Eye Brightening Makeup Techniques

Eye Brightening Makeup Techniques

When trying to brighten your eyes with makeup you have several options you can try. However, before thinking about applying makeup you should follow a set of principles to ensure that these makeup technique will have a maximum effect. First of all you should keep the area around the eyes well moisturized to improve the way your eyes look instantly.

Make sure that you get enough sleep to prevent dark circles around the eyes and don’t forget to apply sunscreen around the eye area which is very sensitive. Although it might seem that these things have little to do with how bright your eyes look, the success of the eye-brightening makeup techniques depends on them. Get ready to have brighter eyes in a matter of seconds with a few easy tips.

First of all, it’s important to make even out skin imperfections around the eye area by using a light reflecting concealer in the under eye area as well as the top lid. Make sure that the eyebrows are clearly defined. The eyeliner you use is essential when trying to create brighter eyes. Many people prefer shimmery white eyeliners to really bring out the eyes making them look bigger but silver,peach or pink work equally well. If you have brown eyes a deep blue eyeliner is also a good choice.

Eye Brightening Makeup Techniques Eye Brightening Makeup Techniques

Line the inner part of the eye as well as the lower lash line making a slightly thick line. Using the eyeliner under the brow line can also add more brightness as well as making the eyes appear bigger. Make sure you blend the line well. You can also apply a little highlighter on the inner corners of the eyes for a stronger effect.

It ‘s important to learn to choose the right eyeshadow colors to that really bring out the eyes to achieve maximum brightness. Aside from learning what are the best eyeshadow colors for our eyes it’s essential to discover the shades that provide an optimal contrast because these hues are the best ones for brightening the eyes.

A good way to determine this colors is by selecting hues that are opposite to our natural eye color. Also if the flecks of the eyes are white then probably a shimmery white eyeshadow will look amazing on you, while if you have golden flecks, rich golden tones will suit you perfectly any time. A creamy pearl eyeshadow applied just under the eye, on the brow bone will help raise the eyebrows a little, opening the eyes even more.

Eye Brightening Makeup Techniques Eye Brightening Makeup Techniques

For blue eyes reddish hues are excellent for bringing out the eyes, while green eyes tend to be best emphasized by purple shades. In order to achieve the best brightness you should use two shades of eyeshadow- one that is dark and one that is lighter. If you choose this method you must make sure that both shades compliment your skin tone. If you are unsure about the eye shadow color you can go for lilac tones which suit every skin tone.

It’s not necessary to choose an elaborate makeup style to really bring out the eyes. However, regardless of the makeup style, when trying to get brighter eyes, curling the eyelashes is an absolute must. Make sure that you get as close to the root as possible for a maximum effect to really open up the eyes. Then apply two coats of black waterproof mascara which will not smudge.

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