Top 6 Foods to Avoid While Breastfeeding The Mothers

Breastfeeding can be said to be one of the most important job that mothers perform. Passing the proper potions of vitamins and nutrients to your child is quite important and one of the best sources of that is mother’s milk as that is the purest thing ever. However, the breast milk can also get contaminated or may loose its effects if the source or the mother is not provided with the right things to eat.

There are some foods and fruits that one should consume during breastfeeding. Likewise, there are some foods that one should avoid while breastfeeding, which are discussed below in detail.

Simple Foods to Avoid During Breastfeeding:

Let’s see what not to eat when breastfeeding a mother to keep the baby happy and healthy.

1. Coffee:

Foods To Avoid During Breastfeeding Coffee

Yes coffee is really useful sometimes. But not this time. Drinking excess coffee can prove to be really bad for you and thus for the baby as well. When you drink a cup of coffee, all of it doesn’t stimulate the brain activity. There are some portions of coffee which remains in the breast milk and thus can be transferred to the baby which might be really harmful for him (assuming that he is a boy). Along with coffee, there are some other drinks as well such as soda, tea, etc. Don’t eat and definitely avoid the formerly mentioned drinks as well during breastfeeding.

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2. Chocolate:

Foods to Avoid During Breastfeeding Chocolate

This is a really hard thing to give up on but you will have to do it. Chocolate comes with artificial sweets which can be bad for the baby. Anything you eat might be a portion of your breast milk and that is further being transferred to the baby. Chocolate also contains a decent amount of caffeine which is the same reason breastfeeding mothers should not eat coffee or chocolate foods while breastfeeding.

3. Citrus Fruits:

Foods To Avoid While Breastfeeding Citrus Fruits

These kinds of fruits contains some juices which may lead to fussiness, diaper rash, etc in babies. These are definitely not good for the baby and it is time that you stop eating such fruits while breastfeeding for the sake of the baby. To compensate the supply of proper nutrients of the fruit you can always substitute the fruits with other fruits such as mango, papaya, etc which are non-citrus ones.

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4. Alcohol:

Food For Breastfeeding Mothers Should Avoid Alcohol

When you have entered the phase of breastfeeding, alcohol has become a strict NO. You cannot expose yourself to the contents of alcoholic drinks such as beer, wine, brandy, etc. Rather, one should try to keep the body a lot more hydrated during this period. Drinking gallons of water while breastfeeding can obviously keep you fit and healthy. If you want to now what foods to avoid during breastfeeding, then this is something you should keep in mind.

5. Corn:

Fruits To Avoid While Breastfeeding

Babies will fall really sick if they are exposed to the contents of raw corn via breast milk. Its has happened quite often that little children’s got infected from corn. This is one of the prime reasons why a breastfeeding mother should not eat corn at all while breastfeeding. Corn can be said to be one of the most important breastfeeding foods to avoid.

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6. Soy:

Soy Foods Not To Eat While Breastfeeding

There are many children who are suitable to dairy products. When you are breastfeeding you don’t want to take chances and definitely not with your tender child. It has been seen that often children had side effects due to consumption of soy by the mother. This is one of the foods that that one should avoid during breastfeeding. If the soy you’re eating is causing some un-occasional problems, then you should once check the quality of soy that you are consuming. This is one of the food that you should avoid while breastfeeding.

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The foods discussed above can be really bad for you when you’re a breastfeeding mother. It is better that you avoid these foods when you’re going through that phase where you baby depends totally on your breast milk.