Top 9 Breathing Exercises During Pregnancy

Breathing is a natural process to us all. Although you need to breathe more if you are pregnant. You do breathe as a part of your body’s functioning, but breathing during pregnancy is much more important to get through the nine months of it. Now you may be wondering what is so special about breathing. Since all of us breathe all the time anyway, it is important for you to breathe the right way during your pregnancy. All of us are bound to take short breaths. However, pregnant women need to take deep breaths which require practice and patience to get it right. Here are a few breathing exercises for pregnant ladies.

Breathing Exercises during Pregnancy

Best Breathing Exercises During Pregnancy:

1. Abdominal Breathing:

Helping the lungs to expand and take in more air, abdominal breathing also helps in strengthening the abdominal muscles. It is one of the simple breathing exercises during pregnancy that mainly involves a workout for your abdomen.

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2. Counting Breaths:

It is one of the most helpful breathing exercises during pregnancy, particularly with respect to the time of experiencing labor. Lying on the flood on your back and counting your breaths as you take them is supposed to calm you down and you can try to relax simultaneously as you do them.

3. Roll Breathing:

Similar to that of abdominal breathing, roll breathing is supposed to make your chest and abdomen fall in sync making it look like a roll while you breathe. Being one of the pregnancy breathing techniques, is allows you to use your lungs to its maximum capacity.

4. Ujjayi Breathing:

It is a form of Yogic breathing exercises in pregnancy which focuses on the energy levels of your body unlike the deep pregnancy breathing techniques mentioned above. A simple exercise involving breaths through your nose while keeping your mouth shut and making the sound of ocean while releasing it is what forms the exercise!

5. Belly Breathing:

Strengthening your abs and pelvic area and your abdominals and helping in an easy delivery, it’s one of the easiest breathing exercises during pregnancy.

6. Breathing From The Chest:

Standing upright with hands on your chest and taking deep breaths while you count to 10, feels your lungs expand and hold the breath for a few seconds and then exhale. Repeat it for 10 times every day for it to be effective enough.

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7. Shallow Breathing:

Taking quick shallow breaths from your mouth will give your lungs a good exercise and keep them healthy. While taking shallow breaths all day is not exactly healthy for the baby due the limited intake of oxygen, sharp ones for a few minutes would definitely be one of the essential breathing exercises in pregnancy.

8. Alternative Deep and Shallow Breathing:

Making sure you are in a comfortable position and after relaxing your whole body, perform the alternative deep and shallow pregnancy breathing technique in a cycle for 5 times a day.

9. Rhythmic Breathing:

This breathing technique is most suitable for labor period where you are bound to do panic breathing which cuts down the level of oxygen intake for you and your child. Taking breaths in rhythms through your mouth while in labor can help you deliver the child with more ease.

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Keep in mind to perform these exercises so as to help the growth of your baby which also requires oxygen. Anxiety and stress can be combated with the use of breathing exercises. Deep breathing leading to the intake of more oxygen in turn reduces achy muscles. And while most fear the labor period, practicing these breathing techniques will make sure you’re more present for the delivery rather than just delivering and will make the process a tad bit easier for you.