Drinking Rooibos Tea During Pregnancy

The times of pregnancy can be a really a perilous time for you have to be extra caution of all the food stuff that you intake because eating something dangerous can be really harmful especially since you would be feeding for two and not one. The same thing and safety instructions goes for the intake of beverages.

Many women during these times need to stay up for longer hours and consuming caffeine might provide a quick relief and might help you in staying physically active and alert. But unfortunately caffeine is a not any solution during pregnancy as drinking caffeine might cause complications during your pregnancy. To provide a fix to your problems we bring you Rooibos tea. Drinking Rooibos tea during pregnancy is also not an issue.

Rooibos Tea During Pregnancy

Drinking Rooibos tea in pregnancy has been medically proved healthier rather than drinking the regular white, green or red tea which has the same source of production i.e the tea plant(camella sinesis). Drinking the rooibos tea in pregnancy aids in your disturbed sleeping pattern and also has a soothing effect on an individual’s mind which is much needed during the times of pregnancy So the gist of all this is that drinking rooibos during pregnancy is a good thing and is also helpful to much extent.

Among the many benefits of having Rooibos tea while pregnancy is that it prevents constipation. It also aids in digestion and relieves nausea and vomiting which is a common phenomenon during pregnancy. It also supplies necessary nutrients to the blood cells like iron and other vitamin supplements. Rooibos is also proven to treat allergic reactions and it can be drank or applied tropically to the infected areas. So apart from all the medicinal values of this drink it has a good taste too. The sweet flavour of the tea gives you a good feeling which is enough to make you feel fresh and relaxed. And so this tea also makes you feel good inside out.

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How to Drink Rooibos Tea During Pregnancy:


Rooibos tea is a very popular drink all over the world and so it has been considered safe to be consumed even during the times of pregnancy says the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. However the maximum amount of consumption is yet to be discovered by professionals. But on second thoughts keeping in mind its herbal values it is considered safe for drinking atleast twice a day. However you should start your intake of herbal tea only after having a talk with your physician.


The dosage suggested globally for best effects is at least 1-4 teaspoons of rooibos tea poured into a steaming cup of warm water for 10 minutes and is suggested to be taken at least three times a day. But if you might be having second thoughts about whether the dosage is compatible to your body type then you might even consult a physician.

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However like all the pros and cons of other beverages rooibos tea too has some known side effects the University of Michigan Health System have found out. Several cases in 2020 were reported of liver toxicity after the intake of rooibos tea. These cases were reported in the 2020 issue of a pharmaceutical magazine.

However keeping aside the few cons of the drink the tea has been marked safe for drinking during pregnancy on a global basis and so it might help you choose your beverage wisely since that now you would be feeding for two. Following the above drinking schedule after consulting with your physician might help in solving your many pregnancy complications.

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