Medium Wavy Layered Hairstyles

Medium Wavy  Layered Hairstyles

Deciding on an appropriate hairstyle is not always an easy task, especially considering all the factors that must be taken into account when making a decision such as maintenance level, hair texture, facial characteristics, personality, age or lifestyle. Many times opting for medium hairstyles tends to be an ideal choice due to the fact that it manages to fulfill many of the desires women have in terms of style. Unlike long hair styles, medium hair length works well for all ages and hair textures.

For certain hair types such as fine hair, long tresses make it harder to maintain volume while after a certain age long hair can weigh our face down, making us appear older than we really are. Compared to short hair, medium hair offers more styling possibilities while still preserving certain characteristics that contribute to the seductive allure of short tresses.

Medium Wavy  Layered Hairstyles Medium Wavy  Layered Hairstyles Medium Wavy  Layered Hairstyles Medium Wavy  Layered Hairstyles

Those who have naturally wavy hair can consider themselves truly fortunate as they are able to get a little extra volume without the bulkiness that can become a problem in the case of curly hair. Layered haircuts are one of the best choices for those who have wavy tresses as it makes the whole maintenance and styling routine easier to handle while also providing a little bit of structure and providing a more polished overall look. Moreover, the right layering style can flatter all face shapes.

Whether you opt for fine layers or you take a bolder approach to be able to get more dramatic and more impressive results, the styling techniques available are very similar. While fine layers allow you to make a change while you remain in your comfort zone, more dramatic layers are a more interesting and more versatile hairstyle by offering a sense of edginess and modernism. Of course the style of the cut has also an overwhelming influence over the type of styling techniques you can use. If you want a casual looking hairstyle, the efforts when it comes to styling will be reduced mainly because you can get away with a messy, slightly undone hair texture.

There are plenty of ways in which you can highlight the beauty of a layered hairstyle. Whether you opt for a quick routine where the only steps required are applying a leave in conditioner and styling damp hair with the help of a styling mousse to get the desired texture or you decide to use hot rollers or curling irons to get a more well defined and more elegant hair style, spritzing the hair end with a conditioning mist is a good idea since it will create a natural bounce creating a more playful and youthful impression for an additional touch of refinement.

Medium Wavy  Layered Hairstyles Medium Wavy  Layered Hairstyles Medium Wavy  Layered Hairstyles Medium Wavy  Layered Hairstyles

If you fear that applying mouse will leave your hair sticky and thus looking unnatural, applying mousse on the brush instead of directly on the hair will help you get a more well defined look and a more uniform application. A silicone based serum should also be used if you covet soft, touchable tresses. To be able to make the hair look even healthier and more festive a shine serum is the perfect styling product to help you get your goal. If you have bangs, strengthening it will complete a bold and exciting look while if you decide to embrace your texture, the end result will be a more casual, romantic hairstyle.

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