9 Frightening Gargoyle Tattoo Designs

Designing tattoos on body parts have become more popular as it helps you to create a different perception among friends and society and is easy to communicate about your thought through designs. There are many unique and wide type of design among it gargoyle tattoo images are in demand as it portrays the ancient belief and design are brilliant to look at.

Gargoyle tattoos were carved in black colour highlighting it’s eyes to lend a scary look so that the wicked or sinful elements is thrown away from the body and protect it from any evil spirits.

Stylish and Best Gargoyle tattoo Designs:

Let’s have a glance at top 9 gargoyle tattoo design & pictures.

1.  Awesome Gargoyle Tattoo Design:

Awesome Gargoyle Tattoo Design

This is a marvellous female gargoyle tattoo design carved in the belly area of the wearer lending a brilliant and distinct look. In the image the gargoyle in sitting on the large stone, protecting the community with fairy and warding off harmful spirits.

2. Destructive Gargoyle Tattoo Design:

Destructive Gargoyle Tattoo Design

Here come the fierce and angry look of the gargoyle portrayed in black and grey. The tattoo is designed in an artistic way, giving a fabulous and distinct look to the wearer back. These tattoos also signify that the wearer can even fierce for the safety of mankind.

3. 3d Gargoyle Tattoo Design:

3d Gargoyle Tattoo Design

This tattoo image can leave people speechless and the array of colours lends an outstanding look to the wearer forearms. The gargoyle tattoo flash image is outlined in such a majestic way giving a lively or realistic appearance.

4. Sitting Gargoyle Tattoo Design:

Sitting Gargoyle Tattoo Design

This is another mystical appearance of gargoyle in a sitting position, lending more emphasis on its eyes to give it a scary look. The gargoyle eyes were painted red so that they can frighten the monsters and save the mankind from evil spirits during the night.

5. Sensational Gargoyle Tattoo Design:

Sensational Gargoyle Tattoo Design

Portraying a design on the ribs is not easy; the wearer has gone through lots of pain while getting an image designed. The gargoyle tattoo depicted on ribs displays that the wearer is highly fascinated, inspired with the characteristic of gargoyle and wants to set off bad beliefs from people lives.

6. Marvellous Gargoyle Tattoo Design:

Marvellous Gargoyle Tattoo Design

Here come enticing and striking designs of gargoyle which covers your full back and depicts those admiration towards traditional tattoo designs. In the gargoyle back tattoo image traditional huge building is portrayed in a very fine way and in front gargoyle statute as that it can protect it from all evil spirits.

7. Fighter Gargoyle Tattoo Design:

Fighter Gargoyle Tattoo Design

This is an awesome tattoo design for the arms where the gargoyle is depicted as a soldier trying to protect the mankind from all sorts’ evil elements present in the nature. The awesome and striking colour combination used in the image lends a fantastic and enticing look to the wearer’s appearance.

8. Striking Gargoyle Tattoo Design:

Striking Gargoyle Tattoo Design

Tattoos have always been considered as a great way of expression and thus image outlined in the centre of chest look marvellous. As gargoyle is named as protectors the wearer also wants to communicate this to the world that he can also safeguard his loved ones.

9. Artistic Gargoyle Tattoo Design:

This tattoo image is fantastically portrayed on the shoulders wherein instead of gargoyle face lion face is designed to make it look remarkable. In medieval time lion was considered was a symbol of nobility and lion sparkling golden hair was considered the ray of hope in human life.

The gargoyle tattoos are largely influenced by Gothic tattoos and these tattoos in ancient time was displayed as stone statutes, so that they can guard the house and even get alive if required at any point of time. The gargoyle tattoos are very different and got inspired from ancient times and these tattoos look unique and mind blowing when carved in a proper way.