Beauty Tips for On-the-Go Girls

Beauty Tips for On-the-Go Girls

Those annoying buzzing sounds of the alarm clock are announcing a new busy day. For some of us, getting up early in the morning can be a challenge that sometimes transforms itself into a real time trial. ‘If I stay in bed just 5 more minutes, I will be late, and besides, I’ll not have enough time to get the makeup done right and do that beautiful hairstyle I’ve seen in the magazine!’ Yet, those 5 minutes seem to be the sweetest and most refreshing. So, does this mean that we have to sacrifice our looks over tardiness? Not necessarily. With some quick beauty tips for on-the-go-girls you’ll start your day without grumblings and looking flawless and radiant.

On your marks…get set…GO!…because in a hurry is like you were running in a competition. Still, regardless the situation, a girl should always have at hand tricks that can save her, whether is her hair, makeup or skin care routine. Cleansing is good as long as you don’t abuse. Cleansing your skin in the morning can be really refreshing, yet unnecessary since you don’t have to remove all that dirt and those free radicals that affect the skin throughout the day. Well, this, of course, if you cleanse it the night before. Therefore, you can save yourself a few minutes by splashing lukewarm water or generously spray some thermal water.

Moisturizer? Check. Foundation? Check. SPF? Check. These are three crucial steps in the entire beauty routine representing the base of your makeup. Therefore, skipping them wouldn’t be such a good idea. However, those days are long gone as now we have tinted moisturizers. What’s a tinted moisturizer? Well, it’s a magic product that evens out your skin tone and hides flaws just like your foundation, but in the same time it nourishes the skin and offers sun protection.

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When waking up with a tired look and wishing to instantly bring some luminosity and radiance on you face, imagine that with just one swirl of the brush you can brighten up your skin. Use a bigger brush and apply an illuminating powder on the cheekbones, temples, under the eyebrows and on the chin. Instant glow and light-catching gleam! When time doesn’t allow you to, you can wear it alone, but also over foundation.

It is the best undercover agent ever that can save you even from the most dangerous and disastrous situations. We’re talking, of course, about the already famous concealer. When sleepless nights give you those ‘sexy’, mysterious panda eyes, a great concealer can make wonders. It takes a few seconds to apply it. Keep in mind that a creamy texture doesn’t emphasize fine lines and wrinkles, yet it manages to cover dark circles.

Now, if you don’t have a problematic skin that requires too much makeup in order to camouflage unwanted imperfections, there is one product that can upgrade your appearance in no time: red lipstick. Too bold you say? Not at all. Choose one to suit your skin complexion, with a matte texture or a glossy finish, and get ready to add some drama to your look! Fabulous and head-turner not just for evening events, but also for a casual look.

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Bad hair days. Yes, we all have experienced these terrible moments at least once in our lifetime. However, you don’t need a stylist in these critical situations. Just invest smartly in some styling tools such as hot rollers or a curling iron. Besides, a hair accessory, like a pretty headband or a stylish hat will help you get through a bad hair day with the smile upon your face.

There are numerous things that you can do in order to look fresh and beautiful throughout the entire day, regardless the occasion. For example, it will only take a few minutes to get a chic ballerina bun or a simple, classic ponytail.

Don’t have time to wash your hair too often? Don’t worry as there is a saving solution even for the worst of the bad hair days: dry shampoo. A dry shampoo is a powder that comes in a spray can or in a plastic container with an attached hairbrush. This is a very effective product as it absorbs oil and dirt in your hair, cleaning it and refreshing it in an instant. This type of shampoo has different shades, so it matches or blends with your own hair color.

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