6 Best Sanctuaries and Parks in Bihar

Bihar is synonymous with a lot of things, the most important being its parks. Steeped in historical significance’s, the twelfth largest state of India plays a proud host at a surprising 21 wildlife sanctuaries. This state also has 2 national parks.

Thus Bihar is full of lush greenery that is a predicament in all tropical climates. The Bihar wildlife sanctuaries are a perfect breeding ground for many unique species of flora and fauna. They also provide very good medical facilities that ensure that the animals conserved are also well monitored and medically assisted.

The Sanctuaries Are Homes To Animals Like:

• Tigers,
• Sloth bears,
• Wild dogs,
• Sambhars,
• Nilgai,
• Wolves,
• Leopards,
• Hyenas,
• Peafowls,
• Pythons,
• Single-horned rhinoceros,
• Indian bison and many more.

Here Are Some Of The Most Famous Sanctuaries and Parks in Bihar:

Palamau Tiger Reserve:

parks in bihar

The Palamau Reserve is every botanist’s delight. With rich vegetation’s it is a place which hosts a plethora of rare species in plants. Trees like Sal, Pala, Mahua and Bamboo accompany the smaller mounds of Murhu, Gulgul, Hulk and Netarhat. The exquisite Mirchaiya Water Fall located along with Garu, Suga Bandh Waterfalls will surely mesmerize you with their ethereal beauty. The beauty of this place has long enthralled many a writers to sing praises of the breathtaking magic that is created with the streaks of sunbeams that permeate through the dense forests.

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Valmiki National Park:


The Home of Maharishi Valmiki, the sage and composer of the epic Ramayana is restored in this national Park. It is a lesson in penance as to how a robber turned into a sage and recorded stories of the Lord. Anyone who comes to visit this place enjoys the peace and tranquil that takes them miles away from the stress of city life.

Rajgir Wildlife Sanctuary:


Built on a picturesque plot extending approximately 34 square kilometers, the Rajgir Wildlife Sanctuary is endowed with the auspicious presence of hammocks that has its roots in the illustrious era of Buddhists and Jains on its periphery. This place is similar to most Buddhist sanctuaries and has a trademark tranquility that has to be experienced in person.

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Hazaribagh Wildlife Sanctuary:


Located in the hilly terrains of Bihar and covering over 184 sq kms with thick tropical forests and grass meadows is the very famous Hazaribagh Wild life Sanctuary. Home to a richly bio diverse fauna, it is a very sought after tourist spot in Bihar. The best time is the onset of spring where the forest comes alive with a splash of rainbow colors. With numerous observation towers located in the park, tourists and wild life enthusiasts can have closer look at the animals.

Udhwa Lake Bird Sanctuary:


Made of two delectable lakes Pataura and Berhale and covering close to 565 kilometers is this beautiful Bird Sanctuary. Each of the lakes covers a vast expanse, i.e., Pataura 155 hectares and Berhale 410 hectares respectively. Located at a stone throw distance from the holy Ganga rivulet adds a pleasant spiritual touch. It is best to visit during the winters when migratory birds flock the sanctuary. It is indeed a bird lover’s fantasy.

The Bihar Forest officials ensure that there are no poaching activities and any such vindication of laws is strictly punished.

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Funtasia Island Water Park Patna:


Bihar’s first and only water park is a craze amongst youngsters and kids alike. Open from Thursday to Tuesday it is closed on Wednesdays. This park has been long awaited by the residents and is a star attraction in Patna. Visit it to escape the tropical heat that is synonymous with Bihar in the summers. It will surely lift your spirits.

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