9 Gorgeous and Easy Bridesmaid Updo Hairstyles

There are numerous types of hairdos to have a perfect bridesmaid look!! These hairdos will not only clear your way of presentation but will also enhance your beauty and will describe your role in the marriage!! The latest trend of these bridesmaid updo hairstyles are the messy buns, curly locks, twisted pleats and many more. To have a perfect and beautiful hair updo, it is essential for you to select the hairstyle as per length of your hairs. Additionally, it is also recommended to consult a stylist before to avoid last minute distractions.

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Also, the more frizzed the sections are, the easier it is for the sections to hold the styling without getting loose. A reputed parlour session can be booked if a person is looking to get something professionally done. Also, adding up hair accessories will also enhance your party look and will also add a bright spark to your highlighted or simple hairs!!

Best and Simple Bridesmaid Updo Hairstyles for Women:

Here are the top 9 cute bridesmaid updo hairstyles, that can be easily sported for parties and should be tried out.

1. The Back Crunched Look:

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This hairstyle is very stylish and simple to make it! All you have to do is start twisting your hairs from the side and collect the side hairs and mix them along!! It does not require any special parlour session; this hairstyle can be made with the help of a friend!! But don’t forget to add some hair accessories to enhance your messy yet beautiful look!!

  • Suitable face shape and hair type is oval face with medium length hairs
  • Preferred occasion or party is marriage function and parties.
  • Ideal age is women or girls ageing from 23-28 years.
  • Any seasons are the best season to try it.
  • Perfect dress to this hairstyle is Backless dresses.

2. The Pleated Pony Look:

Braidmaids Updo Hairstyles 2

This is a very thick form of pleated look. A person may get something like this done on a temporary basis from a parlor. It is quite stylish and also, worn with long earrings. This bridesmaid updo hairstyle is also quite easy to sport. However, adding a few hair extension will further enhance this pleated look, but don’t panic if you don’t have hair extensions!! Pulling out every single pleat will also work!!

  • This bridesmaid updo hairstyle is oval or heart face girls and high volume hairs with medium length.
  • Suitable occasion or party is Marriage or family functions.
  • Ideal age group is women ageing from 25 years to 32 years.
  • Recommended season to try it during winters, as summers may irritate you with sweat!!
  • Suitable dress is any kind of maxi dress.

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3. The Rolled Hive:

Braidmaids Updo Hairstyles 3

This is a top hive which will need some padding to inserted inside it. This hairstyle will make the volume. Since this hairstyle requires few sectional blowing and heat, thereby, it is recommended to get it done by a professional hair stylist to have a perfect look with a pleated head crown. It can be carried out with long earrings or a heavy necklace.

  • These type of bridesmaid updo hairstyles suitabble for round face girls or women with short length hairs.
  • Suitable occasion or party is family functions, corporate parties, and marriages.
  • Ideal age group is any girl or women.
  • Suitable for any season to try this hairstyle.
  • Suitable dress is the backless or deep neck gowns.

4. The Side Fish Tail Look:

Braidmaids Updo Hairstyles 4

This is done like a usual fish tail but the sections are taken from the sides instead of from the top back like it is usually done. This can be accessorized with floral and pearl head pins. This can be made into a small clipped section to keep back sweat free. Without the accessories, this can also be sport as summer fashion.

  • Preferred face shape and hair type is every face and medium length hairs.
  • Suitable occasion or party is any family or traditional functions.
  • Ideal age group is all age group of girls and women.
  • Best season to wear is all season.
  • Carry any dress to fitting this style.

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5. The Celeb Rowed Bun:

Braidmaids Updo Hairstyles 5

It’s a pleated look which has done in rows. This hairstyle is quite showy to sport and is easy to make. This hairstyle can also done by a professional and can decorate with a floral pin at the centre. It can also carry with a backless dress and a pair of long earrings!!!

