity clothes. The mothers now at this stage can feel a weird tenderness in their breasts as it grows larger and then sags. The same happens with the behind where you can feel your bum grow a bit along with growth in the pelvic region and waists. Do not fret since this is one of the symptoms to pregnancy and once it is over, your body will be back to original. The best way to overcome saggy breasts and stretch marks are to wear a loose fitting bra at all times and massage the belly region with a heavy duty oil whenever possible. Particularly olive oil and Vitamin E supplements are known to prevent the skin from further stretching and provide long time remedy.

Frequent Things:

At this time, one of the most common symptoms is to feel the pressure of urination at its best at frequent intervals. It is around now that you will run for bathroom breaks more than usual. The same affects your appetite as you frequently find yourself searching through the fridge looking for a little snack right after brunch and before lunch. This is how it goes and it is totally normal. Do not worry. One idea to handle such situation is to limit your intake of liquids. You can have water at some intervals but it is highly recommended that you have water containing fruits and soups which will keep you hydrated. Such intake of water supplements will give you minerals or other nutrients and also would limit your visits to the washroom.

Varicose Veins:

At this stage there is an increase in the volume of blood and the hormone levels are elevated as well. This can often lead to a swelling up of the veins, making their bluish red color more prominent. This is a generic definition of varicose veins. They are usually not painful and mostly genetic. Varicose veins last a long time and it gets worse after each pregnancy. Spider veins and varicose veins are not to be confused, despite their similar symptoms. There is no permanent solution to overcome varicose veins, however, avoiding a long stretch of sitting in the same position or standing up for long hours, it should help a lot. Light exercising should also be the way to go. Compression socks and cold bags are some other solutions to provide temporary relief. The best way to avoid the formation of these veins is to sleep sideways when possible and allow the blood flow to remain normal. You need to consult your doctor if none of the above solutions seem effective.

Food Cravings:

This is perhaps the most common of changes and the one everyone has been constantly warning you about. This symptom manifests itself mostly because your changes in the hormones along with the nutrient you are deficient in trigger your brain to act crazy. From sweet to bitter, your cravings can be ridiculous and strange at the same time. The best way to overcome this situation is to think of healthy alternatives whenever possible.

Mood Swings:

Two months into the pregnancy, it is very normal for the mother to experience all sorts of mood swings. And you are most certainly not alone in the situation. You can experience a full zest to a small tantrum. Sometimes you will be cheery about the whole deal, while on others everyone will be overwhelmed by your extra sensitive reactions. You might also be stressed out at this phase more than often. The hormones altogether deal with it, to regulate your mood obviously with a little help from your brain. One ideal way to overcome your mood swings are to sleep it off and engage in a proper diet. However, contact your doctor right away, if your symptoms persist and lead you to self-harm thoughts.

Activities In 2nd Month Of Pregnancy:

By the second month, your wish should be to settle down with everything around, so that the next seven months go well. However, that seldom happens. You will find yourself juggling with several activities, especially if you are a working woman. Most of it includes mood swings, changes in your hormones, work tiredness, anxiety, etc. You will also have to carry out other tasks such as regular work out and check ups, plan your motherhood necessary items etc. Nothing more would be required except rest and sufficient sleeps.

2nd Month Of Pregnancy Diet :

  1. Fruits can be a great breakfast source and a good way to start your day and your diet in the first month. From watermelon to oranges and apples, include at least three fruits in your daily diets. You can also include pomegranate, bananas, and grapes and make a fruit salad to curb your sweet tooth cravings instead of bringing on a chocolate.
  2. You balanced diet should include the essential vegetables as well. You cannot just have your daily dose of fruits and skip the greens. That will only make things worse.
  3. Folic acid is an important nutrients in this phase. It is necessary for the child to avoid any birth problems and is important to be taken during the first few months of your new pregnancy. Broccoli and green spinach are two great sources of the acid and should be a must in your grocery list.
  4. Dairy products should be present in the scene as well. You cannot take calcium supplements as a substitute of natural diet products. However, if you are lactose intolerant, other sources should be sought that can strengthen and help develop the bones and teeth enamel of your baby.
  5. Zinc is an important substance during the second month of pregnancy, as is iron, since there is need for more nutrients and blood for the development of cells of your baby. Vegetables and iron supplements prescribed should be enough. Aside that, the fruits you have will prove to be the final seal on the deal.

