Top 11 Toys for 6 Month Old Baby

Are you in need of toys for your 6 months old baby? Then you have come to the right place. In this age babies develop the ability to create and build something new out of their sheer creativity. A parent should provide their child with the options of applying their creativity in the form of toys and also provide them with good chances for some activities.

Here are The Top 9 Toys for Your 6 Months Old Baby.

1. The Health Guide Toys:

Toys for 6 Month Old Baby 1

A parent should provide his or her child with the right healthy playing kit so that the child can have about the healthy life from a very little age. What things will be good for her and what won’t be, this idea will be developed due the healthy playing kit that can be availed in almost every baby toy store or one can simply buy that from the internet.

2. Educational Toys for 6 Months Old:

Toys for 6 Month Old Baby 2

Educational toys are also required at this stage since this is the stage of mental and physical development. The different educational toys available these days are pretty advanced and that will provide the kids with the right amount of relevant knowledge that he or she requires at that age. Educational toys are probably one of the best gifts for 6 month old boy.

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3. The Baby Enter Set:

Toys for 6 Month Old Baby 3

This is a mind development and physical activity set for the 6 months old babies. It is filled with colorful structures that keep the baby entertained and occupied. There is a small mirror to the right as well, that will assist in recognizing the baby itself and is a self-image building programme.

4. The Advanced Stuffed Toys:

Toys for 6 Month Old Baby 4

These are not normal stuffed toys. These toys will assist the baby in growing his idea about the human body. There is no rule for learning a strict anatomy of the human body at this age. This is more of a sweet and easy learning process for the baby. This is one of the best toys for the 6 months old baby.

5. The Musical Entertainment Set:

Toys for 6 Month Old Baby 5

This toy set contains a number drums suitable for the 6 months old boy. These can be easily played by the 6 months old boy and it comes with attractive colors and shiny materials as well. One can avail this toy on online pretty easily if for some reasons they don’t find it in the stores. Firstly, the child will face difficulty playing it due to the height issues. So, he can play the drums by keeping them on the floor. As he starts growing up, he can avail each and every corner of this drum kit. It will remain with him till he’s 6 or 8 years old.

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6. The You Cars Set:

Toys for 6 Month Old Baby 6

Hot Wheels has some amazing amazing car toy kits for the small babies. The material of the cars is also very light and one can easily play with them without hurting themselves. Babies learn how the cars change directions and quick movement of the cars grab their attention. This interactive you is ideal for babies and parents playing together.

7. The Entertainment Set for 5 Months Old:

Toys for 6 Month Old Baby 7

Are you seeking toys for the 6 month old baby? Here is an amazing toy for the 6 months old baby, which offer tons of entertainment to the kids. There are colorful balls which will keep the kid occupied with this toy.

8. The Move and Crawl Bright Light Ball:

Toys for 6 Month Old Baby 8

The bright light ball can be said to be one of the most fascinating toys for the kids. This toy displays a beautiful round texture with many facilities and options for being entertained and alluring colors.

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9. The Busy Learner Toy:

Toys for 6 Month Old Baby 9

Here, we have another beautiful learning toy for the 6 months old baby. This particular toy sports beautiful textures and shapes inside a square box. The 5 sides of this toy, light up buttons and animal sounds and names – make it one of the ideal toys for babies under 6 months too. Each side of the cube has an activity and this will keep you baby occupied for a long time.

10. VTech Lil’ Critters Moosical Beads:

This musical toy has a variety of texture for baby tactile development in 6 month olds. Babies can easily grasp the bead ring; it also has lights and spinning square that aid in motor development. This little critter plays over 30 playful tunes, sounds and phrases. This toy is ideal for cribs, diaper bags and strollers. Music is one of the best ways to spark imagination and creativity in your 6-month-old.

11. Baby Einstein Ocean Glow Sensory Shaker:

Babies discover the rattle that delights all their senses. The jolly jellyfish reacts to your baby’s movements and it changes colours and plays classical melodies in response to your baby’s movements. The tentacles of this octopus encourage your baby’s tactile development with its textured rope. This toy is made for little hands to grasp easily. The Ocean Glow Sensory Shaker Musical Toy is the perfect companion for your baby everywhere you go.

Apart from toys, here are a few activities that you can indulge in with your little 6 month old.

1. Belly Time:

It’s essential to have your infant invest energy in her belly, regardless of whether she dissents vociferously.

Get down on the floor with your child. Look at her without flinching as you lie on your paunch. Lay your child down on a towel and utilize it to tenderly move her from side to side. Take a stab at saying, “Uh oh a-daisy, Oops-a-daisy” as you move her.

2. Let’s do Sit-Ups:

This is a great activity if your baby can support his neck. Gently lay your baby on his back, put your arms under the baby’s arms, and gently lift him up to a sitting position. Once your baby gains enough strength, you can do these sit-ups by holding his hands and lifting him to sit.

Your baby will soon gain control of his head and this is a great motor skill development.

When your baby is 6 months old, they realize that they can make things happen. They understand the concept of cause and effect and you can develop this skill further by buying age appropriate toys. Babies can sit with support and some can’t sit at all. Babies love to bang their toys as it makes noise and love to coo. Always follow the age recommendations

Above were the lists of some of the best toys for the 6 months old baby. Most of these toys are highly rated by different toy sellers and parents who provide their kids with these toys. This article will hopefully help you in deciding the best toys available for the 6 months old baby.