  • Face shape and hair type are Ideal for oval face girls but will suit round face women too. And also, recommended to have mid to long length hairs.
  • Suitable occasion or party is ideal for all functions.
  • Any age group of females can try this style!!
  • Best season to wear is summers or springs.
  • The fitting dress is gowns and short dresses!!

6. The Fore Head Pleats:

Braidmaids Updo Hairstyles 6

It’s quite a classy look. If a person is comfortable for sporting this, then this can quickly try out. Professional help may not need to do. This hairstyle can quickly do with some help from friends. And can enhance with golden bobby pins or floral pins!!

  • Face shape and hair type are long face females should try this. It’s also recommend to have medium or long length hairs!!
  • Suitable occasion or party are parties, college functions or even marriages!!
  • Only unmarried females under 30 years of age should try this!!
  • Winters and autumn seasons are the best seasons to wear.
  • The acceptable dress is any log dress, or backless will also work!!

7. Clipped Curled Back:

Braidmaids Updo Hairstyles 7

Just roll press your hairs and keep attaching it to the scalp with small bobby pins!! You can also decorate this hairstyle with glitter colours, floral or pearl hair pins!! However, hairs highlighting is also an additional add on to this very style!!!

  • Face shape and hair type are suitable for all kinds of the face with medium to long hairs!!
  • Suitable occasion or party are Ideal for every party or event.
  • Ideal for this style is females ageing from 25 to 35 years.
  • Best season to wear is summers and hot seasons.
  • Suitable dress is clubbing with any attire!!

8. The Loose Hive Look:

Braidmaids Updo Hairstyles 8

The messed look can do if the person is a teenager or is in school and attending a party. It can also do for casual occasions. It can do easily and can be quite stylish and trendy instead of clipping the sections. These bridesmaid updos are made so that the top bunch does not fall off or go loose.

  • Best face shape and hair type are suitable for a long face with long hairs to flaunt with the waves and curls.
  • This hairstyle is suitable for marriages, reception or any other such parties
  • The ideal age is college girls below 30 years of age
  • Best season to wear is winters and autumn.
  • Suitable dress is to try shoulder-less or strapless dress with heavy Jewellery

9. The Pleated Padded Hive:

Braidmaids Updo Hairstyles 9

This hairstyle is a vintage style of look. It can do with a section which can be given some pleats like a rope and then this can use as an elastic. This will make the hairdo looks more stylish. All you have to do is carry it with earring or trending chokers!!

  • Face shape and hair type are suitable for all kind of faces and any length of hairs.
  • Suitable occasion or party are good to carry it in any function.
  • females of all age group can try this hairstyle.
  • Since it’s an updo one should try it during hot summers but will suit the winters too!!
  • Suitable dress is to try wearing backless or strapless dresses.

Additional tips:

  • Before choosing your hairstyle, it is recommend to consult a professional stylist to avoid last minute havoc!!
  • It is suggeste to select the hairstyle as per the length of your hairs.
  • Do select and purchase your accessories before the marriage day.
  • In case of blow drying or application of excessive hair sprays, do wash your hairs before going to bed.

Your hairstyle reflects your personality, and hence it is essential to select your hairdo carefully!! Also, if the hair updo seems too complicated to make, then visit the nearest professional to avoid the last minute delay. Also, if you are planning to decorate your hairs then choose appropriate accessories beforehand. Hairstyles are also selecte as per your face cut, to suit you better!! Also give time to the professional stylist to make the hair updo, so that the flows or highlighting is present in a lovely way!!

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers:

Q1. Will these styles suit me?

Ans: It good to carry all these hairstyles with confidence and a charming smile, to rock your look!!

Q2. If I have short hairs, then these styles will suit me?

Ans: if you have short hairs, don’t worry about visiting a good parlour and asking the professional stylist to turn your hair into Cinderella’s hair, with the help of artificial hair, hair extensions or cushion pads.

Q3. Is decoration necessary?

Ans: If you have to attend a family function, then it is suggested to decorate your hairs!!