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Exercise For 2nd Month Of Pregnancy:

1. Stretching Your Pelvis:

The pelvic exercise have an important place in your delivery exercises. It helps in normal delivery and hence is also recommended by the doctors using a pillow, chair or an exercise ball.

2. Pressure Exercises:

Take a ball for supporting while you bend your knees and sit down. This will create pressure to b the thighs and the pelvic areas and help them to relax.

3. Yoga:

Yoga is the most secure exercise for your elasticity to your body. It keeps your body refreshed and mind rest in peace so that your delivery does not be more difficult.

4. Flexible Pelvic Exercise:

An exercise which helps your pelvic to be flexible and stress free is the cobbler Pose exercise. But make sure you carry a cushion below your back and thigh area as it maintains the gravity.

5. Walk To Reduce Fats:

Walking while you are pregnant helps you to burn those extra fats so that your infant has enough space to develop and grow inside the uterus. Walking in lawns, parks, house, terrace, etc. helps you to maintain your health too.

Sex During 2nd Month Of Pregnancy:

Of course, sex is always welcome to improve the intimacy between couples, especially when pregnant. However, with the mood swings, tiredness and nausea, sex will probably not occur right away to you. For some women, making love at this stage is fun, since there are no more birth control pills or condoms involved. Your baby is comfortable in the sac and chances of miscarriage and unlikely. You can safely engage in sex without troubling your mind.

Tips To Overcome Stress During 2nd Month Of Pregnancy:

  1. Do make sure that you get the amount of rest marked safe by your doctor. Now is the time that you need to make the most of it to be sure that nothing in the way goes wrong. This month is crucial for your baby’s development and you need to do all you can to keep it that way.
  2. Research on the insurances and other details from ahead, so that there is no last minute worry.
  3. Make sure there is always healthy food stacked in your kitchen. You do not want your mood swings and food cravings to go unsatisfied. This not only increases chances of you having to run errands in the middle of the night, but also gets you worked up for no reason.
  4. Go for regular checkups to avoid stress about how baby’s health. This is not only unnecessary, but also ruins your health when you worry about the whole situation.
  5. Do not let anyone stress you out about their condition. If you can’t shake it off, ask your doctor about it right away.

Medical Treatment And Checkup In 2nd Month Pregnancy:

Medical treatment is necessary in the dc phase where no medicine should be taken without consulting your doctor. Also test are important such as pap smears, urine, blood tests, HIV tests, blood group determination and hypertension issues. Aside these checkups, there are certain medicines that will be prescribed to you for the most common health symptoms. Some of the over counter medicines that do not interact when pregnant and can be safely taken are:

  1. For soreness, you can have Acetaminophen as it is mild. Avoid using ibuprofen, Naproxen etc.
  2. For allergy, use Antihistamines or Ioratadine. Avoid using Pseudoephedrine, Phenylephrine, etc.
  3. Having cough, try Dextromethorphan
  4. Metamucil is to be taken for constipation and the use kf mineral oil should be neglected.
  5. In case of heartburn, take Antacids.

Tips And Precautions For 2nd Month Of Pregnancy:

  • Baby proof the house while you are at it. This month thoughts will be all about the changes you will soon face and how to deal with all of it the best way.
  • Be wary of your changing center of gravity. Try adjusting to your new position by walking with your back bent a little. This might seem hard and painful at first but soon you will get used to it.
  • Make sure you cut out entirely on all alcohol. First month was an easy take since your baby was still developing, but this month, things have to change.
  • Avoid eating anything raw that can prove to be harmful for you and your baby. This includes fish, meat, eggs and unwashed vegetables from underground like carrots.
  • Drink only pasteurized milk and consult your doctor about the quantity beforehand to avoid complications.

This should be a happy time for you. Even if it was an unplanned pregnancy, seek aid from family, so they know about your financial situation, so you can be stress free. Each pregnancy is unique and chances are what they faced won’t be your scenario at all.