Concealer Tips – Hiding Pimples, Dark Circles

Concealer Tips – Hiding Pimples, Dark Circles

Concealers are the secret agents of your makeup kit, because they’re accomplishing their mission without standing out. But before mission disguise, it’s very important to choose the proper texture and shade for your skin tone.

Here are some pro tips about the most efficient tricks of concealing dark circles, pimples, blemishes and spots on face.

Get the perfect shade

Finding the ideal shade of concealer can be daunting. Specialists recommend mixing two shades together one that’s half shade lighter and other one shade darker then your skin tone. The lighter tone should be used to cover gloomy spots and to highlight areas that need more radiance and brightness down the bridge of the nose, chin, outer corners of the eyes, forehead and cheeks. The darker concealer should be used for concealing deeper wrinkles and blemishes.

For pimples and dark circles

High coverage concealers can cover pimples well, but they might be too thick and harsh for the under eye area. The concealer for dark circles should be hydrating, lightweight yet creamy; also on dry skin tends to settle into fine lines so be sure to moisturize first. This ‘plumps up’ the skin.

When concealing a pimple you will need a concealer brush with synthetic hairs .30-.40 inches long the best way of hiding it is to apply a small amount of concealer to the back of your forearm, pick it up with the brush and apply it to the pimple. Apply concealer sparingly. It shouldn’t be cakey or thick. Don’t forget to wash and clean the brush after every use because bacteria could literally be growing full force in it.

To conceal dark under eye circles, after applying your eye cream, use a concealer with illuminating effect this will moisturize, cover and also brighten up the under-eye area. To neutralize dark circles with a green-ish tint, use concealer shades with pink undertones; as for blue or violet, use concealer that’s yellow or peach toned.

High coverage but natural

Apply concealer before foundation – once you apply concealer, you won’t need as much foundation.Try to apply the concealer just to the spot where you need it and try not to cover too much skin with it. The best concealer should be light, that cover dark circles and fine lines without creasing in fine lines or expression wrinkles. get a natural lookchoose a shade that’s close to your complexion’s tone, but also your current foundation’s. If you’re using a stick concealer you can easily dab it on just where you have uneven skin tone by tapping it into place.

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